5 Best Cannabis Tours and Experiences For Cannabis Enthusiasts in the US

The popularity of cannabis tourism is growing more and more by each day. From the moment cannabis tourism started to be so famous and attracted so many people, cities with weed culture started offering different types of cannabis experiences for their visitors. Nowadays, you can have a truly thrilling experience of getting stoned in many ways and in many places. In states where consuming cannabis is legal, you can puff while painting in Portland, or rolling sushi and joints in Denver, or you can even rip a vape on a bus tour of San Francisco. If something like this sounds attempting to you, go to, you will find some high-quality and portable weed vape stuff for your trip. In the further text, you will be surprised to see so many different creative ways of consuming cannabis than doing it in the park or at your friend’s party. Let see some of the best cannabis experiences you’ll find.

1. Multnomah Falls Tour in Portland in Oregon


Oregon surely offers a lot for every visitor due to different attractions. However, if you are looking for an exciting experience that is linked to cannabis, this tour can be perfect for you. Oregon comes with a lot of fun, especially since you will basically be a part of smoking pot on a private party bus. You will have a unique chance to meet many new friends that came on the same trip as you. However, the best thing that waits for you in Oregon is Multnomah Falls Tour that will take the whole cannabis experience on a higher level. This Tour heads to the Columbia River Gorge to see Portland’s most precious waterfall. After visiting the falls, all visitors will have the chance to see the Gorge from above at Vista House, where the view is breathtaking.

2. Glowing Goddess Getaways


We have a special cannabis tour for all women that want to participate. There is a Glowing Goddess Getaway Tour just for women. How does it sound to you to spend a weekend with your favorite friends? This private tour includes numerous outdoor adventures across the whole US where consuming cannabis is legal. There would be different destinations that provide different experiences. Logically, all experiences are combined with consuming cannabis. You will try many new different delicious meals with cannabis, try different activities such as yoga or dances, and even meditation. There are surely many exciting and thrilling things that wait for you on this type of tour, so if you want to empower your feminine side and introduce your inner goddess, this can be a trip for you.

3. Cannabis Supper Club in Los Angeles


If you are a true cannabis enthusiast, a trip to Las Angeles will leave a huge impression on you. You will have a one life-opportunity to try incredible exclusive cuisine combined with cannabis. More precisely, in the cannabis super club, you will have a remarkable experience since it is the club especially popular for making meals with this ingredient. Different types of cannabis are perfectly combined with every meal that also includes some fine wine. The taste is ideal, so your senses will be thrilled. In Las Angeles are actually many clubs that serve these kinds of meals, so you will try different things and have stunning dinner nights.

4. Cannabition Immersive Cannabis Museum in Las Vegas


Cannabition is the world’s first museum dedicated entirely to weed. This is something very incredible that every cannabis fan should see at least once. The founder of this museum is JJ Walker and he has some creative ideas on how to make this museum even more attractive in the future. You can not really get high inside of the museum, however, you will have a unique opportunity to see everything regarding it. This would literally be a real cannabis tour. This museum has both fun and educational purposes. In the museum, you can spend time riding a slide into a pool of kind buds, take some fun photos, etc. However, it is also educational in the way that you can find everything about cannabis history, biology, and culture.

5. Sushi & Joint Rolling in Denver


As the last experience, we wanted to introduce you to the one that you can have in Denver. If you are a sushi fan, you can enjoy many experiences and activities linked to cannabis including a Sushi & Joint Rolling class. In this class, you will have a chance to learn how to roll with your hands a professional quality joint packed with the herb you select. Before you start with your class, you will get a coupon to buy two grams of weed for $10 in a local dispensary. After learning this skill, you can go outside in the specially designed smoking area and hang out with other participants. When time passes, it is time to return to the classroom again and learn how to roll the sushi. It is a very unique and entertaining adventure worth experiencing.

Can Cannabis Tourism Help The Travel Industry?

Since many states in the USA have been legalized cannabis, it is not strange to hear that many different industries benefit from this information. More precisely, many businesses found a way to make a profit out of cannabis legalization. The popularity of this substance is incredibly huge due to the healthy and medical benefits it gives to people.

With many states of the USA having legalized cannabis it is no surprise that, alongside the cannabis and accessories market itself, many peripheral businesses have sprung up to capitalize on the popularity of the substance. Among all industries, the tourism industry is one of the fast-growing thanks to cannabis. People all around the USA are finding it very attractive and popular to indulge themselves in cannabis tours and activities and experience something new. One of the fastest growing categories is vape pens, and if you want to pick one up online in advance of your trip, we recommend TribeTokes.

According to the studies, the legalization of cannabis has resulted in remarkable economic growth in tourism in the state. All those countries found the opportunity to welcome new tourists which lead to the result that these states were transformed into travel hotspots where you will have trouble booking the accommodation.

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