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Renting a car in Iceland is the ideal way to explore this stunning country. You’ll have the freedom to spend as much time as desired at each location and take in more of its great attractions.

Renting a car can help you save money on your trip, but there are some things to consider before doing so.


Iceland is a popular travel destination, and many visitors rent cars to explore the island. Unfortunately, car rental in Iceland can be quite pricey, taking up a significant portion of your vacation budget. It’s essential that you shop around for the best deals available.

Booking your rental car ahead of time can help you get the best deal and avoid any extra fees or surcharges.

The cost of car rental in Iceland varies based on the type of vehicle and whether or not extras like insurance, a GPS device, and extra drivers are needed. You may save money by renting from a local company.

One of the simplest ways to save on car rental in Iceland is by searching for discounts or promotions offered by various companies. These can usually be found online and in certain brochures. These discounts are especially helpful if you plan on exploring Iceland’s Golden Circle and other major tourist spots.

Before making a final decision, it’s wise to check out the company’s reputation. Most of the larger businesses have websites that provide details on their services and customer feedback. This can be a valuable asset to you as you research your trip.



Iceland provides a range of vehicle rentals, such as sedans, SUVs, vans and coupes to fit any travel plans or budget.

For an adventurous trip, you might want to consider renting a 4WD car. These vehicles provide the perfect way to experience Iceland’s natural splendor as they can take you on any terrain – even the roughest roads! These cars can be quite affordable and provide plenty of luggage space. Furthermore, these vehicles are ideal for touring the country and taking in its natural splendor.

Another viable option is a campervan, which is becoming increasingly popular in Iceland. These vehicles provide an amazing way to take in Iceland’s stunning landscapes while saving on accommodation costs! Campervan rentals are ideal for couples or groups who wish to travel together but don’t need to share a hotel room.

It is ideal to book your car rental well in advance, especially if you plan to visit during summer or take a road trip. Doing so can also help you find an advantageous price on your rental.

Iceland offers visitors a breathtaking landscape. A car rental allows them to venture through lava fields, glaciers, waterfalls and volcanoes with complete freedom.

You can pick up your car from Reykjavik or at the airport, but most agencies also have offices in major cities. With these convenient locations, it’s easy to pick up your vehicle and begin your journey immediately.

If you are planning a road trip while in Iceland, be sure to research the roads and weather conditions beforehand. Many road closures occur during wintertime, so if you have not checked before leaving home, your plans could change due to changing road conditions.



In Iceland, car rental companies must provide their customers with a certain level of insurance. Common coverages include Collision Damage Waiver and Third-Party Liability.

If you have never rented a car before, you might feel uncertain about the various insurances available to choose from. Rest assured, there are plenty of great choices and they can prove immensely useful for drivers in Iceland.

The initial insurance you should acquire is Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), which is mandatory in many European countries and included with most rental cars. Not only does CDW cover any damages to your car that occur, but it can also lower your deductible should any issues arise.

Other optional insurances to consider are Gravel Protection and Sand & Ash Protection. These are essential for anyone renting a vehicle in Iceland due to the country’s many gravel and sand roads, which can damage your car in various ways.

Animal encounter protection is another option to consider; this can be invaluable if your car gets scratched or dented by a wild animal while driving. This service is especially useful for those planning to explore Iceland’s remote regions off the beaten path.

Finally, if you plan to be in Iceland for any length of time, adding towing service coverage to your insurance is a wise idea. This will cover any necessary towing services should your vehicle break down or become damaged.

It’s wise to add extra protection for your doors in Icelandic winds, as these can be intense and damage them quickly. Holding on to the door when getting in or out of the car won’t be a problem; however, failing to do so could prove costly!

Customer Service


When renting a car in Iceland, one of the primary considerations should be the customer service provided by the rental company. Since levels of customer service can differ widely between locations, reading reviews about other people’s experiences with certain companies before making your reservation is essential for finding out what other people think about their experience with them.

Iceland is home to several prominent international rental companies. However, many local companies also provide car rentals in Iceland at lower costs than larger name-brand options. You can check out Leiebilguiden, Island for more information. It is important to do your research before embarking on your trip.

When selecting a car rental in Iceland, fuel policy is another essential factor to consider. Selecting a rental company with flexible fuel policies can save you money on your trip and make getting around easier. Furthermore, fuel costs may rise during winter months, so research the company’s fuel policy thoroughly before making your choice.

Reviewing the terms and conditions of your rental agreement is essential to ensure you understand everything involved, such as which vehicle will be driving, the insurance coverage purchased, and any extra fees or charges that may apply. By thoroughly reading these documents before agreeing to a rental, you can avoid any misunderstandings or miscommunications during the duration of the agreement.

Finally, make sure to double-check the pick-up and drop-off locations of your vehicle before arriving in Iceland. This can help clear up any confusion or misconceptions about its location so you can quickly access it when you get there.

Traveling in a rental car allows visitors to see Iceland in their own time. Be sure to research ahead of time to find the best rates.

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