6 Most Romantic World Destinations For A Wedding Abroad In 2024

What better way to have your wedding than on a paradise beach somewhere across the globe? More and more people are having their weddings abroad. This relatively “new” trend started some years back and is becoming very popular recently.

Sure it might cost you more money, and it will definitely cost the people attending, but it will be something unheard of. Everyone will be up for it and everyone will have loads of fun. But is it feasible? Depending on your financial situation, we’d say it’s definitely feasible. Weddings will put a dent on your finances anyway, so why not make it a spectacular event someplace foreign across the world?

For that reason, we’ve decided to create a list of the most romantic world destinations for a wedding abroad in 2024. The list will include some absolute paradise-like destinations, so don’t go anywhere.

1. Amalfi Coast, Italy

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If there is a place in Italy where you can have a romantic wedding, then it’s the Amalfi Coast. Amalfi Coast is a place that should be on your bucket list and visited at least once in your lifetime. This parade town boasts a population of no more than 5,300 people, meaning you can lay down your hair freely without anyone looking.

The vibes this place gives resembles a fairytale out of a Disney cartoon. The colorful loungers, azure waters, and Moorish-like architecture and buildings resemble nothing alike. There isn’t a more romantic destination in the world to have your wedding abroad than Amalfi Coast, but this next one is a close contender.

2. Antigua & Barbuda

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There is something about the Caribbean islands that simply makes us envious and jealous of the sheer beauty and luxury. A journey to a Caribbean island will surely put a dent on your economy, but you’ll experience paradise in its truest form. One paradise-like destination to have your wedding abroad is the country of Antigua & Barbuda.
Antigua & Barbuda are two islands in the Atlantic Ocean that are made out of lush rainforests, azure waters, and coral reefs resembling that of Australia’s.

The tropical islands are surrounded by sandy beaches and crystal clear waters that would drown a person in jealousy. The great thing is that you can pick which island you want to go, and the even better thing is that you can visit the other one whenever you like. There are some absolutely magnificent resorts to accommodate your stay on both islands. Some include the newly renovated Curtain Bluff, the Jumby Bay Island, and the ever-brilliant Carlisle Bay.

3. Bali

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Everyone’s heard of Bali, but did you know that Bali is also an excellent destination to have your wedding? The gem of Indonesia comes in the form of a tropical island that is a frequent destination of some of the world’s most famous people. Bali is very exotic and very luxurious, and very pricy. It’s hard to imagine anyone would dare to get married here, but you should absolutely do it if you can. Apart from the magnificent sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, Bali is a cultural experience that would grace your wedding like nothing alike.

You can even make Bali your honeymoon destination since there is so much to do here. From snorkeling to temple sightseeing, Bali has it all. Before you book a venue for your wedding in Bali, you should look the part as this island draws the attention of everyone in the world. That’s why we recommend shopping for your wedding dress at as they have a breathtaking gallery that would satisfy any bride’s taste.

4. Croatia

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You might recognize Croatia as one of the countries where HBO used to shoot Game of Thrones. If you’re a true fan of the show then you’d know exactly which these places are, but Croatia is also beautiful even without CGI.
Croatia is definitely an outside shout as a destination to have an abroad wedding. But what makes it so great for us to include it on this list?

Well, apart from the beautiful waters of the Adriatic Sea, this Balkan country boasts the same number of visitors as Greece or Italy. Croatia is not only a country of history but a country of beauty. If you choose to have your wedding here, then do know that you’ll have a blast partying. The Balkan culture & cuisine paired with a touch of Mediterranean will make go nuts in delight. If you wanted to get married in a place that doesn’t appear frequently on such lists, then Croatia is the destination to do it.

5. Guatemala

Have you heard about Guatemala? We’re almost positive you have. Guatemala is right below Mexico and part of Central America. This might not be much inspiring to you, but Guatemala has a beauty that few can match it. Some say that this country is much underrated due to the stigma of its surrounding neighbors. Central America isn’t the safest place in the world by all means, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth having a wedding.

The best thing about Guatemala is the fact that you can have your wedding on the Caribbean Sea or the North Pacific Ocean. If this isn’t your cup of cake, you can always choose to have your wedding in a popular resort outside the main city.

6. Iceland

Swartifoss, Iceland

Iceland is probably the only destination that’s surrounded by water but you’d don’t want to go swimming. Truthfully speaking, you’re not visiting Iceland for the water, but rather for its inside beauty. Iceland is a very elusive place. It’s a popular destination for adventurous souls that want to sample the Earth in all of its beauty. Iceland is also a very popular country to have a wedding abroad due to the phenomenon called the Northern Lights.

Iceland offers you endless possibilities for trekking, visiting volcanoes, glaciers, hot springs, and everything else that you’d expect the Earth to hide from us. This is precisely why Iceland should be the place to have your wedding at. But don’t let all of this fool you from the fact that there are some great resorts that would be more than happy to accommodate your entire wedding reception and make it the next great thing.

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