Get ready for the Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse On January 31

Blood Moon

Mark your calendar on 31st January because a rare cosmic event will take place where we are able to see the total lunar eclipse, the blue moon, and the super moon simultaneously.All three cosmic events will take palace in a single time frame giving us the opportunity to observe this rare phenomenon. Last time, it happened in 1886, approximately 152 years back. The moon in the lunar eclipse called “Blood Moon” because of its reddish colour in appearance.

The appearance of the moon is reddish at the time eclipse because the moon will lose its brightness and bending of the light by the atmosphere gives it a reddish colour.Along with the total lunar eclipse, the supermoon will also happen on 31st January. It is also called as “Blue Moon”. Now, this does not mean that the moon will glow blue in colour but because of the rarity of the event that the supermoon is called the blue moon. The blue moon happens after every 2 years and 8 months.The last blue moon event took place on May 21, 2016. Also, read about Facts About Moon.

Blood Moon

All space hipsters are eagerly waiting to see three space phenomena at a time. Let me tell you the timings of the event, On January 31, the total lunar eclipse will start at 11:48 am UTC and will reach its peak at 1:30 pm UTC. The total lunar eclipse happens when moon directly passes behind the Earth or in simple words, it will enter Earth shadow and lunar eclipse will be that phase when Sun, Moon, and Earth are aligned together in a single line.

Science Centre Singapore spokesman said, “After this year’s total lunar eclipse, it will not be until three years later that we will be able to see another blood moon on May 26, 2024.”

The supermoon will be a full moon day when the moon will come closest distance to Earth. Therefore, the moon appears 14% bigger and 30% brighter on the eve of the supermoon. According to space researchers, the best time to view cosmic events will be either just after the sunset or just before sunrise. The best view can be seen by the people living on the West Coast and in the middle of U.S.

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