7 Tips On How To Look Gorgeous On Your Travels

While travelling the world is an extremely fun thing, it could also wreck havoc on your overall appearance. Remember that you will be going about outside, under the sun for most of your trip. This could prove damaging to your hair and skin, and ultimately affect your outward appearance, which is why you should have a daily regimen for looking as great as possible.

You don’t want to go take a selfie and look haggard in the photo. Here are some tips on how to look gorgeous on your travels.

1. Make Sure You Wear Fresh Clothes


When you go out and travel, it is important that you wear fresh clothes. Remember that you want to look as fresh as possible, and wearing newly laundered clothes is a great way to do this. It might be a bit tricky to wash your clothes on a regular basis, however, it is not impossible. If you travel around large and major cities, there are usually laundromats that charge a good amount for dry cleaning services.

It is also a good idea to use quality fabric conditioner on your clothes, because it helps keep them soft and wrinkle free. Aside from looking good in your pictures, having newly laundered clothes will also make your travels a whole lot more comfortable. While getting your clothes laundered regularly is not really a part of the backpacker’s list of priorities, it still pays to have clean clothes.

2. Invest In Quality Makeup

While it might seem unnecessary to wear makeup while traveling, it is in fact quite useful. Remember that you will be taking pictures of the sites you visit. You will also be taking pictures of yourself most of the time. If you are not wearing makeup, and look disheveled, then your travel pictures will look very shabby. Invest in waterproof makeup, that won’t come off or cake easily.

Aside from using good quality makeup, it is also important to bring a hand sanitizer with you. Remember that when you touch your face, it is important that you clean your hands. If you touch your face with dirty hands, there is a big chance that your face will develop blemishes in the long run.

3. Wear Sunscreen Lotion


One of the biggest risks of travelling around in the open air is getting a sunburn. It not only makes your skin look blotchy and reddish, it is also very painful. If you want to prevent this from happening, it is important that you wear sunscreen lotion. This is especially important if you are wearing sleeveless clothes, because the sun might burn your arms and back.

When you put on sunscreen lotion, it is a good idea to put a liberal amount onto your skin. This is especially important for your face, and other exposed parts of your body.

4. Wear A Hat And Goggles

Yet another way you could prevent sun damage to your face, is to wear a hat. When you choose a hat, some of the best options are to wear a wide brimmed hat. A wide brimmed hat is better than a baseball cap, because it will protect a large part of your face and the back of your head. Wide brim hats are also very fashionable, and give you a very bohemian chic look.

Aside from wearing a hat, you should also invest in good quality goggles. Remember that the open road could get dusty at times. If your eyes are always uncovered, you might get debris in them, and they will eventually get irritated. Aside from protecting your eyes from dust, it is also important that you get goggles that have glare protection. This will help shield your eyes from the sun’s glare, and make you look cool as well.

5. Wash Your Hair Regularly


No matter how good looking you are, nor how great your skin is, if your hair is disheveled, then you will have a hard time looking good. Travelling around the globe might not give you the time to wash your hair, however, if you want to look good in your travel pictures, it is important that you make the time. Wash your hair at least once every few days.

Pack conditioner with you on your travels, brush it at least once every day. This will help it keep its volume and lustre. It is also a good idea to keep your hair away from direct sunlight. The heat will damage your hair, and leave it looking dry and frazzled in the long run.

6. Eat A Balanced Meal

While you should watch your weight in order to look good and fit, it is also important that you eat healthy. If you skip your meals, or eat generally unhealthy food, there is a big chance that your overall appearance will suffer. Your skill will lose some of its luster, and your lips will look chapped. You might also lose weight drastically, which might leave you looking drawn and weak.

7. Make Sure Your Lashes Are On Fleek


When it comes to looking good, you will have to take note of a myriad of things. One of the most important being your lashes. To the uninitiated, lashes might seem like a trivial aspect of a person’s appearance, however, for people who know about makeup, it is the lashes that bring everything together.

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If you want to travel the world, and look gorgeous doing it, you should follow a daily regimen. With these tips, you’ll look great no matter how far you travel.

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