How Long is Too Long for a Pet to Be in a Car

Surely you have heard many times in your life that a dog is man’s best and most loyal friend. It has long been known that pets have a positive effect on adult health – socializing with animals “lowers” blood pressure, prevents heart disease, and cures depression. All research also shows that living with a pet has a beneficial effect on children and that animals, in a way, help in children’s upbringing.

No matter how much they resisted, the love for this furry pet was born very quickly. Nothing is better than a long walk with your four-legged friend on a fresh, spring morning. Or the joy on his face when you pick up the ball, and he knows it’s time to play in the local park! Even relaxing at home is better in the company.

Although today there are people and institutions that will take care of your pet while you are not there, there are more and more people who choose pet-friendly hotels for their vacation in order to take it with them. When it comes to traveling with a pet, depending on the species, there are a few things to consider.


Most dog owners decide to take their best friend on a trip while on the other hand cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, birds, and aquarium fish mostly stay at home. There is a justifiable reason for that – some species experience a change in their living space with excessive stress. What arises as a question is how long can your pet endure the journey.

If you have not had experience traveling with a dog before, before you do anything, it is necessary to make a plan, even a rough one, to make sure that you will not leave anything out. Every trip brings with it some unforeseen situations, but if you have a well-developed plan, nothing will surprise you.

Before a long trip, it is necessary to visit a veterinarian to make sure that your pet dog is in good health, but also to get some advice. It is always a good idea to seek some anti-nausea medication if you have several hours to go. Before the first long trip, it is best to make a few shorter distances to get your pet used to the ride. As you can see, there are a few things you need to do before you go on a trip, and you can find out more by visiting

To ensure a comfortable trip for your pet and to comply with all legal regulations, it is important to buy a suitable container. It must be large enough for the animal in it to stand up, turn around and lie down.


If you do not know what the trip will be like, the best advice you can get is not to give your pet large meals before setting off, because a full stomach can in some cases irritate the stomach and cause nausea. Also, avoid sweets and any food along the way for the same reason. If you are going to a further destination, take a break during the trip where you will feed and walk your pet to defecate and digest the food he has ingested.

Traveling with a pet is not always easy. Today, fortunately, most cars have air conditioning, so long journeys are much more pleasant than before. Remember that dogs are unfortunately not welcome everywhere, so pay attention to any signs on the doors of cafes or restaurants. If you are taking a break, pay attention to the sign and never leave your dog in the car when it is warm outside. Even if the windows are open, the indoor temperature can rise by 19 ° C in just 7 minutes. During a hot day, it can be deadly.

When traveling with a dog by car, you must take into account the temperature and the supply of fresh air to avoid overheating, especially in summer. It is also advisable to take care that the rides take place in the evening when the temperatures are lower. Take into account the length of the trip itself, to make adequate breaks for rest and rehydration in accordance with the duration.

Pets love to travel and explore new landscapes and hotels in the company of owners. But still, the melancholy behind the home can catch them if you stay away from home for a long time. Bring your pet’s favorite toys, pillows, and blankets to feel the familiar scent of your favorite home even in the comfort of temporary accommodation. This will make the trip more interesting and will pass faster.


Final thoughts

A trip with a pet is full of challenges, but also an unforgettable experience. It is recommended that you take short breaks every two hours and supply your pet with water and snacks. Avoid opening the window so that the animal does not try to jump out, and the wind could also ‘inflate’ it, you certainly do not want to spend time on holiday with a local veterinarian. When getting out of the car, don’t forget to put your dog or cat on a leash to avoid embarrassment with other passengers or unexpected situations you can’t anticipate.

Of course, what you shouldn’t go on without, especially if you’re going to another country, is a passport.

In your own car, you are the one who sets the rules! Keep in mind that the animal must be comfortable while traveling, so make sure the car is air-conditioned and that the animal has access to water and food (but do not feed it while the vehicle is moving). Of course, this does not mean that you will wake a pet that is calm or asleep because of the water, but if it is awake and your journey has been going on for several hours, stop and allow the pet to satisfy its physiological needs. So, are you ready for this exciting trip?

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