Email Marketing for Hotels – 2024 Guide

While there are some efficient methods that we can use for a proper marketing strategy, especially those linked to the most recent digital technology, email marketing is still a powerful tool for promotion, and it is holding a high position for a long time. Choosing this strategy will provide you with the ability to be in contact with your clients or to get new ones by sending them promotional emails from time to time. Obviously, the easiest way for you would be to hire experts from the AIAD company.

Also, you can combine other marketing tools with this one, like social media, data analyses, insights, and more. You can visit eSputnik to see in which ways can a professional marketing company improve the revenue of your hotel. On the other hand, the main reason why most people are still using e-mail marketing is that around 95% of users are actively using their e-mail accounts. Here are some of the main reasons why this form of promotion is still a great option in 2024.

Engagement With Existing and Potential Guests

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You can get a list of potential guests and send them some materials where you can describe what your hotel has to offer. Also, you can include some promotions like discounts to motivate them to book a room at your resort. On the other hand, you can use this strategy to get in contact with people who were already your guests and show them a sort of appreciation by wishing them Happy New Year, Birthday, or Anniversary, and send them additional promotions that might motivate them to be your guests again. Furthermore, you can use mails to keep in contact with your existing visitors by sending them emails related to booking, arrival, and departure. Between that, you can provide them with some important information like time of lunch, events in the hotel while they are here, and many other things that might improve their experience.

Increase of Return of Investment

Some solutions might bring even more potential clients, but most of them are much more expensive. For example, investing in a strategy that involves social networks can cost you three times more than when you choose email marketing. The main reason for that is that you will have to pay for ads or influencers to promote your hotel over social media. According to the statistics, the average return of the investment made by using this form of marketing $30 for each dollar invested.

Spreading Brand Awareness

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The main point of every type of marketing strategy is to build a strong brand. Sending promotional emails to people is a great way to inform them of some attractive things that they can get, and with various promotions that your hotel is offering. Also, you can send some interesting stories, pictures, and all kinds of content that will inform potential guests what can they expect in case they choose to book a room in your resort. Moreover, you should send more informational emails than promotional ones.

Increased Number of Guests

Most people would make a good search before they decide which hotel to book. Therefore, you can use data from the collection of email, contacts, numbers, and followers on social media, and send a promotional email to all those people. There is a great chance that some of them who are still not sure about which hotel to choose will book a room at your place.

Starting an Email Promotion for Hotel

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The first thing that you need is a proper base of contacts that should be relevant and represents a list of potential clients. Therefore, the best way to get such a list is to create an option for a subscription on your website, where you can easily choose lots of people and send them promotional content. After you build a list, you should try to separate potential clients in some groups according to whether they were already your guests or not. Besides that, you can use factors like some preferences, status, are those people from your country or foreigners, or are there some of them on the list who canceled a booking in the past period.

Moreover, pay attention to the form of an email, and be sure that each one is branded and have an attractive and simplified landing page. The landing page should provide the user with the ability to easily check all important data related to your hotel. You can send them a link to this page over the email. Besides the landing page, you can also include links to some events, social networks, blogs, and more.

Types of E-Mail That Are Relevant for Hotel Marketing

The main point of this strategy is to get people more interested in booking a room in your resort. Therefore, pay attention to every important factor and avoid being too persistent, since sending too many promotions can have a negative effect. When it comes to promo emails, they should include the most important info about some interesting events, refunds, discounts, and more. Furthermore, you can also send content with highlights that should include some unique pictures that will make your hotel different.  Also, informing them about some events, parties, and festivals is also a great solution to having a good email marketing strategy.

There should also be a special chart for a loyalty program, where you can offer discounts, free dinner, tickets to some festivals, and much more, for people who were your guests more than once. Also, having a feedback section is always a great way to find out if there is some way to improve some parts of your business.


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This type of marketing strategy is one of the best that you can choose today. The main benefits are a much smaller investment and the ability to create contact with visitors. Be sure that the content is interesting, and that it will motivate people to check rather than ignoring your mail thinking that it is a spam. You should use all important factors and divide people into groups to get the ability to attract each group in the best way.

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