Want A Chameleon As A Pet?: Pros & Cons You Must Know

Chameleons are fascinating to look at, are very calm, require small space but are expensive to buy, and without proper care, they will survive for a short time.

Many people look for unique pets to keep. Some people think of getting exotic birds, some get animals that most people will rarely think of.

Monkeys, Snakes, Turtles, Spiders, Geckos are some of the more common exotic pets. It has been proven that anything can be a pet if you can create a bond with it.

If you are one of those people who had a pet before but now looking for something new, something different, we suggest you get yourself a chameleon. These small reptilian creatures can be excellent house pets if they are properly nurtured and maintained.

But before getting them as pets, you must know some important factors chameleons, as keeping them for pets is not an easy task.

Some Information About Chameleons

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Chameleons are small reptilian creatures native to Africa and other warmer regions of the world. They got their name from the Greek words “Chamai” meaning Earth and “Leon” meaning Lion.

Some species, especially the ones that can change colors are considered very exotic.

You can find chameleons of various shapes and sizes. Ranging from as small as one inch, to bulkier ones that grow up to thirty-inch. As these chameleons grow into adulthood, the color of their skin can change from brownish pigment to a bright green or purple.

Apart from changing their color, another interesting fact about these creatures is that they can rotate their eyes in separate directions at the same time.

The diet of chameleons consists of insects like crickets, silkworms, flies, so there is hardly a reason to worry about what to feed them. However, for a rich and special treat, you can offer chameleons Dubia roaches from

Chameleons as pets

Keeping a chameleon as a pet requires hard work and attention. There are many pros of having a chameleon as a pet and some cons come with it as well.

Here is a list of a few of the pros and cons that you need to consider before getting yourself a chameleon.

The Pros Of Petting A Chameleon

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They are fascinating creatures and can grow fond of their owners once you gain their trust. So, making a bond with them is quite easy. Aside from that, several other pros are-

Fascinating Creatures

Colour changing chameleons can not only amaze you from time to time but will also impress your relatives and friends when they come to visit you.

Calm & Docile

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They are very calm and do not require large open spaces to live. They can live in a container that is the size of two shoe boxes. So, keeping them in your house will be of no threat.

Friendly Nature

Chameleons hardly get agitated and even if they do, they do not attack humans like some other pets. But, it is wise not to agitate your chameleon as it will start to dislike you.

Every Colour Tells A Story

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Unlike other animals, it is also easy to tell what a chameleon is feeling. A chameleon not only changes its color to mix with the surroundings, but they also change their color to show their emotion.

If you pay close attention to it, it will be easy for you to understand what your pet is feeling and act accordingly.

Tons Of Variety

There are different types of chameleons so you can choose whichever type suits you the best.

The Panther Chameleon for its color-changing abilities, the Jackson chameleon for its amazing horns renowned throughout the animal kingdom, or even the veiled chameleon as it is the most inexpensive of the bunch.

The Cons Of Having Chameleons As Pets

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Most species of chameleons are expensive. As they need warmer environments and are not very sturdy; not keeping them in a suitable environment could give rise to health issues.

It is also very difficult for newer pet keepers to make or maintain the containers for chameleons.

The ones you buy from the pet shops are also very expensive. So, if you cannot spend around $1,000, then this reptilian pet might not be for you. Aside from the high upfront cost, there are a few other cons-

Have To Be Careful While Selecting

Not all chameleons can be used as pets. Wild chameleons can be poisonous and can harm humans. Chameleons that are bred in a captive house are much safer.

Need Prior Experience

As they are very expensive and require regular maintenance, it gets very difficult for inexperienced pet keepers to deal with them. So unless you have experience with keeping a pet before, especially a reptile, it is not wise for you to get a chameleon.

Lack Of Emotional Attachment

Chameleons are animals that are fond of their own space, meaning they do not like to cuddle with humans or any other animal for that matter. So if you are looking for a pet that you can hug and play with, chameleons are not for you.

Short Life Span
Chameleons have a very short life span, even comparing them to other reptilian pets. They live for about 2-5 years, if you decide to get one, you might not be able to spend a very long time with it.

Chameleons are very fragile animals. If you are not experienced in keeping pets before, you might be unaware of what your chameleon is facing and may accidentally ignore many health issues the chameleon might face.

Final words

Different people have different choices of keeping a pet. Chameleons can be fascinating unique pets if you can take care of them properly.

They can not only be an amazing addition to your house, but they can also serve as a living house ornament as they like to be by themselves and rarely move. In the end, it all comes down to your preference but be sure to compare the above-mentioned pros and cons.

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