Best Islands to Visit in Hawaii with Family in 2024

Did you know that nearly 10 million people visited Hawaii only in 2018? We are still waiting for the pieces of data for 2019, but we are sure that the number is even higher.

Anyway, you can hear many people saying that visiting Hawaii is one of the dreams that they have. Logically, not everyone can afford to visit this place. Yet, if you pick the right moment to travel and the right agency that will organize your trip, then your dreams may come true.

Before we even start suggesting which islands you should visit, we want to suggest something. There is a travel agency that understands the requirements of people that want to visit different islands. Our suggestion is to visit and see which offers they have. Yet, we would also want to give some directions to families that want to visit this beautiful place. There are a couple of islands that you mustn’t skip if you go to Hawaii in the future
Let’s find them out together.


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If you and your family members are looking for adventure far away from urban places, then this is a perfect choice. We do not want to say that this destination is not filled with thousands of tourists. Yet, many rural places will be a perfect getaway for you.
According to Tanner’s Trails, Maui is renowned for offering the best scuba diving in Hawaii, along with its reputation as a destination blessed with some of the most stunning beaches worldwide. If you seek breathtaking sunsets gracing the exquisite azure-blue waters, coupled with the chance to witness captivating whale-watching events, then this place is an absolute must-visit. Located within the remarkable Lahaina Town, the most historic hot spot on the island, you’ll discover all the incredible experiences we mentioned earlier right here in this vibrant city.


Do you and your family like to meet new cultures? Well, on Molokai Island you can change your life for a couple of days and live like a local. This island is not as popular as some others. Yet, this could be an advantage if you are looking to explore unattractive places.
Believe it or not, around half of the people on this island are Native Hawaiian. Let’s imagine that you go to some of the larger islands in Hawaii. You definitely will have a lot of fun. Yet, you won’t be able to meet in the right way the Hawaiian history and culture.
If you are planning to meet their history better, we suggest you visit the Kapuaiwa Coconut Grove, Molokai Plumeria, and Kumu Farms. There is also a place Kaunakaki that is a couple of kilometers/miles away from Molokai airport. It is another place where you can see how everyday life of average Hawaiians looks.


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If you have never visited this place, then you have probably seen it on the Internet and TV. You are probably expecting to see different entertaining things and events. Well, as you see, you can see various things here. However, if you are expecting to be busy day and night with different entertaining activities, visit this island.
For example, are you willing to surf? Well, this is the place where you can find huge waves. Despite that, this is a perfect place for people that like to party. When the sun goes down, there are many clubs and places where you can experience the unforgettable nightlife.


Let’s say that you and your family live in some urban place. There is a lot of noise and crowds every single day. You have a 15-day vacation and it is the right time to pick some destination. Logically, you would want to go far away from civilization. Fortunately, Hawaii has an island that is perfect for that – Lanai.
When you look closer, it is a completely opposite destination from Oahu. There is not a lot of noise and you won’t be able to party here a lot. Yet, that doesn’t mean that traveling here is boring. You will be able to visit many places such as Munro Trail. Here you can see the natural beauty of the island and its beaches. We suggest you rent a 4-wheel drive vehicle and visit this and similar places.
The toughest moment would be when you need to end your vacation. It is so quiet and we can’t guarantee you won’t move to some other place when you get back home.

Big Island

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The Big Island is in the last place because it requires the longest review. It is a perfect place for those that want to see everything that Hawaii offers. You can see absolutely everything, from the frosted tips of mountains to white-sand beaches. However, there is something that will impress you even more. Believe it or not, you can explore 11 different climatic zones in this place within a short drive.

This is also a good place if you and your wife/husband are a huge fan of coffee. Many people will tell you that this beverage is special in this place. You will be able to try out coffees that are made of locally-grown brew (check out more here).  It is a perfect morning routine that most people enjoy here.
Despite that, we encourage you to take the spellbinding drive down to Hamakua Coast. There you will be able to see some of the most spectacular waterfalls. Despite that, the most active volcanoes are also located in this place.


Have you ever heard about “Garden Isle”? Well, this is a nickname for the island and there is a good reason why. A huge part of the island is covered with the tropical rainforest. This place is perfect for families that are fans of hiking boots. Here you can find many canyons, trails, and cliffs.
Besides that, here you can see one of the most amazing waterfalls in the world – Wailua Fails. Yet, do not think that this island does not possess some attractive beaches. We suggest you visit Poipu Beach and have fun together with your family.

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