How A Fence App Can Simplify Projects

Have you heard about the advantages of a fence app but aren’t quite persuaded that it’s right for you? Fencing pros must take every step feasible to enhance their share of a nearly $30 billion per year global market.

Your time and effort are needed for administration and communication throughout fence construction. These duties can be swiftly streamlined with the appropriate fencing equipment and good fence estimating software. Your business will benefit from time and money savings, increased job correctness, and customer happiness.

Top Benefits of Fence App


The organization is the key to a successful fencing business. With fence software, you can manage all aspects of your business from one simple-to-use tool, including customers, inventory, invoices, and more. It will be simpler to stay organized, get paid on time, and maintain relationships with your clients if everything is in one location. Numerous businesses provide fence software solutions, so you should be sure to select the one that works best for your business.

When evaluating possibilities, consider pricing ranges, function availability, and simplicity of use. You want something affordable, has a straightforward user interface, and still has all the necessary functionality.

Before selecting a course of action, ensure that it is within your present means and that there are no unforeseen charges for maintenance or upgrades.

1. Simple, quick estimates

You can land more projects and wow your fence customers with quick, precise, and thorough quotes. With fencing software, estimate output happens quickly. Not sure how to estimate the cost of a fence? Looking for a breakdown of how to bid on a fence job properly?

Making quick, accurate estimates will convey the right message. Perhaps you can check to more details. You’ll not only win over your client’s favor, but you’ll also enhance your reputation as a top-tier professional in the area.

2. Easy Billing and Quicker Payment Collection

Additionally, a fencing app will expedite money collecting and invoicing. After your projects, anticipate speedier payouts. You may generate electronic invoices using many fence apps.

Some apps even enable clients to pay you right from the invoice, simplifying your collecting process.

Consider how much time and comfort you’ll have when you don’t have to ask someone for money physically. Your phone’s user-friendly software handles it for you!

3. Take, Save, and Share Workplace Pictures

For qualified fence installers, like Sidepost, photos are an essential tool. You, your crew leaders, and a fence contractor app can:

  • Take pictures and add notes.
  • Add photos to the project.
  • Show the group your images.
  • Clarification and detailed, visual communication help to reduce confusion and workplace errors.

Photos also significantly improve your client interactions because they let you highlight potential issues and display before and after shots.

4. Team Leadership

In a single app, your teams will be updated with shared calendars, annotated pictures, and project information. And effective communication is beneficial for any endeavor.

The status of each project will be available at the touch of a finger, and each crew member will be aware of their exact location and daily responsibilities.

If a problem arises, you may rapidly reach out to all parties involved and acquire a complete picture of the scenario.

Top Trending Fence Apps To Employ

The features that various kinds of fence software solutions can offer can vary, including financial tracking, client relationship management, and inventory management. A full-service system is probably preferable if you want to send out client newsletters and invoices and keep track of sales, profits, and project costs.

A standalone program might be adequate if you want to reduce features that don’t apply to your needs to save money. In either case, it’s essential to consider if you’ll require access from desktop or mobile devices and the degree of customization possibilities so that your company meets your taste.

1. True Fence


This app, which can be purchased separately or as a bundle with many other business tools, is made to assist fence contractors in creating quotes.

Users of this software require a computer or tablet, and it runs through a web browser rather than a standalone app. To use this fence program, you’ll need an internet connection.

While TRUE Fence is a vital tool, it becomes a crucial resource for your company when used in conjunction with the other TRUE products. There is other comprehensive software to manage every aspect of your contracting-based firm. You can quickly create a clean drawing, detailed and precise material breakdown, and proposals with a button at TRUE Fence. The goal of TRUE Fence and TRUE Contractor Software is to close the technological gap in the fence sector while giving you complete control over the procedure. All you require is a computer or tablet with a web browser.

2. JobNimbus

The best fence builder software is offered by JobNimbus, which also gives immediate information about your supplies and goods. You can combine JobNimbus with your other apps to make your projects run more smoothly. The app is accessible on desktops, iOS, and Android.

Once a job is finished, most fence companies send an invoice to their clients through email. When issuing an invoice, the process frequently starts with downloading the invoice from the billing software, uploading it to an email, locating the customer’s email address, and writing the email.

Once a job is identified as “complete,” an invoice can be generated and sent to the client using JobNimbus automation.

Want to avoid using pre-made automation? No issue! You have the freedom to develop the automation you require with JobNimbus. This top fence software not only gives you versatility but also supports a group of support specialists happy to assist you in setting up useful automation for your fence business. If you experience any issues with automation, our support staff is here to help you through the best fixes.

3. Joist


Professionals can make estimates and invoices, collect payments, and manage projects while on the go, thanks to this fence program. They have a commercial version called Joist Elite Pro, but neither iOS nor desktop supports it.

You may now determine if a fence app is perfect after seeing why you require one for your company and a few available possibilities.

You must have come across the app Joist if you’ve ever searched for an estimating and billing tool for contractors. It is a web-based and mobile application that aids contractors in generating quotes and invoices.

Despite being a well-known program, it has flaws, much like everything else. For instance, it became apparent from reading reviews of the Joist app that many of the registered users and potential customers are turned off by the fact that the app was once free for contractors but has since started to charge a monthly subscription for the same service.

4. InvoiceOwl

This program is designed for contractors, whether you work in plumbing, HVAC, roofing, construction, or general contracting.

You can quickly produce estimates and invoices using InvoiceOwl from any location. Your data is accessible from a tablet, smartphone, or laptop. This eliminates the need to run back to the office and allows you to make estimates on the spot.

InvoiceOwl lets you complete all estimating and invoicing tasks—such as client data input, report generation, and tax calculation—in half the time if you frequently find yourself spending a lot of time on them.

Simply choosing the client and the item from a drop-down list enables you to fill in all the necessary information, including the client’s details, the item’s description, and the prices.

Sections are one of the characteristics that set it apart. By grouping the products into many categories, this invoicing software enables you to make invoices and estimations that are simple to grasp.

InvoiceOwl can assist you with purchase orders, credit notes, automated receipt production, and estimates and invoices.

A Few Factors That Could Affect Your Fencing Price Include


Expectations for pay

The hourly salary rate frequently fluctuates. Therefore, reviewing your pricing approach needs to be modified.

The Economy

The inflation rate, which can quickly impact your economy, is a critical consideration in changing your price.


Your firm won’t grow if you maintain the same price structure while your competitors charge exorbitant prices. So, continue to research the pricing structure of the market.

Some resources will only occasionally be accessible. It has to be ordered, which could be more expensive. Therefore, include this expense in the bill as well.

You could occasionally need to compute the estimate on the spot or in front of the client and produce flawless invoices. But because we are imperfect beings, it takes us a long time to compute and curate invoices.

When Should Your Fencing Service Pricing Be Reviewed?

Initially, you might set a fixed price and save time by not creating bids for every project. However, as your firm grows over time, you will need to review your pricing for fencing services.

It is advised that you take notes at each employment location, arrange them, and use the notes as a resource for your future position.


Some customers may find the fence installation more enticing if the price is lower. However, it can be interpreted as inexpensive value by some. Therefore, giving too low of a quote will seriously hinder your capacity to grow your fencing company.

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