Furnished or Regular Apartments in LA – Which is Better Choice

If you are looking for short-term housing in Los Angeles, chances are you’re weighing your options between renting a fully furnished apartment and a run-of-the-mill, unfurnished one.
In this post, we’ll help you make a more informed decision on whether a fully furnished apartment is what you need or if you’re better off going for an empty, unfurnished home and customizing it yourself.

Define the best place to live in LA

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Everyone has their idea of what makes a great living space. Think about the must-haves, nice-to-haves, and the not-so-important especially during these unprecedented COVID-19 times.
A few scenarios to consider here are; will you be able to commute to work conveniently if transit shuts down? Also, in the event you were to live in a high-rise building, would you be okay with a 10-minute wait during peak times? How about social distancing rules?
Think it through and be clear about where you want to live from the get-go.

Set your budget

How much budget do you have to rent the new home for your working space? You must be very honest with yourself. For example, if you are on a budget, it makes more sense renting an apartment in Valley Village as compared to Beverly Grove.

Next, crunch up the numbers, taking into consideration monthly rent, security deposit and application fee to get the total or at least a ballpark range of how much you need.

Get searching

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Once you’ve identified your preferred neighborhood and have a budget, it’s time to start hunting for your ideal apartment. An excellent place to begin the search is Blueground, a reputable real estate tech company that provides fully furnished rentals in Los Angeles and several other US cities.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable studio apartment or a spacious two-bedroom apartment where you can co-rent with a colleague, the company has something for everyone. Browse their live online listings for furnished apartments around Los Angeles, which include 3D and video tours, and all of which can be booked and signed for online.

When should you choose a furnished apartment?

When you’re looking for temporary housing

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A fully furnished apartment is best if you’re planning to stay in the short-term. For example, if you just moved to LA and want somewhere to stay as you gather yourself, these apartments are a great place to start.

When you’re in between leases or homes

Sometimes, it may be challenging to get the timing right when changing apartments or homes. Take a look at these two scenarios: you’ve just sold your home and your new one is not yet ready, or you’re in between leases. You can meet this short-term housing need by renting a furnished apartment.

When on a short-term working assignment

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Careers in fields such as finance, entertainment, government, health, and military demand that professionals travel regularly for work assignments of multiple weeks. If this sounds like something you do, you may consider renting a furnished apartment for the short duration you will be in LA for work.

If you can’t afford furniture just yet

If you’re a young family, a student, or a young professional looking to start living independently, chances are you can’t afford to completely furnish your own home just yet due to the high initial cost of furniture and appliances. An easy way to solve this dilemma is to rent a furnished apartment while you accumulate savings.

When looking for flexible housing

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If you’d like to avoid being tied up to a long lease during these uncertain times, a furnished apartment might be your best bet to allow you to move in and out as you wish. Even better than a Los Angeles sublet, a furnished rental on a flexible lease can be booked down to the exact dates you need, rather than being at the mercy of a sublessor’s schedule.

Why rent a regular apartment?

Cheaper for long-term stays

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While a furnished apartment can be convenient, it can turn out to be expensive in the long run. As such, if you’re planning to stay in LA for several months or years, renting a regular apartment is the cost-friendlier option.

You can style and customize it as you wish

Another reason you might want to rent a regular apartment is that you can easily customize it to your liking. This includes furnishing it with your preferred furniture, appliances, and even paint. You can even turn your kitchen into a makeshift home office space if you do not cook. This is a luxury that’s almost impossible in fully serviced apartments.

Enjoy more space and flexibility

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When you rent a furnished apartment, chances are you will find some items inside that you either do not use or need (think aquariums, bulky fridges, pianos, etc.).

When you rent an unfurnished rental, you have the choice to do whatever you want with nearly every inch of space in the house. Whether you’re a minimalist who wants a spacious living room with just a few items or if you love your bookshelf installed in the bedroom, this option is more suited for you!

No worries about high damage and security deposit fees

The one thing most landlords and tenants quarrel over when the lease period is over is the security deposit. Essentially, this is the money used to cater for any damages you might have caused in the apartment during your stay there.

Furnished apartments pose a higher level of risk than their unfurnished equivalents as there’s a lot of inventory involved. For example, if you were to accidentally damage that expensive smart TV in your furnished rental, it could mean foregoing the whole of your security deposit and maybe even cough more money to replace it.


Like anywhere else, there are all imaginable forms of accommodation in Los Angeles, including furnished and regular apartments. We just explained the different circumstances that could prompt you to choose either of these two arrangements. Weigh your options and decide which best suits your needs.

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