How many Bathing Suits is Too Many for a Vacation?

Travelling has never been more accessible to us than it is today. With low-cost flights and great hotel deals, you can go anywhere around the world for a low price. We all need a break at some point from school or work, so we pick travel as the best way to escape from everyday routine.

Do you feel like the current global situation we’re all in has kept you locked up for too long? It’s time to change that and give yourself a little break. The summer season is knocking at the door and we’re already excited because of it. If you’re planning a trip to the tropics, you want to spend time on long sandy beaches, you will have to take care about what kind of luggage and how much you need to carry with you. When planning summer vacation one of the first questions we ask ourselves is how many bathing suits are too much for a vacation? So, let’s consider some options together!


How much luggage do you carry?

There is no special figure that would suit all of us when it comes to the number of clothes or in this case the swimsuits we need. However, there are solutions for that as well. Before answering this question, we should consider a couple of situations to come to a valid solution. One of these opinions concerns luggage.

If you want to wear only a carry-on bag, you’re aware that the number of swimsuits you need will be much smaller. In this case, we advise you to bring a maximum of 3 swimwear. You’re probably asking yourself how am I going to spend a seven-day vacation with three bikinis? No worries, it’s an ideal and sufficient amount of swimwear for your vacation. In case of any unexpected situation, you are ready to face it. Your swimsuit hasn’t dried yet and you’re late for the beach? One of them got torn and you have to throw it away? No problem, you have a spare pair and you can relax. Also, this amount doesn’t take up much space in your luggage, so there will be room for other necessary things.

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However, if you carry a suitcase and stay longer on vacation, you can increase the number of swimsuits. To make sure that your laundry will always be clean, our advice is to set aside some space for detergent, so that you would be ready for any situation. Either way, when you bring a good mood with you, you won’t be worried and you’ll be able to enjoy every minute of your vacation.

Modern look even on the beach

When you imagine summer vacation and long beach walking, which destination do you think of first? The beautiful island of Bali in the Far East or maybe the Bahamas? Whatever thought went through your head first, I’m sure you’ve imagined yourself in a gorgeous bikini that perfectly suits you while you’re walking the sandy beach and listening to the sound of the waves. Both men and women need to look beautiful and stylish, even on the beach.

Talking about fashion has become a part of our daily lives. We want to fit into current trends, whether we go to the supermarket or come to the beach to soak up some solar energy. Fashion designers are paying more and more attention to designing swimsuits, so now we have a huge offer of them. There is an increasing number of people who are interested in fashion, so when it comes to swimwear, we want to have the one that suits us best. We have a few tips for that too!

lady on the beach


I guess you want to wear more different swimsuits so you don’t have the same outfit on the beach every day. Instead of carrying too much kind of stuff with you, we have a solution on how to go well with the 3-swimwear mentioned above.

If you are a bikini lover, mixing the tops and bottom part can be fun and still look great! This will allow you to look different every day and yet interesting and unique.

Dark colors are ideal for people who would like to hide some excess on their bodies. The black color makes us all a lot thinner, so for some of you, it may be the right choice. If you don’t have flaws in your body or weight, then bright, coral colors can be the right call!

As for the swimsuit print, it can also make some novelties in your look. A simple print like zebra stripes or horizontal lines could widen your hips or enlarges your breasts. You get the opposite effect with vertical lines, which can visually narrow you.

How to make the right choice of swimwear?


It’s time for a new swimsuit!

A lot of us like to change our swimsuit from season to season, and that’s totally okay. We don’t like last year’s or it’s out of fashion so we decide to buy a new one. There are many lingerie boutiques whose offer may surprise you. Now online shopping has made things a lot easier for us, so websites like seem like the right choice!

Take your best bikini on vacation!

I’m sure you are one of many people who travels a lot and loves new adventures. But like everyone else, how many times have you brought 5 pairs of swimsuits and ended up using only 2? Don’t bother with unnecessary things. Take with you the bikini that suits you best and in whom you feel most comfortable. If it brings a smile to your face when you look yourself in the mirror, that’s the one!


Customize your swimsuit with the activities you are planning!

Are you planning to surf in Hawaii this summer or to visit the Underwater Museum in Cancun? Whatever idea you have for your trip this season, you need to prepare yourself according to the desired activities. If diving is your hobby, then a one-piece swimsuit sounds like an ideal choice. If you want to enjoy the sun on a yacht, a bikini would be more than great for you.

I wonder if the plans for your vacation seem much simpler now? Write down on a piece of paper the tourist places you would like to visit in the next 10 years and start fulfilling your wishes. Be yourself in the first place and set aside time and money for travel at least once a year. Be one of those who will remember your summer vacation for a long time and retell it to friends and family.

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