Where Are the Gambling Hotspots Around the World?

Millions of people around the world enjoy gambling on a regular basis. This is across the many different forms, from sports betting to casino gaming and poker. Some people like gambling so much that they will go on trips and organize holidays around different times or countries.

There are many places you can head if this is something you are looking for, many people treat these as the chance of a lifetime. Around the world, certain countries have real hotspots that attract punters, this may be because of casino gaming, sports betting, or even poker.

Whatever you currently enjoy doing at home, many people see gambling as a fun thing to do on holiday, so it doesn’t really matter what is on offer. For example, many sports gamblers will see a trip to Vegas to play casino games as a great thing to do, even if they wouldn’t play these games at home.

Here is a look at some of the various places around the world that attract people who are travelling for gambling purposes.



When you think of gambling, Australia is not the first place that will come into your mind. However, there is a real thirst for gambling in the country and if you are looking for somewhere a little different to go, away from the big international crowds, this may be the place for you.

The big gambling draw of Australia is poker. You will find many different machines that have poker games installed on them in the many casinos around the country. As well as this, online is another place where you can find great poker games to play.

There is a real spread of players around Australia, from casual small-time players all the way up to professional players who play in large stacking tournaments around the world, both on and offline.

You won’t find a specific area of the country to go in search of poker games, or anything else. The best bet is to head into one of the major cities and see what you can find. Things shouldn’t be too busy with tourists, but plenty of locals will be around.



When anyone thinks of gambling there are a few places that will instantly come into your head. One of those is Macau in China, the casino capital of the world. It is fair to say that for many people, Las Vegas is the mecca of casino gaming, but in terms of players and turnover, Macau is bigger than Vegas.

Much like Vegas, the draw of Macau is simply to say you have been there and experienced gaming in the heart of what is a vibrant atmosphere.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for Macau being so popular is that it is the only place in China where casino gambling is legal. Although other forms are allowed elsewhere, such as sports betting and lottery gaming, if you are in China and you want to play casino games then Macau is your only option.

China as a whole is the most populous country on the planet, so for that reason, it is no surprise to see that there are many gamblers in the country. With what they have created in Macau, many international visitors are also sampling the delights of what this country has to offer.



As the internet surged around the world and opened up internet gaming to many new countries, some jumped on board while others were not that bothered. One country, which didn’t only jump on board but actively flew towards the top of the internet betting table was India.

There are millions of Indians who like a wager, and there is a great range of activities that they bet on. From placing wagers inside casinos, playing poker to huge betting events like games in the IPL cricket league.

There is a real push behind technology in this country and in particular mobile technology. This is pushing many people to gamble online, which isn’t ideal for those who wish to visit but there are still options if you are in the country.

Casino gaming and poker playing are certainly the two most popular aspects of Indian gambling, you will find places that can accommodate you if you want to play here.

United Kingdom


All forms of gambling can be found in the United Kingdom but it is the country’s affection with the sport that puts sports betting right at the top of the pile. Bookmakers such as those listed on offer people the chance to bet on a daily basis, using events from all over the world.

However, with daily horse racing, greyhound racing, one of the best football leagues in the world, and much more going off in this country, many people stay at home to place their bets.

You have options while visiting the UK, you can look towards a sporting fixture and take in some horse or dog racing, try out football, or if you want something else, head into one of the many city center casinos.



When you think of gambling in the USA, you will instantly think of a trip to Vegas. This is likely to still be the case in a decade from now, but Vegas is also likely to get quieter, especially with visitors from within the US.

The gambling act is on its way around the different states, with many voting to pass it and allow some form of betting in their state boundaries.

Those who traveled to Vegas because it was the only place they could gamble on sport, or play casino games, no longer needed to go there.

The pull of international customers is likely to remain though, with the strip to enjoy, a variety of different establishments that have a worldwide reputation, and of course the feeling of being able to say you have been to Vegas.

Of all the countries we have mentioned, the USA is currently undergoing the most change, though still expect to see Vegas be a huge pull for players.

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