Want to Fly in Style and Save Some Money? Read These 6 Tips

The affordability of air travel is one of the great wonders of the modern world. Today, the cost of a flight is within reach of most people, meaning the average person can soar through the sky in ways that ancient kings and queens never could.

However, the costs of travel are rising as airlines and other related companies try to recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Vacations could be pricey before, so having a few cost-saving tips was always welcome. Travel hacks should be even more appreciated as people are hungrier than ever to getaway.

Please keep reading for some helpful ways to save money on your next trip while still traveling in style.

1. Drive Yourself to the Airport


Historically, vacations begin to get expensive before you even reach the airport. That’s not true any longer. Companies like OneStopParking let travelers enjoy the comfort and familiarity of driving their own vehicle to the airport without having to pay such notoriously high rates to park there.

Such an approach lets travelers avoid the costs of taking a cab or Uber, which tend to charge more to go to and from the airport. All you need to do is go online and reserve a parking spot at a lot adjacent to the airport.

When you arrive, you’ll show the attendant your reservation. Park your car and take the free shuttle to your terminal. Make sure to hold onto your reservation for the way home, and that’s it! Such a new model liberates travelers from relying on other drivers, who aren’t always punctual or good at driving.

Listen to your own music on your own time as you head to the airport, and save big money on parking too.

2. Pack with a Strategy in Mind

Packing isn’t only about bringing what you need and leaving behind what you don’t. If you can manage to fit everything required for your travels in your carry-on luggage, you can sidestep the fees associated with checking-in bags.

However, this approach won’t work if you need to transport a prohibited item, which isn’t allowed to be carried on the plane and must be checked in. Traveling light has other advantages, too.

You’ll be able to deboard the plane immediately and skip the luggage carousel altogether so you can start your trip sooner. You also deprive the airlines of the chance to send your bags to the wrong city accidentally.

3. Bring What You Need to Eat and Stay Entertained


Sure, airports sell everything most people need on a flight. They’re hoping you forget to pack it from home, so they jack up the prices because they know people stranded at the airport have nowhere else to make a purchase.

Save yourself the extra expenses by ensuring you bring from home anything you’ll want to stay comfortable, entertained, and stave off hunger. Nobody knows what you like to eat better than you do!

Bringing your own snacks or meals allows you to control portion size, nutrition, flavor preferences, and allergies. You’ll eat better and save money.

If you’re on a long flight and you decide to bring your own food, it’s wise to pack food that can be eaten discreetly without making a huge mess or smelling too strong.

4. Dress Smartly

Clothes used to be either comfortable or smart-looking, but there was a divide. You couldn’t wear loungewear designed to be comfortable to a restaurant or business meeting. However, travel clothing has undergone a modern paradigm shift combining functionality and style.

Today, you can find clothes made for men and women that you can wear proudly on the town or in professional contexts, and they’re so comfortable you’ll never want to take them off. Pants that look like slacks stretch, so they’re extremely cozy rather than stiff or starched.

Impressively, some of them even have secret pockets designed to safely stow important documents for travelers, or things like passports. In other words, you can wear them instead of a money belt.

Plus, these clothes often wick sweat away, so you’ll smell fresh after a long flight. You won’t need to do a wardrobe change when your flight touches down. Just start your trip right away.

5. Google Flights is Your Friend


Google has a crucial feature that can save you money without having to do much work. So long as you know well in advance when your next flight will be, you can track the prices on Google and get an email alert when it drops.

Don’t pay more than you have to for your flight! It might not seem right that airlines are able to sell the exact same plane ticket for substantially different rates, but you may as well not be on the bad side of this equation.

However, this approach won’t really work if you need to book a flight for a trip that’s coming up soon. Also, be careful, because you never know when the lowest price is liable to rise again, so you don’t want to wait too long.

6. Flexible Dates

You may not have flexibility over when you need to travel if you’re attending an event, like a conference or a wedding. But if you’re under no specific time obligations, try to book your flight at a low-key travel time when flights are cheaper.

Prices tend to rise on weekends, but it’s always wise to double-check. If you need to take time off work, plan this out in advance.

Of all the technologies available in our incredible modern era, the ability to arrive anywhere in the world within a matter of hours instead of days or weeks is right up there among the best. Be safe, take the health precautions and other necessary steps to ensure you comply with any COVID-19 protocols, and remember all the tips outlined above. If you do, you’re sure to have an excellent trip that costs you less than it otherwise would.

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