Finding a Pad Along the Potomac

The Potomac is a major part of American history, pushing back longer than this country has even existed. So, if you’re curious about what a move to the East could mean for you and your family, you’re not alone! Unfortunately, house shopping can be hard to do since nearly everything is expensive in waterside areas.

Here are the top things to consider when shopping for a place along the Potomac!

Consider How Much Space You Need


Do you want a lot of space? By this, it’s important to consider whether you wish acres upon acres of land or if you think that an apartment would be large enough. If you opt for the second choice, you can find more at Land means maintenance, whether it’s inside or outside, and a higher cost. Do you only need one room, two or more? Be honest with yourself whether you think you’ll face any large life changes like children within the next ten years. If you’re an empty nester or simply don’t want children, you may be looking for less space. It’s okay to be clear on your intentions, so you don’t look for many properties that don’t suit you.

What’s Your Budget?

How much are you willing to spend? Although you may be quoted a budget by your lender, you should avoid spending it to its full limits when it’s time to buy a house. On the other hand, your budget shouldn’t be too conservative either, since most homes in Virginia cost between $200,000 to $400,000. Although, of course, you can find properties more and less expensive than this, this average gives you a good base to work off of.

If you can’t afford this yet, it may be a good idea to wait a year or two so you can save up for a down payment, you can work on your credit score, and possibly make a better property a more affordable reality for yourself.

Keep in mind that location plays an important role in prices. Downtown real estate is almost double expensive as the suburbs.



This is a very important item when it comes to the place of residence. Inquire about the neighborhood, whether there have been burglaries and thefts in the recent past, whether the area is good for children, whether there is a school nearby, how far you are from work, whether there are a post office, bank, supermarket, and others nearby institutions that are important to you.

Does Beach Access Matter To You?

Although beach access is nice to most people, it’s also more expensive and harder to find. Consider how close to the beaches you want to be, and if that even matters to you. Some would prefer a more central area to enjoy lower prices and take an occasional drive to the beach. This is more cost-effective while still allowing you to ensure your vacations are on warm sandy beaches.

What kind of apartment do you need?


The essence is that the apartment you buy is comfortable and functional. First, pay attention to the functional organization of the rooms in the apartment (arrangement of rooms in relation to each other, the possibility of partitioning, or reorganization, if there is a later need, etc.). The other thing that is important is the orientation, namely the orientation of the apartment in relation to the sides of the world, and the orientation of the building in relation to the street or other buildings. Orientation in relation to the sides of the world, although it seems naive, is very important. Especially with small apartments.

If you want your apartment to be lit most of the day, choose south, southwest, or southeast. In case the apartment is oriented east, it will have a wonderful morning light in the summer, and it will be in the shade in the afternoon. An apartment facing west will have a lot of light in the afternoon in summer, and in winter it will be warmer than one facing east.

Documentation check

You have found an apartment or house that is just to your liking. However, before you decide to buy it, it is necessary to check all the documents related to the property. Check to see if the property has changed owners before. If so, ask the current one for a certified sales contract and make a photocopy of that contract. There is a possibility that the current owner inherited the apartment or house or got it through a lifetime alimony contract. Always insist that you find out how the owner came into possession of the property and check that these documents are properly signed and notarized by a lawyer and notary.

The property can be owned by someone even if it is not legally built, so pay attention to all documentation. In case you are not familiar with these documents, you should definitely hire a professional to perform the check for you.

What Type of Entertainment Do You Want to Be Near?


There are endless types of entertainment in Virginia. You can go spelunking in the Virginian caves, enjoy running on the beach, or even go to one of the many live concerts and performances that the cities offer. Consider what forms of entertainment speak the loudest to you and where you can find that the easiest. If you enjoy movies the best, you may want to be in an area with theaters that match what you’re looking for: and that’s okay! Being near a source of entertainment means you’ll be more likely to go out of your way to enjoy it and relax. This is something we should all incorporate more into our lives.

Final thoughts

Buying a property is a decision that involves a large amount of money and it is very important that you do not rush with the purchase. Take the time to buy a property and make a final decision. This is one of the investments that you should not rush with and that happens to most people once in a lifetime.

Once you’ve figured out your budget, looked at how many apartments you need, and figured out where you want to live: you can start to look at apartments and houses!

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