How Many Days Should Your First Disney World Trip Be

Going to Disney World is the dream of many people and they save for the trip for years. It is a proper vacation that requires a book in flight tickets, reaching the location, finding out accommodation, and planning what to visit and what to leave out. If anyone is going there for the first time, it is easy to find the right duration based on multiple factors.

The budget and the free time both are reliant on the time duration of the trip. There is no right answer for it because some people might enjoy a shorter duration while others would like to stay for 10 to 15 days. In the article, we will be looking at different scenarios of going around Disney World and having the time of your life.

The Long Weekend


This is the most obvious option for anyone not having enough time on their hands. A long weekend comprises 2 to 3 days which usually includes Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The defining feature of this time period is that everything will be packed in a few days. A long weekend basically includes the drive from your home to the location and looking at attractions close to the resort hotel.

Since time is scarce you will obviously not be able to visit the entire attraction. The focus here becomes a particular theme park. You can prioritize a particular theme park or even the resort where you are staying. Since one only has about 2 to 3 days it is important to plan everything ahead and stick to it without exceeding the time limit for any major attraction.

The best part about the trio is that it suits anyone with a smaller budget while making the experience memorable. If you are tired of spending time at the office and want to have a change of pace albeit for only 2 to 3 days, this is the perfect way to visit Disney World for the first time.

For Theme Parks

If the priority is going around theme parks the best idea is to make a trip for five nights and 4 days. There is no shortage of theme parks in Disney World which is exactly why spending at least four days is important to explore each Park. 4 days are more than enough to explore and you can even squeeze in other activities if you plan closely.

If you are a careful planner, you can easily explode theme parts and go on rides without any problems. Consult any travel website and they will tell you that the Epcot Center, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios can be covered in a few hours each. We are going with a four-day and five-night stay because an extra night helps in catching up on sleep.

The best bet here is to make the trip during the week from Sunday night to Thursday night. This will leave Friday for commuting and the weekend for resting. Booking the resort for this duration will also be easier as you will be able to get good value for the entire duration. Disney Guides can help you out while planning a good trip, so make sure to find good advice with ParkSavers.

Complete Extravaganza


There is a possibility that you might be tired of constant activity in 4 to 5 days. It is very important to space things out and take your time in exploring a place according to your convenience. We recommend going for an entire week if you can plan it out. It is especially recommended for anyone going with their family and who wants to have more fun rather than the pressure of visiting most places in a limited period of time.

We call it an extravaganza but it can also be an opportunity to rest and truly experience things the way you want to. The itinerary should cover major places while leaving enough time to explore things on your own. If you arrive on Sunday night the following days will be spent at different theme parks.

The resort has a good interior where you can rest for one day before resuming rides and activities for the next 3 days. One can also choose to rest at the resort and not visit the theme parks so that when they reach home, they do not feel as tired. If you are one of those people who like adventure whenever you step out then you can pack your itinerary with different activities based on your interest.

Factor in the transportation and other issues that may take a lot of time. On a first Disney World trip, you would want to explore everything as much as possible. It is essential to choose wisely and plan everything ahead of time.

Double Digits


The best and probably the most expensive way of making the first trip to Disney World is by booking things for 10 to 15 days. This is a proper long vacation that would need planning and saving. The Walt Disney World tour includes theme parks, resorts, restaurants, and water parks.

If you want to explore everything there is to see we will recommend going with double digits. 10 to 15 days are more than enough to spend time with your family or friend group while visiting Disney World. There might be certain things you want to do and other things your companions want to try out. All the things can be covered if you have enough time on your hand to do so.

The Takeaway

There is no right way to determine how many days are appropriate for having a Disney World trip. Having fun in a new place is a very subjected experience so some people might enjoy 2 to 5 days while others would like 15 days. The duration also depends on whether one is visiting alone, with a single person, or with a family or big friend group. Just remember to have fun!

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