5 Ways IoT Is Changing The Travel Industry

The Internet of things is a technical innovation that is changing almost every industry. The tourism and traveling industry is no exception. They form a new reality that is eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and also remains customer-centered.

Our world is full of exciting and amazing places, nature sometimes gets overwhelming. However, not many people have the option to travel there. Some do not have the financial freedom to do so while others worry about the exhausting experience. Yes, the place is good and worth visiting, however, the accommodation is a problem.

Furthermore, you might have to take long flights to reach there. And when it comes to remote areas, you have to arrange a car or van to reach your destination. Therefore, considering all the inconvenience that you might face on the way, many people choose to stay at home.



Here comes the exciting part, the internet of things. They let you enjoy the same beauty of nature in augmented and virtual reality. So you can enjoy the same things without going through the hassle of long flights and uncomfortable residence.

And if you have a travel company, you should consider this technological innovation. If it is your first time, you can try testing it first. You can learn this now from They let you test the integration, security, usability, and also performance. In addition to this, you can also test the compatibility and reliability. These tests will cover your doubt about this technology.

After tests, you can decide whether it is scalable and reliable or not. It will give you a market advantage over your competitors. IoT uses voice technology, internet service, and wearable to create a realistic environment that is far away from you.

This is how things are changing in the travel industry because of IoT.

1. Virtual reality and augmented reality

VR and AR are quite interesting and attract people of all ages, especially youngsters. At first, they were used in games and they got an amazing response. So what if you use the same technology in the travel industry? People are already using it to boost their sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Through AR and VR, you can check out the hotel rooms where you will be staying. This is better than looking at pictures because they often result in confusion.

In addition to this, travel companies can design their destinations in AR and VR and let the customers experience them. If the experience is worth the try, they can consider going there.

Similarly, they can just offer AR and VR visuals to enjoy at certain charges. This will allow the companies to earn through secondary means. Furthermore, people who cannot afford the traveling charges can still enjoy the mesmerizing beauty.

2. Planning your trip


IoT can help you even before your trip starts. You do not have to visit the traveling company because everything is available online. Find a reliable website online and choose your destination.

Just like that, you can check out hotels in that place and food places. Furthermore, you can also look for local food places and things that you can try eating. Thus, you won’t be completely unaware of things when you go there.

So the internet allows you to do everything while sitting in your home. You will choose your destination, book your flights and your hotel room, and even a car. So when you reach there, everything will be ready. You won’t have to roam around the place to find a place to stay.

3. Improving customer satisfaction

While the internet provides you with suggestions, it also improves itself continuously. For example, you went to a nearby place to eat something. If that place is on Google Maps and you are using the internet, the map will ask you about your experience. Thus, you will give a rating to every place you visit.

This rating system will improve customer satisfaction in the longer run. You will share your experience at a certain place. Similarly, many others will do the same. Thus, after gathering information from different travelers, the map will have its database. This system will give suggestions to new visitors.

So if someone is visiting a place for the first time, he can know about the quality of services and rates. Thus, he can make his decision according to the information he got from previous visitors.

4. Information availability

You can get every information about a place on the internet. Almost every service is available there. So if you are traveling for the first time, you can know what to do at the airport. Furthermore, you can easily find your way to an unknown place.

If your phone battery is going down, you can recharge it. Similarly, you can find a cup of coffee. And then there are e-tags. You can use these reusable e-tags on your bags. This will help you know the location of your bags from anywhere you are.

One of the worst things that happen to travelers is losing their baggage. So with the help of an e-tag, you will be able to find it.

5. Improving the in-flight experience

Another thing that IoT is doing for travelers is improving their traveling experience. A lot of people feel suffocated or afraid when in-plane. Their heart rate changes and so do other parameters. Some people might get an anxiety attack because of their phobia.

However, with the help of sensors, airlines can improve their customer experience. Some airlines use smart sensors in their seats. These sensors monitor heart rate, hydration level, body temperature, and even anxiety levels. If a person is feeling ill, the crew members can take timely measures to prevent a mishap.

In addition to this, it also helps them with emergency measures. For example, if the heart rate of a person surpasses the normal rate and crew members feel the need for an emergency landing, they will be able to do so. Similarly, with the report, they can also analyze what’s wrong with the passenger if he gets a sudden attack.

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