How To Take Care of Your Skin When You Are Always Traveling

As much as traveling is a real thrill for you, it can be exhausting for your skin. Although routine care isn’t your focus when going on a trip, it’s important to understand why it’s necessary not to neglect it. Whether you are heading to the tropics that will require all the protection from excessive sunlight, or to colder mountainous areas where the cold will have a drying effect, in any case, you must act responsibly when it comes to caring.

Especially if travel is your passion and you spend days or months on a plane and in hotels, you need to learn the basics of proper skincare in such conditions. Otherwise, you will face the consequences and quickly see the signs of dehydration as well as premature aging. Indeed, you need to help your skin cope as easily as possible with the major climate changes it’s constantly facing.

If we have managed to convince you of the importance of daily routine care even when going on a trip, but you aren’t sure how to achieve it, don’t worry. We’ve prepared a few tips for you, and none of them implies carrying a full suitcase of cosmetic products that make your luggage even heavier. Let’s see what this is about.

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Stick to your daily routine as much as possible

In general, changing your location doesn’t necessarily mean changing your daily routine. It is clear that you will not be able to pack all the cleaners and toners you are used to using, but one mild cleaner or even washing soap and night cream could be quite enough. All you need to do is remember to apply them in the evening, no matter how exhausted you are from the tours or staying up late in the local pubs.

Trust us, this can save you and provide the minimum necessary care. At the same time, it involves a short process before going to bed and will not require your focus or much time. This note is especially important for all those people who have problematic skin that is often exposed to acne, pimples, or eczema in regular or these conditions.

Maintain the necessary hydration

Hydration is the key to looking good and healthy. That is why you must provide your skin with all the necessary hydration while staying outside your country, regardless of the staying period. This aspect is primary and shouldn’t be neglected in any way. No matter how fresh you feel, keep in mind that your face is completely dry, and don’t forget about regular hydration.

This can help a lot in combating the stress and fatigue you face when traveling and which is reflected in your appearance. But not only that, but it will make you look beautiful, which will make you happy and satisfied.

Using gentle, creamy, and natural cleansers is always a must but especially essential while traveling as your skin is much prone to dryness and irritation. Add a light layer of nourishing organic products like Jojoba Oil Hyaluronic Acid, vitamin C during your flight, and make sure to stick to gentler cleansers containing organic ingredients such as aloe vera oil and goat milk skincare products which are incredibly hydrating and moisturizing. Check out here to learn more about the benefits of such products.

Some of the tips we can offer you that you should apply on these occasions is to apply a moisturizer regularly and ensure optimal water intake in your body every day.

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Don’t forget the sunscreen

You shouldn’t leave the sunscreen at home when you plan to visit the tropics or fly. Considering that you can face the amount of sunlight that you aren’t used to, you should definitely make sure that the sunscreen is on your checklist. Okay, many of you will probably now think why you would wear it if you aren’t planning long stays on the beach. Still, you have to consider the flight.

Staying at altitudes while flying brings you closer to the sun and makes you more exposed to its radiation, which we all know how risky and dangerous it can be. If you want to avoid burns, allergies, or other inconveniences due to high exposure to sunlight during the flight, make sure you apply a protective layer before departure.

The results of some studies show a high incidence of cancer in flight attendants and pilots. This should be a sufficient warning to take all precautions.

Avoid hotel cosmetics

Of course, every hotel you stay in will make sure that you don’t lack basic hygiene products. So they will definitely offer you soap and shampoo that you can use during your stay. But, these cosmetics are mostly a mass-produced product that is procured at an affordable price, which further implies low quality. That is why you shouldn’t rely on hotel soaps when it comes to adequate care of your skin. what’s more, you need to avoid them.

The poor quality components can lead to dryness and your complexion will be in a very bad condition. Especially if you are prone to allergies or some other reactions when using untested products. For people with sensitive skin, this type of experimentation would probably not be a good idea. After all, if you forgot to bring personal cosmetics, ask your local pharmacist at the pharmacy for a good recommendation of a cosmetic product like NULASTIN that you can use until you return home.

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Keep your lips soft and your eyes fresh

The two perhaps most sensitive areas on your face that can be noticed for lack of care and fatigue during the trip are the eyes and lips. The area around the eyes can really suffer negative effects due to constantly staying on a plane or traveling too long. Lips and eyes feel the time difference, which greatly affects them, and creates a tired look.

To avoid a bad look and be happy with yourself when you look at the photos that you will show everyone when you return to your country, make room in your luggage for some anti-dark eye product. Also, a mild lip balm is essential for maintaining regular softness.

Emergency products

Emergencies aren’t uncommon on trips and that’s why you must be prepared for them. If your skin is too sensitive or prone to allergic reactions, cosmetics that will help you suppress them are a mandatory item on your checklist. Make sure you leave space in your bag for emergency products.

Some suggestions are antibiotic ointments that are used if you get cuts, as well as an anti-acne care program based on salicylic acid or creams that have a healing effect in case of burns. After all, before you go on a trip, you can buy such products and even those tools like skin rollers that can help further.

We hope you find these tips useful on your next trip. Be smart in packaging personal cosmetics and don’t forget to get emergency products in time, as well as useful mini tools that can help solve your skin problems. Visit to see some before-and-after shots from real users and get your microneedling tool before the sale ends.

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