Most Scenic Motor Biking Routes in Europe

It is rightly said that there is no better way to enjoy the beauties of nature than from the seat of a saddle. No wonder, adventure motorbiking has caught the whims and fancy of many a bike addict in the last decade.

There are thousands of scenic roads around the world, but without doubt the maximum thrills and twists can be enjoyed on full throttle only on these classic motorbiking roads of Europe-and that too with an epic landscape to boot.

Before you set off

Keep these tips and tricks in mind for a safe and successful trip around Europe as some countries have different rules than the others:

  • Passport

For crossing borders and checking in at the campsites/hotels.

  • Registration documents

All EU countries require that you keep the original vehicle registration documents on you during the period of travel.

  • Motorcycle insurance

Check with your insurance service provider that you have insurance cover to travel within the EU. Ask for details as to what happens in case of theft or breakdown during the trip. Before you go, check what your bike insurance covers and what it does not cover. Short term pay as you go insurance plans are ideal for travels. Click here for more details on that.

  • Tie downs

These are especially handy during ferry crossings to keep your vehicle stable and secure.

#1 Stelvio Pass, Italy

Gomagoi to Bormio (24 miles)


Rising to an altitude of 2757m, the Stelvio Pass is the highest paved mountain pass located in the Eastern Alps. Tailored for motorbiking, there are as many as 48 hair-raising bends and some great views to be had from the northern side.

#2 Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

Kinsale to Londonderry (1553 miles)


Said to be the longest coastal route in the world, the Wild Atlantic Way is a dream motorbiking route for those looking for an adventure journey much closer to home. This popular road passes through three provinces and nine counties all with spectacular scenery on the way.

#3 The Amalfi Coast Road, Italy

Naples to Salerno (95 miles)


Once you have left the crazy traffic of Naples, you can easily loose yourself on this crazy stretch of road carved into the cliffside connecting some of the most beautiful towns of southern Italy. This road of a thousand bends has the mountain on one side and the blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea on the other. Take time out to visit the Isle of Capri

#4 Cat & Fiddle Run, England

Macclesfield to Buxton(11.5 miles)


Classified as one of the best motorbikes run of UK, this road is named after the iconic Cat & Fiddle Pub where hundreds of bikers stop for a break after tackling one of Europe’s most dangerous road. The six mile stretch in the Peak District, especially is the most notorious. To be covered only when fully prepared.

#5 Verdon Gorge, France

Cheval Blanc to Verdon Gorge(205 miles)


This area is a true motorbiking experience across miles and miles of cross country trails over the picturesque Provencal landscape. You will come across a lot of motorbikes on this well-known route during summers. Plenty of accommodation available in the pretty villages near Sainte Croix Lake.

#6 Trollstigen, Norway

County road 63 to Valldal (34 miles)


Possibly the craziest of all roads in Norway, the Trollstigen is built laterally into a mountain side. Said to be one of the 24 th most dangerous roads in the world with 11 hairpin bends up the steep side of the mountain, a nine degree descent and breathtaking scenery from the top.

#7 Icelandic Ring Road

Reykjavik to Reykjavik (828 miles)


This Ring Road challenging motorbike trip will take you around Iceland on Route 1. For the intrepid motorcycle rider, the country’s treasures like volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls and icebergs are some of the great sights you will come across. A minimum of seven days is recommended to explore the remote villages for the trip of a lifetime.

#8 Fjordland, Norway

Bergen to Andalsnes (280 miles)


If you are ready to hop on and off the inevitable ferry trips, this lovely stretch of road in the land of the Vikings is worth getting to discover on your bike. The trip takes you to Naerlandsford, the longest and deepest fjord in the world. You will need to drop gears before Belstrand until you zig zag your way crazily till you reach Andalsnes.

#9 Sardinia Eastern Coast, Italy

Olbia to Tortoli (108 miles)


The countryside of Sardinia is packed with great roads just begging to be ridden on a motorcycle on one of the best road surfaces in Europe. Rewards enroute will include sleepy villages, remnants of ancient civilization and a host of local restaurants serving food and drink of the highest quality.

#10 Navacerrada Mountains, Spain

Madrid to Segovia (85 miles)


Another popular route proposed by many motorbike riders, this road leaves Madrid on M-607 and is a perfect ride between impressive forests before it ends on CL-601 at Segovia.The asphalt is good, there are lots of curves and the landscape is breathtaking, with the famous Puerto de la Cruz Verde an obligatory stop for all riders as different routes converge here.

#11 E65, Croatia

Senj to Prizna (29.8 miles)


If you are looking for the perfect sea-sky combination, look no further than the stunning Adriatic coast of Croatia for a exhilarating motorbike ride. You may find the E65 clogged during the peak season, but apart from that and the seasonal strong sea winds, you should have no issues.

#12 Furka Pass, Switzerland

Canton of Valley to Uri (35 miles)


A ride across the Alps is the dream of every motorbike rider. Of all the roads across this region, the iconic Furka Pass is the most sought after as it is known for its sharp twists and turns at a high elevation of 2431m. Apart from the panoramic views, the experience of crossing the Rhone Glacier is like no other. It is definitely worth a stop at the restaurant which sits overlooking the great river. Just avoid the peak season of June and July.

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