In-House vs. Outsourced Receptionist Services ─ A Comparative Analysis

Who’s the first person you encounter when you enter an office? A receptionist, right? Although we don’t give this profession, the credit it deserves, it is vital for the survival of an organization.

In any setting, a receptionist is the one you can talk to when visiting or contacting a business.

They provide emotional support to the caller, guide them to the information they want, collect their data and find their reason for calling, determine if the caller is a regular customer for a potential sales opportunity, transfer the call to the right person, and form a cordial connection with them.

Since this job requires a person who can handle the clients professionally and carefully, it is a highly critical role. Moreover, since they are the face and voice of your company and the first person your clients will contact, you must hire the best one.

However, the dilemma is whether to hire in-house or outsourced receptionist services. Let’s find out!

Features of In-house Receptionist Services


A receptionist is an invaluable team member, building customer relationships and lessening the burdens of small or medium business ownership. However, the financial commitment of hiring an in-house employee can affect a budding business. So, before you hire a new team member, here are a few points to consider.

Positive Impression

In some fields, having a human working at the front desk has a positive impression on the clients. It creates a positive aura when the receptionist is friendly and empathetic to the client. The possibility of in-person interaction is another factor that fosters a stronger connection between the client and the business.

Increased Costs

Having a full-time employee at the business premises means increased costs on their wages and other factors that contribute to it, including paid time off on sick days and vacations. A firm might also have to bear the cost of hiring, training, and the regular lunch or washroom breaks, as even during that time, they may receive a call from a prestigious client.

Personal Support

If you work in an industry that handles complicated and technical phone calls, it is better to have an in-house staff. These people are well-equipped to handle complex customer issues. However, you must have the budget for their education, training, and development.

Limited Working Hours

Unlike outsourced agents, in-house receptionists don’t work round-the-clock. Once their shift is over, they go home. Although you may pay them overtime and request them to work the night shift, it is not always possible and might be constraining the business’s pocket.

Who Should Hire In-house Receptionist Services?


Hiring an in-house receptionist is a beneficial option for businesses that feel having a human on the premises to interact with the clients makes a positive impression.

It is also a great option if you need help in the office with tasks other than call support and are in a niche industry that often receives complex phone calls that an outsourced agent is not well-equipped to handle.

Features of Outsourcing Receptionist Services

Although traditional businesses usually prefer in-house services, hiring outsourced services by answering365 is a better option if you want to grow your business and focus on its vital areas. Here, we will explain why outsourcing receptionist services are a profitable option.

Reduced Costs

Cost is the prime benefit of outsourcing this service. Since an extensive portion of a business’s finances is spent on running it, there must be an area where they can save it. You don’t need to pay a monthly salary to the outsourced receptionist or spend on their training or office space.

Instead, you can outsource their service for handling calls and administrative tasks during peak hours and pay them hourly. It makes outsourced services a lucrative option for small to medium businesses.

High Flexibility

Unlike in-house receptionists who work for fixed hours, i.e. 9 to 5, outsourced ones don’t have such limitations. You can hire their services outside these hours and customize them to meet your requirements. It is especially beneficial for businesses working with foreign clients, as both have different working hours.

Outsourcing professional services ensures higher flexibility, as it ensures the communication channels are open round-the-clock.

24/7 Availability

You never know when the in-house receptionist may take leave for marriage, illness, vacation, or other reasons. But such an issue does not arise if you outsource, as the professionals are always available.

This advantage ensures zero communication gaps in a business with a client, 24/7 accessibility, professional image, and better customer service.

Skilled Services

If you outsource a service, you don’t need to spend on the training and development of the staff. These professionals are well-equipped to handle phone calls, be empathetic, and offer the best customer service.

It is a valuable resource that businesses can utilize during busy periods or when the in-house receptionist steps away from the desk. An outsourced receptionist can cover the in-house staff during such time off.

Who Should Outsource Receptionist Services?


Outsourcing the services is an advantageous option for businesses that don’t have a lot of time to recruit receptionists and train them and miss valuable phone calls during the day or after working hours. It is beneficial for businesses that need phone support but cannot afford to hire a full-time receptionist.

The Bottom Line

After reading this blog, you must know the reasons some businesses prefer in-house receptionist services and why some outsource them. Although an in-house assistant is an asset to a firm in several ways, they can handle only a limited number of calls in a day. But businesses cannot afford to lose even a single call, as the missed opportunity might benefit the competitors.

So, to sum up, we can say that if your business receives a high volume of calls in a day, it might be beneficial to outsource receptionist services. These professionals are familiar with the range of complexities of a call. And lastly, they don’t add much to your business expense and still offer professional services. So, which one would you go for?

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