How To Utilise Content Series In Travel Marketing

Content tends to garner greater interest from your audience if it forms part of an overall series. Think of a countdown to your city’s exciting new restaurant opening. Or relevant weekly tips on your company’s must-visit holiday destinations. They help to keep hold of reader attention for longer periods of time, keeping them coming back for more.

Content tends to garner greater interest from your audience if it forms part of an overall series. Think of a countdown to your city’s exciting new restaurant opening. Or relevant weekly tips on your company’s must-visit holiday destinations. They help to keep hold of reader attention for longer periods of time, keeping them coming back for more.

There are few industries where content marketing is more important than in travel. Almost everyone loves reading blogs and articles that leave them longing for a trip overseas. By combining enticing imagery and engaging copywriting, you can bring a destination to life in the mind of the reader.

Moreover, the world of travel is a place for storytellers. And each unique travel company has its own exhilarating stories to tell, as well as their own mechanisms through which to do it. Social media, blogs, graphics and videos can all be used to form part of a content series. But no matter the delivery, there are a few things to remember when formulating a strategy around your travel marketing content series.Here are some of the top things to consider.

Inform The Audience About Locations


Travellers have a tendency to leave one trip yearning for the next. And the same goes for when they are researching their next vacation. The purpose of your content series should be to evoke and encourage this yearning for further travel. Or in this case, more travel content. If you get your content series just right, readers/viewers should be champing at the bit for the next section of information that you have to share. This leads to revisits. Which in turn leads to a loyal following.We all know that tourists have a tendency to catch the travel bug. What you essentially want to do is tap into that characteristic. Give enough information that they are informed, engaged but left hungry for more.Depending on your position in the industry, there is a range of ways that you can implement content strategy in travel marketing:

  • Daily countdown of your favourite restaurants in a popular travel destination.
  • A social series of interesting facts about the history of one of your speciality regions.
  • Weekly piece revealing a hidden gem within your country of focus.
  • A monthly highlight, providing the audience with a summary of the must-see spots and lesser-known facts about a new city each month.

Most importantly, you want to make yourself appear like a voice of authority on the subject focus in question. Whether it be anything from sharing the ins and outs of what makes a caravan holiday different to an incredible knowledge of the destinations that your airline flies to. Then layer on your own personal branding to add your company’s unique personality to the messaging.A good example of this in action is Airbnb’s “Made Possible by Hosts” campaign. Through a series of videos and blogs, the campaign highlighted not only the variety of destinations where their accommodation options are available across the globe or the immense variety of actual homestays that they offer, but also added a personal element that reminds the viewer that they are staying in the comfort of a home, rather than a hotel.

Consider The SEO Benefits


The benefits of developing content series goes beyond simply adding to your informational arsenal. There is also a technical benefit to creating content in such a manner. This comes in the form of SEO.SEO (or search engine optimisation) is the practice of better establishing your presence on search engines (Google typically being the main focus). By targeting the right areas of opportunity and implementing an effective long-term SEO-backed content series, you will see your website appear higher in the rankings for all the right terms. This in turn brings in a better quality and quantity of online traffic.Effective SEO strategy not only helps you see tangible benefits to your content marketing efforts, it can also work as a guide on what to write, depending on trends. For example, if you were to be writing about the best things about visiting Barcelona, tactical keyword research would be able to show you which terms are most googled about the Spanish city and how difficult it would be to rank for such terms. In practice, there may be more traction around the search term “best parks in Barcelona” than there is about “best restaurants in Barcelona”. Implementing an effective SEO strategy is the best means of establishing which direction your content should go in.If you are keen on implementing an SEO strategy to your travel website content but aren’t sure how to do so, it may be worth seeking advice from a travel SEO agency on the best practices for your business.

Expand Your Audience’s Knowledge


Creating effective travel marketing content series is about more than just showing the audience a lot of pretty pictures. People want to be informed as well as entertained. With this in mind, it is always important to consider the fact that you want to try and expand your audience’s knowledge. That is to say that you want to offer them something that they don’t already have.
When most people encounter digital marketing travel campaigns, it is due to the fact that they have been researching online. This presents you the opportunity to give them the answer that they are seeking. There is a reason that people enjoy the likes of “little known facts”, “hidden spots” and “unexplored places” focused content so much – they are looking for the knowledge which will help them experience something genuinely unique on their trip.Answer the most popular questions out there, but always look to give your audience that little bit extra. That piece of information that will leave your brand lingering in their memory. Therefore next time they are seeking similar information, you will be the first name that springs to mind.Beyond passing on desired information, it is about finding your niche within the market and asserting your place as the master of that niche. An effective collection of content series – regardless of the delivery method – is a brilliant way to establish this authority.

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