6 Things You need to Know before Visiting Canada

Travel always excites, brings the rush, and rejuvenates any soul. It’s good to plan a vacation beforehand so that you can easily learn about the place before finally visiting it. Many destinations are quite appealing, Canada is one of them. The beauty and the picturesque view of this place will make you feel mesmerized and it will definitely enhance your travel experience. This country is a hub of trade and commerce, culture, fashion, and the entertainment industry.

Canada is one of the most enchanting places to visit in the world. This picturesque and charming place should be in the bucket list of every traveler who wants to be amused by the beauty of nature and adore the vibrant art and culture.

Now that you have decided to visit Canada, it is about time that you know some facts about Canada that will make your trip memorable and make you come back and visit the country again.

6 Things you need to know before visiting Canada:

Get travel insurance done:

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Travel insurance comes in variants, depending on the destination, the number of folks you are traveling with, factors like duration of the visit, the purpose of the travel, etc.

In short, many factors influence the kind of travel insurance you may receive. There are many forms of it, like Outbound insurance, inbound insurance, Medical travel insurance for the elderly, Overseas student travel insurance, cancellation & curtailment, Baggage Delay or loss, Travel Delay, or cancellation, Health travel insurance, etc. It is essential to be aware of all these possibilities and make use of the travel rights offered by the government and various airlines.

As a visitor, you must decide on what kind of insurance suits your requirement, the timeliness, and accordingly choose a travel agency to apply for your travel insurance. Provide them with the essential documents to fulfill all the visa requirements on time.

Canada provides the visitors with a tourist insurance plan and you can easily access the relevant insurance options available in the country. Read their terms and conditions properly and get a knack of understanding the pros and cons of each travel insurance option better. Having travel insurance in Canada is quite important. Precaution is always better than cure and in a stranger country, you never know what kinds of perils you might have to face. Hence, choose a plan best suited to you and get yourself secured before going on your trip to Canada.

Canada has tie-ups with many know travel insurance providers who assure your money is in safe hands. You may plan your vacation without fear and look to create that perfect itinerary to make the most and see the beauty of the place while you are there!

Travel Documents are essential:

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If you are planning to visit Canada, you should know that the country has a stringent visa application process. There are many steps involved in the application procedure, and you will have to follow the instructions carefully. The good news is that by doing so, you can easily get your visa approved.

As a traveler, many often question if they need to avail of a travel visa. If you want to know more about how to apply for your visa, then visit this website.

You will have to fill the B1/B2 visa application form when applying for a tourist or general visa. There are a few documents that should be kept ready before you begin with the application procedure. Some details from the documents are required in the application form. The documents include travel itinerary, valid passport, details of your previous international travels, including Canada.

Province Information:

Canada is a vast country and has ten provinces and three territories. These territories are quite similar to the states present in the United States of America. Say, for example, Vancouver is present in the province of British Columbia, and Montreal is present in Quebec. However, make sure to carry a map of the country or your google maps on, while venturing through the country.

Emergency Situation:

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Accidents are uncalled for. Falling prey to any unwanted situation in a stranger country can become the biggest nightmare. In such a scenario, it is best if you are in terms of the country’s emergency protocols. All the emergency services in Canada, including firefighters, medical services, police services can be availed at 911.

You can dial on this number free of cost. However, remember to ring this number up only in case of an emergency.

The currency followed in Canada:

Canadian Dollar is Canada’s currency, and they have bills in numerals of five, ten, twenty, fifty, and hundred Dollars, respectively. Also, they have one- and two-dollars coins. The amusing part is that the one and the two-dollar coins are known as “loonie” and “toonie,” respectively.

The legal age to consume alcohol:

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In Canada, every province follows its drinking protocols. So while you are in Canada, make sure that you follow the particular province you are in. Except for Quebec, Alberta Manitoba, all the other provinces allow drinking above the age of 18. Whereas, these three provinces allow drinking above the age of 19.

Also, the age at which you enter a nightclub is the same as the age of drinking in a particular province.

The Final Words:

We hope that the tips, as mentioned above, prove helpful to you during your first visit to Canada. First-time visitors need to be aware of the best ways to travel safely as well as smartly.

Canada is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions. And no matter which kind of tourist you are, Canada will not disappoint you. There are hill stations, magnificent monuments, and fantastic cuisines to try. What more can you ask for? This place is apt for spending your vacation. Whether you are looking to spend some romantic time with your spouse or you want to enjoy trekking with friends, Canada is the best choice. This holiday season plans a trip to Canada and rejuvenates your soul!!

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