Why Penguins Feet Don’t Freeze in Antarctica?

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Antarctica is one of the coldest and windiest continents on planet Earth. The coldest ever temperature recorded on the planet was 128.56 degrees which are -89.2 degrees Celsius on July 21, 1983, at Antarctica’s Vostok station. If we take the average, Antarctica is also one of the windiest continents on planet Earth with some places where the wind can reach upto 200 mph (320 km/h).

The 5th largest continent on planet Earth has a large population of Penguins, however, have you given a thought, how they stand barefoot on the ice all day and every day. The average temperature in Antarctica will make your feet completely freeze?, However penguins have a reason where they can bear this every time.

You all will be thinking, how painful is to stand naked feet but there is a reason behind it. Penguins has a special circulation in the body that allows them to do it. Penguins feet have evolved during a period of time to survive cold weather. The legs of the penguins dont require much heat to keep working. The unique part is that their feet restrict blood flow when it is very cold and will keep the temperature just above freezing point and this is teh reason they dont lose their body heat through them. Also, this will help them to keep their eggs warm. so that they can hatch.

The same scenario happens to us too, where you have noticed how our hands will get hands and feet get cold in the winter weather. This is because our blood will get redirected through the core of the body through our vital organs.

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