Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Visit a Farm

With most of the year 2024 being canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak, traveling, especially abroad, is close to zero. However, this doesn’t mean that the summer season is dead, and you should spend the rest of the year isolated in your house. There are many other activities you can practice during these difficult times without putting your health at risk.

Vacations are really important. They keep our minds healthy, and our body needs the rest and relaxation as well. Escapades away from home can help your family explore new grounds and experience new ventures. You can enjoy spending time with the people you love and bond over new adventures.

Luckily, the US remains one of the most diverse destinations in the world, with something for every taste. From secular forests to national parks, concrete jungles, breathtaking beaches, and rocky mountains, you can still plan an amazing trip with your best friends or family and enjoy some of the local wonders.

People feel the need to exercise more and more right now since we all had to social distance ourselves, and our daily or weekly activities were limited.

So, if you want a place close to home yet far enough for your kids to enjoy, here are the main reasons you should consider traveling to a farm and staying there for at least a week.

1. Find healthy and organic produce

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Whether we’re talking about fresh-farmed vegetables, fruits, eggs, or meat, the single most important reason you should make a farm trip is to find and buy organic produce. They are fresh and healthier than your regular supermarket selections, which will help you live longer and fight diseases and premature signs of aging.

In a world where our meals are full of conserves, additives, and so on, the body needs a “clean meal” at least from time to time if not always.

Have we mentioned the delicious taste? If you’re tired of the plastic taste of vegetables from the supermarket, it’s high time you rediscovered the authentic taste of tomatoes, onions, peppers, eggplants, or strawberries harvested at a local farm.

2. Pick the produce yourself

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You might argue that buying from any fresh vegetable aisle at the supermarket allows you to pick the products you’ll bring home. But have you ever tried picking them directly from the plant, bush, or tree that is making them?

Enjoy the authentic picking experience when visiting a local farm. Most farmers will be pleased to let you go pick your produce directly from the earth or trees. And what can be fresher than that? Wash off the dirt and impurities, and you can eat them before getting back to your car.

This also provides a means to get in touch with nature, enjoy the perks of harvesting, and why it is not a good exercise. The satisfaction of getting to pick your fruit, right from the tree or from the ground, is immense.

3. Learn more about animals

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If your children live in a big city, chances are they never encountered some of the most common animals in real life. Horses, pigs, ducks, turkeys, chickens, sheep, cattle, goats, and even rabbits are usually friendly, which means your children will not only have the chance to approach them on a farm but also feed or play with them.

Many of them have only seen animals in pictures and can’t grasp the concept of them being so real. Although they know, milk comes from a cow. They don’t understand how exactly that happens and what this animal looks like.

Even grown-ups can enjoy the simple, pleasant experience as they also learn how to milk cows or goats, how to farm for fresh eggs in the morning, or how to ride a horse. If you’re willing to spend some time at a farm, you’ll also learn how to look after these domestic animals. You can find additional information and tips on Silverlakefarms.

Ultimately, you’ll get to spend quality time outdoors, soaking in nature as well as the fresh air and the gentle, warm sun rays, while also picking up some real-life skills that might come in handy.

You can also learn more about the history of farming, where and how it all originated, what machines are used nowadays vs. the old days, and the responsibilities that a farmer holds.

And let’s not ignore one of the most authentic experiences of them all-sleeping in a hay barn. The smell of hay can be so relaxing that you will wake up fresh and rested.

4. Support local agriculture

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Finally, your visit to the farm is also beneficial for the owners as they will get to sell their products right from their property, without having to turn to middlemen or go weekly to farmer’s markets.

This means you will get them at a reasonable price, and this way, the farm owners will be encouraged to continue producing organic products. They will not be forced to reduce costs in detriment of quality. So it’s a win-win situation.

You will help support the local economy and agriculture and boost local tourism by telling people about your experience at the farm.

This way, the place will be packed with tourists for the weekend who will support the local farmers by buying their produce, testing their lifestyle, and offering their help with the chores, including milking cows and goats, picking up fresh eggs, building or repairing shelters for animals, and harvesting fruits and veggies.

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