Should You Take Your Dog Camping With You?

Dogs have been, and remain, one of humankind’s best animal companions for thousands of years. If it were up to most dog owners, they’d take their furry friends with them everywhere they go, but sadly, not all activities we humans love are ideal for dogs.

Because of this, a lot of dog owners wonder whether or not they can take their dogs camping with them. The short answer to this is yes. Dogs are great camping companions who can have a lot of fun in the outdoors, and with the right preparation, it can make for a very fun trip for you, your dog, and everyone around.

That being said, just because you CAN go camping with your dog, it doesn’t mean you should.

So, before you pack up and hit the road with your four-legged bestie, there are some things you should consider first, and we take a deep dive into them in this article. Read on to learn more.

What Should I Consider Before Taking My Dog Camping?


There are a couple of things you should take into careful consideration before brining your dog on a camping trip:

Is My Dog Ready To Go Camping?


This should be one of your most important considerations when camping with your dog: whether or not they are ready for the trip. Aside from having to wait until they’re old enough to go camping, which is when they’re ready to leave their mother and are fully vaccinated, you also have to make sure that your dog is well-equipped for the trip.

If your dog is anxious, barks a lot, aggressive, or untrained, it may not be ready for the trip. Before you take your dog camping, make sure it has been trained in the basics such as keeping quiet when asked, not running away suddenly, sitting, staying, and coming to you as called. Also, make sure you got your dog fully protected by getting dog insurance from Bivvy. Thus you’ll don’t have any worries during your trip.

Campsite Regulations


Other important things to consider are the rules and regulations a campsite has. Some grounds allow pets as long as they are attached to a lead at all times; some need to be kept in an RV, while others will only allow dogs up to the parking lot or on the hiking trails so as not to disturb the wildlife.

So, before you head out to go camping with your pet, make sure that you’ve checked the rules and regulations that the campgrounds or national parks have regarding your dog. Different states also have different sets of rules around this, so you might want to check that out as well.



If you plan on bringing your dog camping, you have to make sure you have enough supplies for the trip. This will mean bringing a lot of food, water, and some treats so your dog will remain happy, energized, fed, and hydrated the whole trip. On top of that, you also need to bring a first aid kit, towels, toys, waste bags, a leash, and an ID tag just in case they get loose.

And if you don’t want to buy dog processed dog food for when you go camping, you can always make your dog’s food. You can add a bunch of healthy and tasty ingredients that your dog will love, but be careful; some ingredients that are good for humans might not be good for dogs.

An example of this is onion, which can cause a lot of health complications for your dog. For a more detailed explanation of why you can check out this article: 

So, when making natural dog food for your pet, make sure to check whether or not the ingredients are good for dogs.

Your Dog’s Health


Another main thing to take into consideration is your pet’s health. Your dog must be healthy and physically ready for a camping trip. To ensure that your dog is physically ready, make sure to take them to a visit to the vet first, just to check that everything is okay and your pet’s fit for the trip.

On top of that, it might also be beneficial to have your dog’s medical and vet records on hand for reference while camping, and you might need to visit the vet anyway for this.

Tips For When You Bring Your Dog Camping

Plan Ahead


As you can probably tell, there are a lot of things to take into account when camping with your dog, which is why it’s important to start planning ahead of time, check campsite rules, getting all the supplies ready, and scheduling a visit to the vet.

Keep Your Dog Near You At All Times


When you’re actually at the campsite, make sure to keep your dog with you at all times. Dogs might get excited when they arrive, and they could dart off and get lost. On top of that, for the safety and comfort of other campers, it’s important to have your dog on a leash when at the campsite.

Even if your dog is out playing with other pets or humans, make sure to keep a close eye on them just in case they run off or stray away.

Take A Picture Of Your Dog


Aside from taking pictures to immortalize the memories of the trip, you also need a picture of your dog to show to other people just in case they get lost. Make sure that your dog can be seen in the photo and their unique features are highlighted.

Prep Your Pet For The Journey


Lastly, you need to prepare a dog for its first camping trip. This means taking them on regular walks to ensure they’re healthy and have the stamina for such an endeavor. It will also help if you let your dog socialize with other humans and animals beforehand, so they don’t get overwhelmed at the campsite.


And with that, our guide to whether or not you should take your dog camping has come to an end. A lot of work needs to be put in when taking a dog camping. You have to do extensive planning, train them, and get all the right supplies for the trip. While that might seem like a lot, it can be more than worth it since camping with your dog can be an unforgettable experience that will be filled with happy and bright memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life!

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