Romantic Pesach in California 

Pesach is a special time of celebration, religious reflection, and joy. Pesach celebrates the freedom from slavery that the Jews of Egypt finally were given. It is a time when Jewish people come together to reflect on everything they have been through, everything they are privately thankful for, and a much-needed rest.

This is a time of year when most thoughts go to the Seder and the family traditions steeped in religious symbolism. Kosher foods must be eaten, religious practices must be observed, and great detail is placed on each of the traditional items.

It is also a time when couples, married and dating, get the opportunity to take a week and learn more about each other. This is the best time for you to take a romantic get-away, take outings that allow you to build on your relationship, enjoy your partner, and revel in your freedom to do so.

What makes a Pesach in California so Romantic?


One of the main things about the Pesach in California is the resorts that are dedicated to serving the proper food, having entertainment available, and also having religious services available for their guests. For more information about it, you can visit

Seder is the tradition first night meal of the holiday week. You can celebrate this dinner with a group of other like-minded individuals, you can celebrate with a family, or you can privately celebrate in your first seder together as a couple. The resort at Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego offers several different ways that you can participate in a traditional seder with the one you care so deeply for.

1. A Day at the Disneyland of Spas

We all know that the younger people want to go to Disneyland because Disneyland offers rides, shows, food and entertainment that sounds amazing to them. Couples find that the Disneyland of spas, known better as Glen Ivy Hot Springs, offers exciting things they want to experience, with fewer lines, and less walking!

At the Glen Ivy Hot Springs spa, you will find activities for me, for women, for couples and more. Engage in activities that are healthy, fun and entertaining. Get the full spa treatment complete with relaxing facials, massages, and more. Dine on delicacies that are not only kosher, but are enticing and enjoyable.

Book a private cabana for two that has an ivy terrace. You will have spectacular views of the mountains, and visual calmness will be induced by the greenery, the beautiful pool, and the privacy.

If you are traveling with adult friends, you can book a cabana that is big enough for 2 to 12 people. There are 17 pools at the spa, a relaxing atmosphere, and learning workshops you can participate in.

2. Hot Air-Balloons


What could be more romantic that lifting high above the landscape of the city in a hot air balloon. Ride in the comfortable basket as you take in the breathtaking scenery below. Enjoy the intimate moments and create a memory that neither of you will easily forget.

Go up in the daylight hours to get the best view of the local mountains. Go up in the evening to get the most intimate time and a dazzling display of the lighted city below.

3. Water Sports

Watersports like kayaking, snorkeling and diving are readily available close to the resort. Enjoy some sand and sun, explore the bounty of beautiful creatures under the luxurious blue waters. Take a kayak ride around a private area of the beach,

Take a hike through one of the fabulous local parks. See nature up close, and do something that is not hurried, is not stressful, and provides you with the chance to explore the thoughts, dreams, and desires of the other person. Outdoor activities can be exciting as you surf, parasail, ski and more, but a long walk in the park, a picnic on a park bench, or a couple of hours on a beach blanket can develop an intimate connection.

Walk along the beach and feel the wind in your hair. Pick up seashells, and sit together under the beautiful sky embracing the warmth and exhilaration you can only find at the beach. At night after you dine take a romantic stroll down a white sandy beach illuminated by moonlight.

4. San Diego Zoo


If you think that trips to the zoo are only for children then you need to revisit the zoo! The San Diego Zoo is home to more than 12,000 animals. It is a 100-acre zoo that is educational, relaxing, and simply fun. Stroll through the zoo with your companion, hold hands, take time to spend as long as you like at each exhibit. Get to know one another, discover details about the other person that they will only share when they are relaxed and at ease.

Spend a day letting your inner child come out to play. Laugh at the animal hijinks, sip a soda, eat a peanut, and stroll your way to closeness.

If you do not want to walk around the zoo, but want to see wildlife up close then visit Sea World in Mission Bay Park. Watch the live entertainment, see the indoor exhibits, ride the roller coaster, be young and fun again. Pesach occurs in the spring when the days are warm not hot, and when the evenings are cool and refreshing.

Take a behind the scenes tour and really connect with the animals, and each other. You only live once, makes sure you are doing all of the living that you can. Make memories and build on your shared experiences.

While you are in the mood to play like children take a few hours and visit the paintball camp. Team up against other players, or if you are brave take each other on in a one-on-one adventure.

Final Thoughts

A California Pesach vacation in 2024 can be a romantic and luxurious getaway for you and your significant other. Be sure to book your tickets early so you can be assured of a resort opening at the location you want to visit.

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