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5 Ways Electric Bikes Have Changed The Travel Industry

Technology has been evolving rapidly in the last few decades and with it the way we live, work, travel, and function in general. Life becomes much faster and easier, but also harder in a certain way. It becomes very challenging to keep pace with the accelerated pace of life. Every year we have the opportunity to meet new, modern devices: phones, tablets, computers, and vehicles. One of them is the electric bike, which is gaining more and more popularity nowadays and is slowly transforming the travel industry. If you want to learn more about electric bikes, keep reading.

1. Easier and faster sightseeing


Sightseeing in different tourist cities is always fun. There is so much you want to see and visit, and there is often very little time. Electric bicycles have made it much easier to explore the city, as they provide a quick and comfortable tour of the place, wherever you are. You can do much more in much less time and gain the best insight into the energy and soul of the city. We all know that you cannot achieve such a credible experience when riding the metro or bus through the city, while walking can be very tiring and spoil your experience.

Another good thing here is that the electric bikes offered by do not contribute to the pollution of the city as is the case with petrol or diesel vehicles whose driving is generally prohibited around the city’s major landmarks. And that means that you can get very close to the Taj Mahal and other magnificent buildings on your E-bike, experience them in full and move on.

2. They allow shared rides

Another practical feature of an electric bike is that it allows shared rides. This means you can find an E-bike that someone has left near you, scan the bar code and drive it to your destination. After you finish your ride you leave it at a nearby station where the next person can pick it up and use it for their own needs. This feature is not only practical but also allows for great savings. You do not have to buy your personal E-bike, but you can use the city bike, as long as you use it in accordance with the rules.

This is practically the same as when you take a bus, metro or train, where you have your own ticket and you can ride with other people to your desired destination. It’s just that electric bikes are a more practical and ‘greener’ way to get around. Visit here for reviews of the top electric bikes.

Of course, if you want your own E-bike, that is also one of the options. Find one that fits your needs perfectly and enjoy all the benefits it will provide. Scooteretti offers a phenomenal selection of electric bicycles, so depending on what its main purpose will be, you can choose the best one for yourself.

3. E-bikes are environment friendly


One of the most current topics nowadays is finding sustainable options in pretty much all industries and areas of life. Everyone is trying to find greener options that do not contribute to environmental pollution, global warming, show a minimal carbon footprint, etc. Well, when it comes to the travel industry E-bikes have fully fit into these requirements and met expectations. As these vehicles use electricity instead of petrol and diesel, they are an environmentally friendly option that protects nature, and also provides all the benefits of a fast and efficient means of transport.

If we all want to help the planet Earth together, it is necessary for everyone to contribute in some way. Choosing an E-bike instead of other vehicles every day can be one of the ways you can be a part of this green movement and help nature. Click here for more information.

4. A good travel option during the pandemic

In a pandemic where the main goal is to provide social distance in order to transmit the virus, E-bikes have proven to be a good alternative. The fact is that life continues even in a pandemic and people need to be transported to work and other places, so it is not possible to abolish public transport. However, riding a bus, metro or train is a less desirable option as it often makes it impossible to achieve social distance due to a large number of people.

E-bikes have proven to be an optimal alternative to public transportation in a pandemic, as they allow people to travel much safer. Of course, if you use public, shared bikes, it is necessary to clean and disinfect them before and after riding. This way you protect yourself as well as the next E-bikes riders.

5. Public transportation that has a positive health impact


Another very big problem today is the increasingly frequent diagnosis of obesity. A fast-paced life often leads to an inadequate diet that is not focused on eating nutrient-rich foods but is based on junk food that is full of sugar, salt, and trans fats. In the long run, continuous intake of such foods leads to obesity and then to other health problems that arise as a consequence. When we add to all this the stress of a pandemic and lack of physical activity, we get a recipe for a very unhealthy life that inevitably leads to disease.

E-bikes have managed to at least partially stand in the way of this, as they represent a form of public transport that has a positive impact on health. It allows you to physically activate yourself while inhaling fresh air. And at the same time, it gives you the benefit of a much faster arrival at the destination and movement in general.


We live in a modern world where technology makes our lives as easy as possible thanks to new devices that we constantly have the opportunity to enjoy. E-bikes are gaining more and more popularity due to the benefits they have. Primarily, they are great and very practical for sightseeing, because they allow you to see everything in much less time, and to enjoy as much as when walking. They represent a greener alternative to public transportation and are useful in a pandemic. If you have not tested them, we suggest that you change this as soon as possible and get to know all the privileges that E-bikes provide.

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