Decoding the UK Fiancée and Marriage Visa Options ─ 7 Things You Need to Know

Starting a new life away from home in a new country presents the person with a world of opportunities. It is a whole new chapter, a new era where one leaves behind everything they knew, at least for a while, and aims to find something better and more enjoyable.

People leave their homes in search of a better life which usually implies changing their job. However, one can also move away because of their partner, a fiance(e) for example.

If your future husband or wife is bound for across the border, you can follow suit, but you need to know an important thing about it. It cannot be done without filing for a fiancee or marriage visa. And for the United Kingdom, a very popular destination for emigration all over the world, there are some things you absolutely must know.

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1. Types of Visas

As mentioned, when it comes to the United Kingdom visas that revolve around partners and couples, two main ones exist. The first primary visa category for partners of official British citizens, or settled persons, is the fiancé(e) visa.

It is also known as the prospective marriage visa. It allows you to come to the UK and then marry your British partner who is already settled. You must intend to marry within the first six months of arriving in the country. Once the two of you are married, you can apply to switch to the spouse visa.

The spouse visa is the second important document to know about, reserved for those who are already married. As the name states, it s meant for partners who are already spouses. This document is for partners who are already married to a British citizen or settled person.

It grants you the right to live and work in the UK for up to 30 months without leave. There is also the possibility of extending it in certain cases, depending on the individual circumstances and professions.

2. Financial Requirement


Now that you know about the visa types, it is time we talked about other crucial aspects of moving to the UK to start a new life with your partner. In order to protect the interests of the country, the UK government has a financial requirement for visas. Actually, both have some very strict financial requirements.

The sponsoring partner, i.e. the one who is already in the UK, needs to meet a minimum income threshold. The minimum varies depending on factors like whether there are children involved and where they live. The requirement is there to protect the country and not make the new couple a liability.

These are the usual requirements and protections that countries introduce to make sure the people who come live comfortably from their work and do not rely on social help.

3. Accommodation

Similar to the financial aspect, the settled side needs to have a place to live before their partner can come. The British citizen in the relationship has to demonstrate that they have suitable accommodation available for them and their partner without relying on public funds.

As you can see, the reasoning is the same as with the finances. The UK, understandably, does not want to worry about helping you with its social programs.

There are enough people domestically who require it so those coming with visas need to have a place to call home secured before bringing their partner and fully settling.

4. Language Proficiency


Despite the fact that this one should go without saying, not everyone realizes the need for language proficiency when starting a new life abroad. If you are a non-native English speaker, you may need to prove your English language proficiency through a recognized language test.

This is a very important part and a stage where many potential immigrants are turned away. Since the party that is already a citizen can speak the language, the fiancee or spouse has to follow suit.

Practicing the language for months before the trip is not enough. You have to make sure to do it meticulously and start on time in order to pass the test before the application. Not speaking the language, again, means being unable to productively contribute to society and in turn fall to the help of others.

5. Documents and Evidence

The visa application requires you to bring a significant amount of supporting documentation. This includes proof of your relationship, identity documents, financial records, and whatever else they ask of you. Make sure to bring everything, even multiple copies, as being turned away because of a missing document can ruin all of your plans.

6. Healthcare Surcharge


When applying for either of the two visas, you will have to pay a healthcare surcharge. This gives you access to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), something which everyone obviously needs just in case. Nobody wants to think of health and injuries, but you simply must. It is a part of life and the NHS cannot help you unless you pay the surcharge.

7. Application Process

For the actual process to begin and for your visa to be granted, there must exist an application process. To make things easier and more modern, it is done online. Additionally, you must attend a biometrics appointment at the closest Visa Application Center.

This cannot be emphasized enough: it is absolutely crucial to complete the entire application process accurately and submit all required documents. Take it seriously and you will only have to do it once. What is more, it will be seamless.

Final Thoughts

Starting a new life in the United Kingdom is exciting, albeit a little bit overwhelming. What can make it easier is having your partner, either a fiance(e) or a spouse, already there? That leaves a single obstacle for you two to overcome, the visa.

With this article and the important thing to keep in mind, you have all it takes for a seamless transition and an easy visa application process. Marriage should be a great time in your life so do not let distance keep you from each other. Start a new life together the right way!

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