5 Good Reasons to Visit Nice – In 2024

Nice is known for its exceptional climate all year round, for its small and polished streets, and for its unique and delicious food that you can taste in every restaurant, and around the corner.

Nice is a tourist-friendly French city, bathed in sunlight and the smell of freshly baked goods that you must try out. With rich cultural heritage, modern architecture, and friendly people, it is a place worth your visit at least once in your lifetime, and possibly even more often.

Is Nice Worth a visit?

Absolutely! Who could resist it? Nice is a unique combination of tradition and innovation, with old parts of the city well preserved. Charming and elegant, simple yet so enchanting, this place is like a magnet for tourists worldwide from different parts of the world, as well as from different cultural backgrounds & age groups.


With various places to be seen, this town has to offer some entertainment for everyone, ideal for any age group. No matter if you would love a walk by the sea, have dinner in one of the posh restaurants, or admire the Old Town streets, Nice will provide all of that and so much more!

How Many Days Do You Need to Spend in Nice?

Nice has a lot to offer, thus you should plan to spend at least two days in this incredible place to fully sink it in. Considering this is the fifth-largest city in France, it might be smart to rent a luxury car in Nice so you can travel in style and see all the points of interest, as well as all-important landmarks. You can enjoy your practical transportation a well as convenient use from point A to point B.


In just two days you can visit all the important landmarks, and still have some time to relax and soak up the sun while you are there. On the other hand, choosing to stay a few days more will allow you to discover a few hidden gems that are left out of the traveling brochures, and that are kept as a top-secret, as well as a hidden trouser that is only known by the locals. Check for more info.

5 Good Reasons to Visit Nice

So, now you know a thing or two about Nice, it is time for you to understand some reason why you might want to visit soon. Here are our top 5 reasons why it is a popular destination.


1. It has a unique history

One of the main reasons Nice is so popular is the Old Town, or Vieille Ville, where visitors are surrounded by colorful and lively sights, cobblestone streets, and vendors. It’s part of history that perfectly paints the picture of people coming together and enjoying life. You can even book yourself a tour guide and listen to his or her stories when it comes to the entire history of France, or just Nice in particular. If you are a history lover you should also hop into some museums and check out a unique tour that is catered to bookworms, or geeks.


2. Delicious food

Nice is famous as a gastronomy center, and there are some staple dishes you need to try while visiting. Socca is one of the most common street foods, which is essentially a pancake made out of chickpea. Quite different & weird, yet delicious! Try also Niçoise salad, slow-cooked beef, Ratatouille, and toast with some rosé wine. Don’t be like the most basic tourist that sticks to bagels, coffee, as well as cheese & alcohol. Indulge in something new & different that suits your taste buds, and leave a positive review.


3. Sights & surrounding

Don’t miss the opportunity to drive to Promenade des Anglais and take a walk along the beach. Enjoy the fresh air and amazing views, packed with palm trees and gardens. You can enjoy different gorgeous flowers, scenery, fresh air, as well as friendly locals at almost every turn. Are you someone who enjoys and prefers tourist attractions, as well as sightseeing spots? There are also some private beaches, shows, cycle & skate parks, just give them a go and do your research before you hit the road or head out to a specific location. Make sure that it is not closed, and see if you need to book it in advance.


4. Architecture is amazing

Nice is famous for amazing buildings, both old and new. Are you someone who loves a mixture of old-school Renaissance buildings, along with newer & more modern architectural items? One of the most outstanding and must-see options is the colorful Cathédrale Orthodoxe Russe Saint-Nicolas with incredible details and decorated interior. If you are into vivid & vibrant surroundings and you’re a photographer this will make your blend ideal, as well as your wait worth a while. You will also get some of the prettiest pictures that you can post on your social media.


5. People are super friendly

Let’s not forget that people make the experience special in their own way, as well as due to their friendly and warm approach. This especially applies to people in Nice! Nice is home to friendly and welcoming hosts as warm as the city itself. You can enjoy the conversation with someone new & get to enjoy a pleasant conversation while talking about different and trendy topics. Locals are friendly, and you can enjoy your chat with both older and younger generations. Ask what’s on your mind and possibly get a drink with them!


Ready to give it a go and travel?

So, how does this city sound to you? Are you more interested & invested in visiting this part of France sometime in the near future? Are you someone who loves to travel? If so, let us know your thoughts on Nice and if you’ve visited before. Also let us know when do you plan on going (summer, winter?), as well as what it is that you can’t wait to experience and see from our list!

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