Thailand Travel Tips: 5 Expert Advice for an Amazing Trip

One of the best places you can visit in the world is Thailand. This amazing country can be seen as a jewel of Asia and for many good reasons. Have you ever been? If you haven’t this couldn’t be a better moment. It s not only a destination that offers plenty to those who love the ocean and surfing. No, it offers much more in terms of cultural and historical heritage. Yes, the water and the beaches are something else, but if you dig just a little bit deeper you’ll be surprised.

Are you convinced yet? Of course, you aren’t. We’re not expecting you to fall in love with Thailand after reading the first paragraph of our article. No, but you will be once you finish reading this article. After you finish your visit you’ll be feeling like this country is a place that you need to visit every year. The best way to fully enjoy this place is to know what to do and where to go. This is what the focus of this article is going to be. We have gathered the experience of many travelers and the wisdom they shared to compile these tips.

Thailand is a mesmerizing place. It offers plenty in so many domains that it’s hard to cover them all. People from all over the world come here to have the time of their life. Now, we don’t want to scare you but there are also things you should avoid. That’s why we are sharing with you these Thailand travel tips. If you focus on what we will write below you are practically guaranteeing yourself a good time. What else can you ask for? Not much! So, please continue reading and see our five expert pieces of advice for an amazing trip.

1. Find a Good Travel Agency


Of course, a good place to start would be finding the right travel agency. A good trip starts here. If you want to ensure that you have the best possible offer, and to have the time of your life, going local is our advice. People who operate in the country will know the best places to visit, where’s the best nightlife, which cities to visit and which to avoid, where are some hidden beaches you need to explore and things like that. Also, they can book you the best hotel, recommend a taxi service or rent-a-car company, and give you a list of things on which to focus during your visit.

Hiring a Thailand travel agency has many advantages and can be a great choice that can make your stay a dream vacation. So, when you’re choosing an agency which to handle your trip, our advice is to go local as that’s the best way to enjoy this country in a manner that it should be explored. In the end, Thailand offers so much, and you do not want to miss a thing. Trust us on this.

2. Plan When to Visit

Thailand is great. But after all, this is an Asian country, and the climate might not be what you’re used to. So, it matters when you’ll visit. Summer in your country and summer in Thailand is not the same thing. If you want to ensure the best possible adventure you should visit during what’s seen as spring in Thailand. This is the period from March to November. But, we’re talking about a vast country, so it matters to which end are you coming.

If we’re talking about the northern area you should focus more on September and October. This is important to know due to the monsoon season which hits the south art of Thai land during this period. The bottom line is that the period from March to November which we mentioned is seen as a season of vacating in this country. Starting with November and up until March is the year when you should avoid visiting this land if you want to have a good time in terms of swimming and summer activities. No, it’s not going to be cold, but the climate might not soothe everyone, and you need to have this in mind.

3. Focus on Cash Payments


When you’re coming to Thailand makes sure you bring enough cash. This is a piece of golden advice. While Europe and America are sued to using cards, in Thailand this is not a custom. No, the entire country operates more on cash. So, if you want to spend some money, enjoy yourself, but have it be convenient you’ll bring cash.

Now, you don’t have to bring cash, as there are plenty of ATMs in this land, but when you visit a bar, a restaurant, or local market cash might be your only option. Also, if you plan to withdraw money in Thailand you must notify your bank. In any other case, they might conclude that you’re being scammed and that your cards are stolen and block your transaction.

4. Honor The Royalty

Yes, this is not Game of Thrones nor the Crown, but you need to respect the Royal family of Thailand. People over there love their leader, the king. You need to be careful not to offend anyone by talking disrespectfully about their ruler. King’s face will be all over the place, so be careful when you ask why they love him so much. Don’t be negative is all we ask. Also, make sure that you respect the people and their customs.

Always wear light shoes that you can easily take off as you’ll be required to do this if you try to enter some of their temples and holy places. Also, avoid touching anyone’s head. You probably won’t do this, but touching someone’s head in Thailand is an offensive movement.


5. Eat The Street Food

For some people, street food is taboo. They don’t like it and have prejudice about its taste and quality. But, when it comes to Thailand you must try their street food. It is a must! Yes, the food over there is delicious. It is one of the best street foods in the world. The best part is that it was cheap. So, for a portion of your budget, you’ll be able to have a street meal each day and enjoy your senses to the fullest.

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