8 Ways to Get a Cheaper Student Trip to the UK

Travelling is always fantastic. It broadens your horizons, helps you to make new interesting acquaintances, and allows you to get to know the world better. Of course, when you are a student, the budget vacation option is always the advantage, but what if you want to visit outstanding countries and cities, and your budget is limited? In this article, you will learn how to save money to travel to Britain.

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  1. If you are a student or you are under 30, apply for an ISIC/IYTC card. Thanks to it, you can get a student discount in London.
  2. Tickets and dates. The most popular destination, of course, is in the capital. The sooner you buy tickets, the cheaper they will be. September – October is a good option for traveling. London between Catholic Christmas and New Year is also fabulous.
  3. Housing. It is also better to book a hotel in advance. Cheap hotels can even be found in central London, but you should not expect much from them: in such places, the rooms are usually tiny, and the toilet is located in the corridor. Also, do not forget about hostels, Airbnb, and Couchsurfing.
  4. Transport. Do not rush to use public transport; it is costly. Hiking will save your budget and bring pleasure – it is England!If transport cannot be avoided, buy an Oyster student travel card in the UK. It will cut costs several times. For example, you can ride on it along the Thames – from Waterloo to the Millennium Dome – for a little less than 4 pounds.
  1. Food. Cooking yourself (as almost everywhere) is cheaper than having lunch in a cafe. But only if you do not use coupons. Go to the local PizzaExpress; this brand owes a lot to London.You can also drive 50 km from London to the town of Marlowe, where the Hand and Flowers Pub is located – it is notable for the fact that this is a restaurant with 2 Michelin stars, where you can dine with two dishes for only 15 pounds, and three for 20.
  1. Museums. There are many free museums with exciting exhibits:

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  • British museum
  • National Portrait Gallery
  • National Maritime Museum
  • Museum of Victoria and Alberta
  • Museum of London
  • Royal Air Force Museum
  • Tate Britain
  • Tate Modern

If you want to go to these museums with an audio guide, find it on the Internet and save it on your phone: then you won’t have to pay for the audio guide either.

  1. Other entertainment, not for the money. Life-hack: a free tour of the city is offered by the local Sandeman’s New Europe Tours. They arrange walking tours of the Royal Center of London, during which you will visit the main attractions that reflect the history of the English monarchy. While traveling, you can still have to finish your dissertation or essay assignment, so contact the Writix essay service. Their professionals are writing excellent work for students and help them with all the tasks they have no time for.

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And another company – “Alternative London” – invites you to a tour of the street art of East London. It is paid according to the “pay how much you want” system. Give it a try.

Also, the Scoop, an open amphitheater adjacent to the Tower, regularly holds free cultural events: film screenings, performances, concerts, festivals – of course, in the warm season.

On Mondays, admission is free at Royal Stratford Theater (Gerry Raffles Square), and on Wednesdays at Comedy Cafe (66 Rivington St) and Mirth Control at The Lower Ground Bar (269 West End Lane).

Almost every evening at The National Theater, you can attend rehearsals of performances and concerts for free, but tickets must be reserved in advance.

  1. A separate conversation – the capital of the UK from a bird’s flight. Alas, this is not a pleasure for everyone: a ride on the famous London Eye cost more than 17 pounds and climb on the Shard London Bridge skyscraper – almost 25 pounds. Ideal options for the budget-conscious traveler are viewing platforms with free admission. Admire stunning London from at least one of these sites:

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Metro Station: Embankment / Waterloo


Subway Station: Hampstead


Metro Station: Chalk Farm


Unfortunately, it is impossible to have cheap student travel to Britain cheaply, but you can save a lot. The main thing on the journey is a good mood and company. Think of all the benefits that you will receive and try to do everything to have a good time.

Why should you study abroad?

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If you are someone who is looking for more than a degree, studying at a university abroad is the answer to all your demands. Training outside your country gives you access to education with a reputation for excellence.

Although there are significant differences between programs and universities, if you choose wisely, you will find a great offer of programs that fit the profile you are looking for. There are three reasons to study in another country.

In most countries, teachers are trained to adapt the content of their classes to the highest level. You can check different international rankings to see the level of programs offered by the university that interests you.

Don’t let these demands scare you! The integration of new international students is an important objective, and universities have structures to facilitate your adaptation.


Whether you finish your studies and return to your home country or decide to stay abroad, it is clear that being an international student improves your chances of being elected to any job.

Doing an internship abroad is not hard and also in many cases, they pay you. Besides the economic advantage, this experience adds a lot of value to your resume and is particularly appreciated by international companies.

You can also search for an internship on your own. In most countries, you will have permission to work a few hours, especially during the summer holidays. It is an exciting experience and an excellent addition to a cover letter for an international company or institution.

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