How Much is a Hotel Room in Miami Beach?

Booking a trip to a place as exotic as Miami beach is surely fascinating. But, what comes with the excitement of booking a trip to such a beautiful location is a lot of stress and anxiety. Of course, you want to know the best place to hang out, eat, and stay at. You’d also want to know how much money you need to take along to have a hassle-free and peaceful trip.

In case you have been having such questions later, we are here to help. Below, we are going to help you figure out how much money you need to spare for a hotel room when visiting Miami beach. Of course, we cannot give you a very precise and apt idea of all hotels in just a single post, but we can surely give you an estimated picture of what to expect from hotels over there.

Realistically speaking, you can get a room for as low as $40 somewhere along the beach but you cannot expect to have a lavish experience at such a cheap price. In case you want to book a good hotel like JasperMiami and enjoy luxury from all aspects, be ready to pay anywhere between $400 to $900 per night. At the same time, some rooms might also go as high as costing you $1200 a night. Read on to have a better idea of your expected hotel room costs.

Miami Beach Hotel Rooms Price Ranges


Roughly, you can divide the hotel rooms in Miami beach into three categories based on their pricing. We are summing up these below:

Firstly, we have the cheapest hotels that offer rooms per night at price as low as $22. As you could tell, these rooms are weary, uncomfortable, hardly neat, and have no amenities as such. Staying here is mostly an average experience with no such thing that can force you to come back, except their pocket-friendliness.

Secondly, there are some decently priced and amazing rooms with an ideal location and all the basic amenities that are priced anywhere around $400 and $650. These rooms are good enough for anyone to stay in and spend an amazing time at. If booked through valid and reputable sources, your experience in such rooms can surely bring you back to them in the future.

On the highest tier are the most expensive hotel rooms where spending only one night can cost as high as $1000 to $1200. These rooms are obviously, extremely luxurious and offer everything lavish. You have to earn a lot of money to be able to afford these rooms and the luxury they come with.

Factors Affecting Miami Hotel Rooms’ Costs


Basically, there are a lot of factors that decide your hotel room’s price at any place and we’re covering some of these below. The descriptions below will surely help you decide on a hotel room easily while giving you some idea of how expensive or how cheap that room will cost you.

1. Distance From The Beach

Of course, being at the Miami beach means you want to stay closest to the peaceful noise of the water waves hitting the coast every now and then. But, this closeness to the beautiful beach site comes with a price tag. The closer your hotel is to the beach and the better view your hotel room’s window provides of the beach, the more expensive it is likely to get. For example, two exactly similar rooms with similar levels of luxury will cost differently if one is just 2 minutes walking distance away from the beach and the other needs you to walk for 5 minutes or more to reach the beach.

2. Spaciousness

No confusion is expected here. Of course, the kind of room you will occupy is going to determine your costs of staying over there per night. If you want a bedroom with an attached bathroom only, the costs will be decent enough. However, if you need a whole apartment to yourself and not just the room, then be ready to pay at least $900 if not more.

3. Age of The Room

This is something not a lot of people know about. The older and more conventional a room gets and the older its furniture and interior look, the lesser it costs. On the other hand, a room prepared with an extremely modern interior with a very aesthetically pleasing interior and Instagram-able setup is bound to be expensive. It is up to you to decide if you want the best looks from your room or would like to save yourself some money by sleeping in a normally-looking room with a classical style bed.


4. Amenities Promised

Some hotel rooms now offer facilities that make you feel like you are in a business-class flight. If your hotel room has a terrace, is fully disinfected, has scent diffusers, artistic corners, and lets you bring your pets, bathroom sets, and more, it is surely going to give you an experience of a lifetime. In that case, you should be ready to spend some good bucks. However, many people prefer to live in affordable rooms with no such facilities and that is okay as well.

These and many other factors can together impact your hotel room’s costs. You only need to see what you need and what you can easily compromise on and then decide a hotel room that suits you the best. Please keep in mind that not all these factors equally impact your hotel’s pricing. So simply compromising on one might be enough to bring down your room’s price to a considerable level.


So, that is all on Miami beach hotel rooms from our side. We hope the information shared here can help you understand the dimensions of how hotel rooms are priced on this beachy resort and what should you be prepared for. Lastly, we just want you to remember that being expensive is not always better. So, make sure to be clear on what you want from your hotel room and then invest in whatever seems like the best choice for you.

All the best and enjoy your stay!

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