15 Facts About Fiji You Need To Know Before Visiting The Beautiful Paradise on Earth.

Fiji National Flag

Fiji means “hello”. It’s officially known as the Republic of Fiji. It is one of the best holiday destinations for travellers. Fiji has a chain of exotic beaches along with breathtaking white sand beaches. It has around 333 tropical islands in the heart of the South Pacific. It is known for its exceptional landscape beauty and unforgettable experience provided by the beautiful people of the country. They are known for their genuine smiles and greetings. The beautiful destination is also known for its warm climate and relaxed island atmosphere. The largest population of the country lives in urban areas.

The reason the place stands out because of the facts that it has a well-established tourism industry which attracts the biggest names in the celebrity world today. It a place full of luxurious private islands, top spa’s, resorts and loads of outdoor adventure. Other things that make this place stands out is the culture which is unique in that any visitor will be fascinated. There are white sand beaches and ocean waters that make it the best location for a vacation with family. Now, let me tell you 10 facts about Fiji you Need to Know before visiting the beautiful paradise on Earth.

Facts About Fiji

1. Fijians are the friendliest people on Earth. They are very good-natured and friendly. You will receive a friendly greeting and genuine smiles all over the country.

2. Fiji is a nation made up of many islands. It has around 333 islands and these group of islands make a country Fiji. Most of the islands have mountains and they have adequate rainfall that makes it landscape even more beautiful.

3. About 40% of Fiji’s population is comprised of Indo-Fijians and Indians. Most of the Indians are labourer’s descendants.

4. Laucala is the island to visit if you want luxury to the maximum. Launcala is the place you want to be and it has been able to attract rich and famous figures from all over the world. It has many exclusive resorts and many celebrities have been there. This is a private island whose owner if Dietrich Mateschitz’s. It has around 25 luxurious villas.

5. Most if Fiji is called native land. Around 80% of the country land is called native land and its ownership is in hand of village groups. About 10% of the native land can be leased, purchased, or transferred. If you are a no residence there is a restriction on the size of the land you can own.

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6. Fijians have a national and traditional drink. The traditional drink servers a national drink too and it is called yaqona or simply grow in Fiji. It has some medical qualities that help with the common cold, headaches, insomnia, stress, and engity.

7. The greatest culture of the country is experienced within the villages. If you want to appreciate how great the culture is then you should visit villages. The villages are beautiful and every village has a community centre as well as a leader for each one. You need to remember to bring kava gifts either in powder or root form to make a presentation to the chief in the welcoming ceremony. One of the cultural facts about Fiji.

8. The most popular sport in Fiji is Rugby. You will notice that Rugby is important in Fiji. The team sport has its origins in England. This is a country that is believed to have a very high player population ratio compared to other rugby playing nations.

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9. Fijians have perfected the art of walking on smoldering hot stones while they are barefoot. This is a practice that is started around 500 years ago on the Beqa island by the Sawau tribe. One of the traditional facts about Fiji.

10. Fiji water actually comes from Fiji. Fiji water is a very popular brand and it is one of the finest waters on Earth. What you didn’t know is the fact that actually comes from Fiji. In other countries, water is super expensive but here it actually incredibly cheap.

11. Fijian war chief named Ratu Udre Udre was the most active cannibal in history. He has eaten approximately 872 and 999 people during his lifetime

12. Fiji was additionally known as the “soft coral capital of the world,” because it has 4,000 square miles of coral reef housing over 1,000 species of fish and hence one of the ideal spots for snorkeling and diving.

13. Touching another person’s head is considered as an insult in Fiji.

14. In total, 59% of Fiji’s population has electricity.

15. Viti Levu and Vanua Levu are the two largest islands of Fiji and between these two islands is known as the Koro Sea.

These are the facts about Fiji. Do post your comments.

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