How to Create a Memory Book of Your Family Travels

A memory book is a step above a standard photo album. Instead of pictures without any semblance or reference, memory books are collections of specific events constructed by one or several individuals. They can have many themes and designs and be physical or digital in nature.

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Travel Memories

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One of the more popular memory books people put together are related to travel. Whether it’s a specific journey or a series, these collections string together the most enjoyable events of a trip. While there are several ways these are constructed, here are some of the most common steps.

Decide on the format

There is more than one way to create a memory book. Of course, you can select the traditional format, which is comprised of a scrapbook or other blank journal. It must have enough space to include various items that relate to your family travels. In addition, it should be large enough to include bulky items like seashells.
Another format is a digital memory book. Numerous websites have the tools necessary to create high-end pages that include various forms of media. They can either be accessed through the site itself for all family members to see or saved to another format for printing or email distribution.

Decide on the content

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A memory book is not a standard photo album. When constructed, it evokes the sights, smells, and sounds that all family members experienced. Thus, it should include multiple forms of media.
Physical memory books can contain pictures, ticket stubs, pamphlets, pressed flowers, and anything else collected during the trip. While those physical items can’t be placed in a digital memory book, images of them can be uploaded and included. In addition, you can add sound and video files to enhance the content. These can trigger sensory memories of various trips.

Gather the materials

As this is for the entire family, all members should contribute materials to the book. If they want to contribute but don’t want to give up their mementos, have them take a picture of them for the book. Or, they can write or record a note on their favorite moments. Don’t leave anyone out. What you may feel is insignificant could be extremely important for someone else.
On top of these materials, you want to purchase supplies to cut, paste, and decorate. No need to go crazy with these, because the focus of the book is going to be on the travel. However, you don’t want them to be on plain pages. You want each page to pop out.

When it comes to digital travel memory books, you need to gather all of the digital files you require. Have everyone in the family help you scan and crop images as well as sound and video clips. Assign one person can be in charge of recording everyone’s impressions of the trip.

Outline the layout

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Throwing everything on the physical or digital page does not make for a powerful memory book. Instead, it looks like the designer didn’t have time or care. Hence, you want to diagram the layout of each page and the book itself.
For example, consider if you want it to be in chronological or event order. The latter may be better if the trip was taken several months or years before and exact times can’t be determined. Next, look at your materials and see which ones fit together. You want them to illustrate a moment rather than a simple review of what you did.

Consider making a photo book online

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Do the same thing if you’re using a digital memory book. In fact, creating a layout is much easier here. If one component doesn’t fit on a page, it can be quickly moved to another without damage. However, don’t overthink the process in a digital format. Your family wants to see results, not perfection.

There are so many options to make photo books online; the possibilities are endless. Don’t let yourself think you can’t do it. With all of the advances in technology, creating them has never been easier. And, when it finally gets delivered to your doorstep – you’ll have something to cherish, forever. To learn more about this, visit

Have fun

The overall theme in the creation of a memory book for your family travels is have fun. Don’t stress over the small things. Your family won’t mind if something’s missing if the result shows your hard work. On the other hand, if there are still items missing, then it gives you an excuse to create another memory book filled with wonderful travel experiences.

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