Top Tips On How To Choose A Name For Your Pet That Sticks

Getting a pet is almost as exciting as having a new baby in the family. And when it comes to naming your pet, it involves more of the family! Websites are consulted, pet name books looked up, and brains of family and friends picked for the catchiest of names.

The process of naming your pet can go haywire if you don’t bring some order to it. That’s why this post shares how to apply a great strategy to choose a befitting name for your pet.

Remember that the name you pick will be the one that sticks. So, say it aloud a few times to see how it feels before finalizing it.

Pet Naming Tips


If you follow some of the following pet naming tips, you will have more fun with your family.

1. Choose the type of name you want for your furry friend. Do you want to give it a human name like Joe or Panther? Or do you want to call it a nickname, like Panthy instead of Panther?

2. Keeping the pet name according to its personality is another tip you can explore. For example, if your German Shepherd pup doesn’t back away from showing its fangs, you can call it Fury. Or if your cat is always looking for a lap, you can call it Snuggles.

3. The appearance and color of your pet can also determine its name. It’s quite common to name tabby cats Ginger because of their auburn color. If your new friend is white and fluffy, you could call it Snowy.

4. Stick to one- or two-syllable pet names which are short and easily recognizable by your pet. However, beware of names that rhyme with actions often used on pets to teach them to do certain things. For example, Joe rhymes with go and your dog may get confused. Or calling it Sandy may make it think it’s time for a candy reward!

5. Pick a name that makes both your pet and you happy. Stay away from names you’d be embarrassed to call your pet in a dog park or a public place. An example is Beethoven. Not only is it more than two syllables and quite a mouthful, but it’s hard to imagine calling out loudly in a park.

6. If you want your pet to have an exotic name, look for mellifluous French names like Bella or Fleur. You can choose any foreign name that’s short and sweet.

7. You could wait for a few days to get to know your pet’s personality better before giving it a name. Try to know it first and figure out what it likes to do. Many dogs like digging a hole in the sand or earth and resting in it. Names like Holey or Sandy could be an option.


8. Consult a baby name book to choose one for your four-legged kid. Short human names can be easily used for pets, such as Jack, Bill, Ted, etc. Or you can search online to FindCatNames.

9. If your favorite book is Moby Dick, you can call your cat or dog Moby. Or if your favorite animation movie character is Dory or Goofy, go ahead and call your goldfish, dog, or cat by it!

10. You can also name your pet after pet characters in movies like Toto from The Wizard of Oz or Kedi the cat in the movie of the same name.

11. The origin of the pet can give you an idea when you’re trying to name it. For example, Ugo for German Shepherds or William for the British breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

12. For inspiration, look up historical figures, authors, poets, sports figures, and celebrities with interesting names. You’d be surprised to find a mine of possible names in these areas. Examples include Cher, Kafka, Henry, Messi, Pogba, Marie, Anne, Elvis, Akon – the list goes on!

13. You can borrow the names of leading business tycoons who are inspiring – Jeff, Musk, Bill, Jobs, etc.

14. The names of your favorite brands can also be rubbed off on your pet – Nike, Tesla, Zara, Trek, etc.

15. It helps if your pet name ends in a vowel and has a consonant in the middle. This combination makes it easy for pronunciation and can be recognized easily by the pet.

Do’s and Don’ts Before and After Naming Your Pet


Reaching a consensus on pet names is no easy task as all family members want to have a say. So, a lot goes on before and after naming your pet. Here are some do’s and don’ts to make the process smoother.

  • Set ground rules so that particular categories of names are left out. If you don’t want names that refer to the physical traits of your pet, let your family know.
  • Let everyone have a voice and allow them to put their preferred names on a piece of paper and drop them in a box. Or, give a list of names and let everyone vote.
  • Once you have settled on a name or want to try out a few, try calling your pet by these to see how it responds and how you feel about calling them out aloud.
  • Don’t be in a rush and settle on the second-best suggestion only to regret it later.
  • Don’t name your pet after a deceased relative or your child or spouse.


Pet naming is a fun activity where the whole family can participate. The first thing to do is decide on the category or type from where to pick one. After that, everything pretty much falls in place as the process is more streamlined.

Following the pet naming tips can help you shortlist a few and then finalize one that suits the personality, appearance, or breed of your cat or dog.

Whatever you do, don’t pick a name that’s long and difficult to say. It may sound exotic but it won’t stick and may get shortened, losing its impact or initial intention.

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