15 Unusual and Interesting Facts About Hawaii

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Hawaii is an isolated state which is located in the central Pacific. Everyone has a plan to visit the beautiful island once in their lifetime. The island fresh air will energize you from the bottom. The islands beautiful landscape and breathtaking view of the natural beauty will renew you and your thoughts. There are many facts about the beautiful island that you don’t know. Let me give you a few examples, Hawaii is home to the happy face spider. How about this? Hawaii is the only US state that doesn’t have a straight line in its border. This is also the only state which has honoured a monarch. The King Kamehameha Day is celebrated on 11 June. He is known for uniting the islands. There are much more facts about the island that you don’t know. So, here are 10 unusual and interesting facts about the beautiful state.

Facts About Hawaii

1. The total population is considered as a minority. The maximum population is of mixed ethnicity.

2. The islands only have two native mammals named the monk seal and the hoary bat.

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3. The eastern side of the wide island gets maximum rain whereas the western side gets almost nothing.

4. The rainiest place on earth is in Hawaii. It is Mt. Waialeale on Kauai. It usually gets 476 inches of rain every year.

5. Snakes can be found only on zoos rest all places they are illegal.

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6. It is the only state in the United States that grows coffee, cacao, and vanilla beans.

7. The United States doesn’t have an official language but Hawaii has two English and Hawaiian.

8. The Big Island grows by 42 acres every year due to constant volcanic activity.

9. It has its own time zone.

10. It has the highest life expectancy in the US at 81.3 years.

11. The only state with an increasing land area because of continuous volcanic eruptions.

12. Hawaii is the southernmost state in the United States is Hawaii.

13. The Shark is considered as a God by the Hawaiians and they treat them with great respect.

14. The Hawaii state has lost many more endangered species than any other state in the United States. Approximately all native birds of the state are on verge of extinction.

15. Its is the youngest state of the United States since it was entered on August 21, 1959.

Source: 50 States

These are the Facts About Hawaii. Do post your comments.

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