Guide To Uber Vehicle Insurance

Uber has transformed the working of the taxi industry drastically. The app has made booking a cab easier for the general public. People who want to book a cab from the comfort of their space find Uber to be an ultimate boon in disguise. The same applies to the cab drivers who have moved their business to Uber in the hope of getting better fares. Numerous drivers have shifted their cab service to Uber in the hope of greater profits, but only a few realize the necessity of buying Uber Vehicle insurance.

Uber Vehicle insurance is different from your regular auto insurance. The insurance policy is applicable for various situations, the driver can benefit from several aspects while driving on the roads in low and high-traffic areas. Wondering how? Then let’s dive into the crests and troughs of Uber vehicle insurance.

Why Uber Insurance?


The Uber vehicle insurance covers the cab from collision, accident, or any third-party liability. With the increasing number of Uber cabs on the road, the insurance covers damage that incurs other pedestrians or vehicles while being en route.

Uber drivers may get into an expensive fender bender while driving in high-traffic areas or while waiting for a ride. They are also at the risk of physical damage while on their way to pick a fair. This is when Uber cab insurance can come in handy by keeping the vehicle protected and covering all the damage or theft costs.

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When can an Uber cab insurance policy be applied?


Not every damage or theft falls under the insurance coverage policy. To be eligible for the insurance of a cab, the driver must meet certain conditions. The events covered by a typical Uber Insurance policy are as follows:

  • Any sort of damage that can occur to the driver while waiting for a ride request (i.e., in between rides). This kind of policy is mandatory in States like Alberta, Ontario, and NovaScotia. You get the liability coverage of $1,000,000 including coverage for bodily injuries or property damage of a passenger or anyone in the vehicle caused by any other party either when he does not have any insurance or does not have enough coverage to pay.
  • Collision or comprehensive breakdowns to the vehicle and insurance if the driver is on the way to pick up the rider or any damage occurs to other vehicles or pedestrians during the Uber trip. However, in the first instance, the driver doesn’t get a collision cover. He is responsible for his own damage and his personal insurance policy would come into the picture, where they would have to pay a certain amount for the repair (other than the deductibles).
  • If an accident occurs and it is another driver’s fault then the cab driver can claim insurance if the other driver is uninsured or underinsured. In a nutshell, if you get injured by someone who doesn’t have any insurance then the Uber insurance policy would come to your rescue. This coverage is also applicable in the case of hit-and-run situations.

In all the above situations, the driver is supposed to know their insurance provider’s name and present their personal car insurance papers in addition to the liability cover to claim the insurance.

Other Important Things That You Need To Know


Here are a few things you need to keep in mind with regards to Uber Vehicle Insurance.

  • If you want the insurance for your Uber cab, then your personal vehicle must not be registered as a taxi or limousine.
  • The policy is responsible for covering those vehicles that fall under the maximum driving time for Uber. This invariably and implicitly means that the policy will include only those drivers who either do part-time Uber driving or drive for at least 20 hours a week. For any driver who exceeds the limit for him, the cost for the additional coverage will be equated to a small percentage of the income earned by the driver which is calculated using aspects such as area drive, time spent ride-sharing, driving record, etc.
  • The vehicle is eligible for getting insured if the driver has a license for a minimum of six years and the Uber driver must have taken at least 8 passengers at one time throughout the ride (including the ride)
  • The policy also doesn’t cover additional commercial activities such as food delivery, moving services, or any other courier services.

Also note that as Uber is considered a drive-for-hire service, your car insurance won’t cover you and your vehicle would be typically excluded from your car insurance policies.

However, Uber has a policy of taking up insurance even for its delivery services. However, it must be ensured that a vehicle demarcated as a delivery vehicle, should not be used for pick and drop services as the insurance policy would not cover accidents in such cases since the policy was explicitly taken for a delivery service vehicle.

An Uber driver should always remember to opt for medical payment coverage and gap coverage that can cover the cost of other medical expenses arising from a car accident. The amount can be adjusted from the driver’s health insurance policy if it’s there but if your Uber insurance provides it that would be justified.


Emergencies and accidents don’t come knocking at your door. When you are making your bread and butter on the road while driving a cab, you need to be prepared for the worst and an Uber cab insurance prepares you for it.

With the increasing number of cars on the road and people driving recklessly all the time, you need something to get your Uber cab covered, and an insurance policy does just the same thing. Make sure you shop intelligently and compare insurance quotes before purchasing one.

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