Tips to Choose a Flat Iron for Traveling

With a growing predilection for hairstyling, the usage of irons is becoming common. Nowadays, flat irons are not only used on occasions but in daily routine.

There is no denying it that traveling is an extraordinary experience, however, it can ruin your hairstyle and in a lot of ways, it can make your hair unmanageable. So, everybody ought to have the right equipment with them while traveling so they can style their hair anyplace they need.

Yet, sadly ordinary full-size flat iron isn’t versatile and can’t be carried everywhere in your adventurous travel. A traveling flat iron is convenient and flexible and should be picked after cautious investigation.

This article will guide you to select the right product for your traveling needs.

Tips to choose flat iron:

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At the point when travel-accommodating hair straighteners came to the market, they were essentially little in size and low power as compared to their full-sized variants. As of late, organizations have culminated the innovation and technology, which means now mini flat iron for traveling can give a tough competition to your at-home flat iron.

But you can’t pick any product without any proper research. Here are some features that a flat iron should have to be able to be qualified as a good product for traveling. These features are divided into three parts based on their importance.

Necessary Features:

According to a reputed website, following are the features which make any of the product worthy of carrying with you to your journey.


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Portability is the key tip for selecting the right product for your needs. Flat iron shall be portable i.e. they shall have lightweight, they shall be small in size and they shall have dual voltage control.

  1. Light Weight: Being lightweight is what makes them easy to carry. You can’t keep heavy products in your regular bag or purse as you won’t be able to carry it for long.
  2. Small Size: It should have a small size otherwise it won’t be able to fit in your purse or bag and no one wants to carry it in a separate bag.
  3. Dual Voltage control: If you travel from country to country then this is the foremost important feature to look for. Dual voltage control means that this flat iron can operate on both 110V and 220V. Not all countries have the same voltage standard so, if your flat iron has a dual voltage control feature you will be able to use it anywhere in the world.

General Features:

There are the features that are common among regular and traveling flat irons which mean that these features are must irrespective of whether you are choosing a product for traveling or for home-usage.

Variable Temperature Control:

All hair types are not created equal, some require more heat than others to be styled and some are so fragile that they can be damaged at high temperatures. So, a good iron must have variable temperature control so that it can be used on any hair type.

Some flat iron is intelligent and has sensors that maintain the optimum temperature by continuous sensing. Although the electronic equipment with intelligent sensors is somewhat expensive but is worth your money. They free you from any hassle of adjusting the temperature.

PTC and Far-infrared Heater:

PTC and far-infrared are the most commonly used heating technologies used in flat and curling irons. Infrared heating technology provides deep heat penetration and hence quick hair styling. PTC heater maintains the temperature of plates and recovers it in time as short as possible.


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Ionic technology, yet so far, is the best technology and provides negative ions to hair cuticles to give a shiny finishing look that you desire.

Ionic technology is also responsible for maintaining the natural moisture of your hair. Nowadays, some good products have ionic technology.

The material of Construction:

Titanium, ceramic and tourmaline are ideal construction materials for flat iron plates as they provide even heat distribution and professional hairstyles.  Titanium material is usually good for stubborn hair types as titanium can provide extreme heat but this feature of titanium makes it difficult to use as negligence can burn your hair.

Additional Features:

These features are not really necessary but are a plus if any electronic product has these features.


Although pouch won’t make any difference to your hair styling directly it can affect it indirectly as the pouch keeps the flat iron safe from any environmental pollution. Having dust between the plates of the flat iron can cause a burning effect and gives an uneven hairstyle.

Swivel Cord:

Swivel cord might not be a mandatory feature and you can choose flat iron without swivel cord but it allows flexible movements of flat iron and eases the hairstyling. So, it is always good to look for flat iron having swivel cord.

Protection Gloves:

Protection gloves keep your hand safe if you accidentally touch the plates of your flat iron. Protection gloves come with a flat iron but if not, you can always buy them online or from your local market.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Can I travel with a flat iron?

In the past, it was really not easy to travel with a flat iron but now a das special flat irons have been introduced which are portable and are safe to carry on a journey. But you must choose your product wisely with extra protection.

How do I know if my equipment is dual voltage?

If your flat iron can operate on both 110 and 220volt then your flat iron is dual voltage. You can look at the box in the specification section too. Usually, specifications are also written on the body of the equipment.

If you don’t find anything there google the brand and model of your product and visit their official website. But if you don’t find it anywhere then your flat iron isn’t dual voltage because if it was it would have been mentioned on box or body or on their official website.

Does a dual voltage flat iron need a converter?

No, dual voltage flat iron doesn’t need any external converter rather they have built-in converter you just need to plug your flat iron and you are good to go. If they needed any external converter, what would have been the point of having a dual voltage feature?


The flat iron is contemporarily an integral accessory, however, standard irons can’t be carried everywhere so organizations have made special irons for this reason.

Standard flat irons are large in size and overwhelming in weight then again flat iron which is ideal to carry for traveling are little in size and are lightweight. This article gives the rundown of highlights and their significance that travel-friendly flat irons must-have.

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