5 Tips for First-Time Mothers Traveling with Infants

Being a parent is tough, there is hardly anyone denying that fact. As rewarding and magical as it may be and as much fun you may be having with your baby, it is undeniably challenging and difficult to do it. That is however okay as it is not supposed to be easy. Being responsible for someone in that sense is new and unfamiliar.

You may have taken care of your younger siblings before, you may have babysitted children when you were younger, and you probably had pets before. Being a parent is way more complex than any of those and you get to do it for life. You never stop being a parent, but the majority of the challenges do happen within the first couple of years when the child is still an infant.

First-time mothers far and wide have so many questions about parenthood and there can never be enough help coming their way. Any sort of advice is useful especially when it comes from parents who have already brought up a child or two and have gone through the same types of challenges. However, you do not have to wait for others to pave the way and then follow suit. Not at all, as there can always be sound advice available around you, like this article we have in store for you.

Right here and now we tackle one of the less talked about issues of early parenthood, that of traveling with your baby. For any and all first-time mothers out there who are planning a trip, we have you covered. Read along to learn about the most useful tips for fresh new moms who are traveling with their infants. For even more information about this, be sure to check out Motherhood Community.


1. No Need for Airplane Tickets

The majority of major and minor airlines, if not all of them, have a rule for mothers with children that clearly states the infant does not need a ticked. You do not need to book a seat for your baby if he or she is under 2 years of age. This is usually called a lap child, lap infant, infant in arms, or baby in arms.

Your little one can sit on your lap during the entire flight for free meaning you do not have to stress about an extra ticket nor save up more money for it. There could be some minor fees involved but that certainly does not come close to a full ticket. The most important thing here is for you to prove that your child is indeed under 2, so bring a copy of their birth certificate as proof.

2. Bring a Baby Seat

While tickets are not necessary, some kind of a baby seat is recommended for your infant to be able to fly comfortably. The safest option would be to bring your car seat, which we assume you already have. According to most airline rules, the baby should be strapped too and that cannot happen with them in your lap. A seat is a much more viable option.

However, for this to work, you will need to book that extra seat after all. You cannot have a seat on you, only your baby. If you need to have a free lap during the flight and do some work, if you are traveling without your partner, or if the baby is usually uneasy and takes a while to be calm, a baby seat strapped to a regular seat may be the best option. The seat type and size have to be FAA approved.

3. Check the Airline Policies

Different airlines have different sets of rules, programs, benefits, and restrictions. When you are bringing your infant with you on a flight you need to make sure to check their policies so as not to be surprised. You need to be ready for everything so read what bringing a baby is typically like on their flights, what they recommend you bring, and what you cannot check at the gate.


4. Pack Everything

Here is a tip that we believe most of you care about the most. Bringing all the necessary stuff with you as a parent is often stressful because you can never be sure if you brought everything and enough of it. For traveling with an infant, especially by plane, you need plenty of diapers and wipes in your carry-on luggage.

Prepping kits at home and placing them together will save you so much time and effort while changing diapers during the travel. Your infant’s sleeping stuff is also important. The pacifier, sleep sack, swaddle, blanket… whatever you typically use at home you will also need while traveling, be it a car, a train, or a plane.

A first-aid kit for your baby is also necessary, so make sure to pack a thermometer, baby nail clippers, bandages, a nasal aspirator, sanitizer wipes, and some pain reliever. If the baby has started eating solid food, bring enough snacks. If not, bring whatever the baby is eating at home.

An empty water bottle you will fill up after the security check is a must if your infant is old enough to drink water. If you are nursing, you will need snacks and water too, apart from any other equipment you use. Breastmilk, pumps, baby formula, and anything else along these lines should be in a separate bag so that you can show the security.


5. Skipping the Stroller?

A lot of parents do not like to bring the entire stroller with them on their trip because it takes a lot of space and limits how much luggage you can bring. This can be a big problem on flights too. Therefore, they only bring a carrier and leave the stroller at home.

However, this means that you will always have to carry your baby, either on your persona or in the carrier. That can be exhausting during the whole trip and it may cause you certain problems. If you can, always bring the stroller with you. They are useful in the airport both before you take off and when you land. You will have a place to set the baby down when needed and it is their favorite place to sneak in an extra nap so that you have some more peace and quiet!

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