Luggage Rules at the Airport: Smoking/Vaping Equipment

Before the pandemic, the global traveling industry used to be one of the most profitable. The age of new technologies offers people new opportunities to get transported quickly, comfortable, and comparatively cheap. The opportunity to freelance or work remotely makes people less ‘rooted’ to their native cities and towns. Some people even prefer renting a flat rather than buying one.

The tendency to escape from the office is not this new, but it bloomed within the lockdown and quarantine. Many companies now refuse to work in an office; they provide the employees with everything they need for being a productive part of the team at home. For companies, it is sometimes even cheaper because they do not need to pay for rent. Social scientists all over the world note that working online will become a new reality.

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The point is that when the pandemic is over, but people can still work remotely, they would not like to sit at home all the time. The traveling industry will become more powerful than ever before. People need planes, trains, and busses to get from one place to the other. The immense movement of people can cause more mess, that is why certain generally accepted rules are necessary.

Today, following the rules to travel by plane is sometimes unclear as each country, each airport, and the airline has its own policies. Even though the policies are similar, some differences often spoil the plans of travelers. People are the most perplexed with how to combine their hobbies with these rules and not get into trouble.

Vaping/Smoking and Traveling

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Smoking (and now vaping) is a kind of addictive hobby for many people all over the world. The modern technological era provides people who relax puffing, with plenty of new opportunities. Various types of vape pens, mods, pods, e nails, hookahs, and wax rigs (full info here) are available in most cities and towns worldwide.

In addition, they are proved to be more cost-efficient than the usual cigarettes but only in a long-term perspective. Buying a new vape pen in every new city that you visit can drive you to bankruptcy so that you will not have a feather to fly with. Therefore, many people need to take their vape pens or cigarettes with them to travel.

In fact, the cigarette situation is clearer because the country usually has its regulations on tobacco products delivered from abroad, and airlines have to follow them as well. For example, if the customs laws tell you that you cannot bring more than two packs of cigarettes with 20 cigs in each, even if the airline allows you to transport more, you cannot do it, or you will be accused of contraband cargo. Talking about vape pens, the situation is completely different because vaping is not only about nicotine but also about technologies.

Some parts of your vape pen cannot be transported in hand luggage. Therefore, if you travel with a backpack using only low-cost airlines, it is better to give up vaping. In addition, the destination matters. For instance, in Thailand, the law strictly regulates the use of e-cigs, and you might get into trouble income with some vape pen out of these laws.

How to Pack Vaping Equipment Before Traveling?

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Obviously, no one can smoke or vape in a plane because of risks. Once you do it, smoke detectors will track it, and you are going to get into big trouble. Packing a vape pen is not an easy thing also. For example, the majority of airlines require your lithium-ion batteries to be carried only in hand luggage. There is no doubt that, but for reading the airline’s policies, it is needed to check the type of battery your vape pen works from and the airport rules. In addition, the number of batteries to transport can be limited by an airline as well.

The rule is that batteries have to be extracted from the vape pen so that you cannot accidentally turn the device. Moreover, you usually have no right to charge your battery on board. These rules are vague because each airline establishes its own restrictions depending on various factors, including safety rules, antiterrorist measures, countries of departure and destination, the stops in other countries (if any), and more.

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The other barrier to sleeping calmly about e-cigs in an airport is the substance you vape. If you use any electric dab nails and buy special cannabis for it, it might be illicit to store and transport drugs. Therefore, checking the regulations of all countries, states, and zones you plan to visit is the first thing to do. If marijuana is ok for the cities and the airline, you can freely take it with you. However, if you use any liquid for vaping (it might contain no drugs, and then do not have to check the cities’ regulations), the other issue appears.

No airline allows you to transport more than one liter of any liquid packed in small bottles – 100 ml each in your hand luggage. If you have an opportunity to put the e-liquid into checked baggage, do not forget to put it into a hermetic plastic bag so that it will not leak on your documents and clothes. Never forget that the suitcases can be harshly damaged at the airport. It is a bad idea to transport too much e-liquid by means of checked luggage because you can be accused of contraband cargo. Therefore, checking this issue is an extra important point as well.


To sum up, the use of either a vaping pen, an email, or a usual cigarette on the plane is prohibited. The rules of transportation of the equipment differ from airport to airport, from airline to airline. The best way to safely travel with equipment for vaping or cigarettes is to check the rules of the city of destination, the airports that you will use, and the airlines that you will use before you pack. Here are the rules of transporting the British and Qatar airlines’ vaping equipment – one of the perfect ones. Looking at these rules does not provide you with information about the rules in other airlines, but it can give you the general picture of how vaping equipment can be transported in the safest way.

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