Surfing The Waves: How To Properly Dress For The Sport

Surfing is one of those things that can be a mild recreational activity or full-blown extreme sport depending on the conditions you are surfing in and how you enjoy riding the waves. Though it might seem like a sport in which you can just get onto the board and hit the waves, there is a lot more preparation that goes into surfing than meets the eye. Moreover, surfing happens in a lot of different weather conditions, while beaches are generally understood as being warm or even hot, some surfing locations have really chilly weather and ice cold water.

Having the right equipment and being properly dressed for the conditions is key to not only surfing properly but also keeping yourself safe from the elements. Especially if you are surfing professionally or your passion for the sport keeps you out on the waves for hours on end, you need to be properly equipped.

Here are some of the best bits of gear you should invest in if you want to take your surfing to the next level.

1. Eyewear


If you plan on surfing for a long time, having your eyes protected is going to help out quite a bit. When you are out riding the waves, the reflection of sunlight on the water can be blinding. Moreover, repeated contact with hard and salty ocean water can also be detrimental to eye health. Furthermore, when you are surfing at high speeds and in turbulent conditions, even the small specks of water can hit your body with tremendous impact, leaving you wondering whether it was water or a stone. This kind of impact on your eyes can be extremely painful and can also cause serious damage. While it might not be very trendy, wearing eye gear can be very useful. If you choose tinted eyewear, it can also help you get better visibility and significantly reduce eye strain.

2. Board Shorts


Board shorts, also commonly known as surfer trunks and just shorts, are a staple for any surfer. While some prefer swimsuit-style shorts, the latest board shorts also offer many of the same features that you would expect from gear designed for water sports. Gone are the days when board shorts had to be thick, which weighed a tone when wet and also caused skin problems. Board shorts are great for both in-water and on-land use and are a versatile piece of clothing you should definitely have.

3. Rash Guard


One of the biggest problems with water sports is the effect they can have on the skin. Not only are you out in the sun all day, but your skin and the other parts of your body are constantly wet and are being rubbed on by wet clothing as you move around. These experienced surfers mention how rashes and many skin problems arise from the wax on the surfboard, as well as the continuous contact with it. The skin on the chest and back is much more sensitive than the skin on the soles of your feet and having a rash guard will help protect it better. The surfers at advise investing in a rash guard to help solve skin problems.

4. Wetsuits


If you have ever been surfing and stepped off the board to get some rest on the beach, you will know just how cold it can get when the wind blows and you are sitting there already drenched. If you have been surfing in colder climates, you understand how intense that experience can be. Wetsuits are the best solution to this problem, they give you comprehensive cover, you can get a wide variety of them, and they are also a great way to protect your skin from the sun. If there is one piece of gear every surfer should have, it is the wetsuit. You can also get wetsuits in different trims so if you don’t want a full-body suit, you can easily find something that works for you.

5. Boots


Staying on the board, especially when it’s been freshly waxed can be difficult. A pair of swim boots will improve stability on the board and also improve maneuverability. Moreover, if you are surfing near rocky land then having some swim boots makes walking in that terrain a lot easier. A good pair of swim boots will also protect your feet from the sharp reef and sea urchins and will keep you warm in cold conditions.

6. Hoodies


Headgear is also very important for colder climates and for less experienced surfers. Head injuries are very common with surfers as they frequently fall off the board and hit their heads and also get injured on rocks. Having a good hoody will provide some level of protection, it will help keep water out of your ears and will also keep your head warm.

7. Gloves


There’s a lot of paddling that goes into surfing especially when you need to go far off the beach to find waves. Paddling only gets worse in cold water when your hands go numb and you can’t grip anything. Having the right gloves will keep your hands warmer and also protect the sensitive skin on your hands from long exposure to water.

8. Helmets


While these are the least popular pieces of gear with surfers, helmets are still incredibly important. Crashing waves can literally have tons of pressure and if your head is between a wave and your board or a rock, it can cause a very severe injury. If you give more importance to safety than style then this is something you will definitely want to invest in, especially if you are new to the sport and still getting your bearings.

While these are some of the most important bits of gear that you can wear for better surfing, you can also use a variety of products for your skin, hair, and body to help you stay protected while you surf. Especially if you are in a sunny location, a quality sunblock with a high SPF and moisturizing characteristic will be paramount. You want to get sunscreen which is good for water sports as regular sunscreen will easily wash off. While most of these gears are designed to offer you better comfort and more safety, a lot of these will also improve your surfing and give you more control over them. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned surfer, definitely check out these gears to improve your surfing.

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