9 Reasons Why You Should Charter a Crewed Yacht

Are you hoping to go on a cruise? Will you have a crewed charter? For excellent reasons, crewed charters are gaining popularity around the world. A crewed yacht charter means going on a vacation with a crew aboard. The crew consists of a captain, chef/hostess, and either 1 or 2 more crew according to the size of the yacht.

There are several amenities aboard a crewed yacht. These include snorkel gear, water toys, scuba diving equipment, entertainment in DVD, and all-around music systems. For guests wanting a quiet moment, books and games are also available. As a guest, full service is at your call. Whether you want a delectable tropical fruit cocktail, fresh towel, or instructions on using water gear, the crew will promptly respond. Your captain, having foreknowledge of the area, will sail the yacht to all the beautiful places plus some hidden gems. Click here to find out more.

With a personal Gourmet Chef, relax and enjoy mouthwatering meals and snacks made according to your preference. For liquor, you can choose an open bar without hidden charges. You will have a beautiful view from your ocean table.

Are the above reasons enough for you to choose a crewed yacht for your vacation? Let’s delve in and find out more.

1. Opulence


Compared to a bareboat, quite a number of crewed yachts are well equipped. They have a lot of features such as air conditioning, TV 110v power, icemaker, water maker, electric toilets and more. However, the most recent bare boats have improved on their amenities. Generally, crewed yachts have top-notch decorations, offer awnings, beach towels, beach chairs, bean bags, and quality mattresses. Their linen is good quality, including upholstery, plates, and cutlery. All this gives you a homely luxurious feel.

2. Have a Larger Size

Hiring a bareboat, limits you to the captain’s experience in your group. With a crewed yacht, you do not have to have any experience since a captain is already at hand. Meaning you can choose to charter the yacht of your dreams. Though the size of the yacht depends on the budget, you will definitely enjoy the larger space found on, the bigger yachts.

3. Itinerary


Yacht crews know how to develop packages that offer various activities based on your choices. Remember, they know your destination better and will lead you to explore “hidden” places. Meaning they have a taste of what is offered locally. The crews’ knowledge is a priceless advantage since you may not be aware of the many places your destination has to offer. For example, the British Virgin Islands is a total of more than fifty smaller islands. Do you know all of them? That’s where the yacht crew plays a role. Additionally, you have access to all bays and anchorages where bare boats have restrictions.

4. Food and Beverages

What good is a vacation without delicious and mouthwatering food? Having trained in the best culinary schools, the chefs in crewed charters have exceptional skills. Expect gourmet meals, with an enticing presentation coming out of the kitchen. This goes for all breakfasts, lunches, and dinner in three courses. Snacks and drinks are all-inclusive in your budget. The chef listens to your preferences and any dietary needs. Whether you are a vegan or gluten-free vegetarian, you are in safe hands. You will be served incredibly delicious meals, including desserts and wines.

Though you can decide to take a half-board charter, it doesn’t save you money in the long run. A half-board charter takes the option of disembarking and eating in a local restaurant as you explore the area. An all-inclusive package means all your drinks-alcohol or non-alcohol are catered for and are unlimited. However, top-of-shelf wines, liquors, and champagne are not included but can be availed upon payment. Some of the cocktails the captain will make include Painkiller, Mojito, and Bushwhackers which you can have at sunset or all night long.

5. You are Pampered


Being on a crewed charter means you only relax and enjoy yourself. The crew will do everything for you, including preparing food, drinks and cleaning afterward. All provisions are prepared before you embark, and they make sure the yacht is clean at all times. The crew will arrange and bring anything you ask, whether it’s a drink, a towel, or a particular water gear. At some point, your linens, bath, and beach towels will be changed and replaced with fresh ones.

6. Water Sports

If you charter a crewed yacht, be ready to indulge in different kinds of water sporting activities. The ones offered include snorkel gear, kayaks, standup paddle boards, and floating water toys. The yacht’s fast tender allows you to have fun while water skiing, tubing, and kneeboarding. This is made possible by the large dinghy, which has a powerful outboard that makes pulling water skis tubes and kneeboards possible. The comfort of the large dinghy comes in handy while exploring islands or hopping from bat to bar.

7. Diving


How good are you at diving? Some crewed yachts have dive masters on board. Though, they only guide certified divers to various stunning sites along with your destination. The divemaster can also offer an introduction course if you don’t know how to dive. If you are chartering a crewed yacht and want diving to be part of the activities, make arrangements early. You can have a dive school pick you, go and come back to the yacht later.

8. Sailing

Another advantage of a crewed yacht is you can try out sailing under the captain’s guidance. The captain will show you how to tack, jib, trim the sails, know the wind direction and speed. You also learn to optimize the boat when the wind shifts and experiences currents. Ask any question, but remember there is no certificate after.

9. The Crew


This is the main reason you will want a chartered crew as they make your vacation memorable, comfortable, and luxurious. Why would you not look forward to another one? Apart from sumptuous meals, pampering services, water sports, and others described earlier. They are also in charge of safety. This goes for both adults and children. If anything breaks down, it’s fixed without you even noticing at times. Making the yacht well-tended at all times.

Have you made up your mind to charter a crewed yacht from? You will get gourmet meals per your preferences, various water sporting activities, and access to a larger vessel. Anything you want can be brought to you. All you need is to relax and have the time of your life.

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