YouTube Channel In 2024 ─ What Content Should Be?

Considering starting a YouTube channel but don’t know what kind of video content you will create? We have great ideas for channel management that will help you choose the right direction, diversify your content, and are guaranteed to get your audience on YouTube. Read, get inspired, and go ahead – to create a dream channel!

Music Channel

If you love music and are ready to devote life to it, then that option is for you. More than a billion users from different countries visit YouTube every month. Why don’t they become the target audience for your channel?

The biggest obstacle to success in any endeavor is giving yourself a reason not to do anything. Simply by taking action and shooting your first video and adding royalty free music to it right after you finish reading the last letter of this article, you will advance further than 95% of people. Everyone talks a lot but does little. So, get started today.

You need to work on the channel and constantly expand your audience. How to do it? There are different ways. For example, you can upload videos about how the shooting went. These videos help build strong trusting relationships with viewers.

Music videos with Youtube Intro Templates and lyrics videos usually take center stage on artist channels. This is the kind of content fans are looking for.

People use YouTube search the same way they search on Google (or Yandex). They are likely looking for “Katy Perry-Roar” or “Lorde-Royals Cover” much more often than your name or something like “Jazz on Saxophone”. Accept it and use it to your advantage. Find authors and performers whose work is close to you, and invite them to create a joint project.

This will allow you to find new fans and become a pro in the field.

Unwrapping the Products

One of the most popular types of content on YouTube nowadays is unboxing videos, particularly when it comes to electronics. People are always curious to see what a product looks like before they buy it, and they enjoy watching the channel’s host react to the unboxing experience.

However, these types of videos tend to lack informative value, so it’s beneficial to also create full reviews of the purchased product or service. By sharing your personal opinion on the product’s features and characteristics, as well as the pros and cons, viewers will appreciate your honesty and find your content more valuable.

If you can provide insights on the quality and ease of use of the product, viewers may come to your channel for guidance before making their purchasing decisions.

Educate Your Viewers

When it comes to technology, many people struggle to figure out how to use a device, service, or program on their own. Rather than reading through complicated instructions, many prefer to turn to YouTube for guidance.

You can find a vast range of content on this platform, from furniture-building tutorials to programming guides and music lessons. If you’re an expert in a particular field, consider sharing your knowledge and experience with others on YouTube. By providing helpful tips and insights, you can increase your expertise while helping others in the process.

Share Your Best Recipes


While there are plenty of recipe websites out there, video recipes tend to be more engaging and intriguing. Viewers can simply gather the necessary ingredients and cook alongside the channel host by pausing the video at different stages.

If you have a knack for cooking unique dishes, such as meals from different world cuisines, healthy desserts, or homemade bread, sharing your recipes on YouTube can be a fantastic way to showcase your talents and provide helpful tips to viewers. Your video may even become a go-to resource for some viewers.

Discuss Recent Events

YouTube can be a great place to express your ideas and beliefs whether you like to follow politics, the lives of celebrities, or current events. You could either post intriguing news pieces on a certain subject or present your own news program where you would cover the most recent events and offer your opinions.

For instance, the interesting “News from China” feature was established by travel writer Kasho Hasanov, who discusses the most bizarre and absurd events that have happened in the nation. This kind of material is very shareable and engaging because there is always an audience waiting to discuss the most recent news and engage in current events.

If you cannot decide on the topic then this is for you!

Unless You’ve Answered the Following Questions, Do Not Create a Channel!


  • What crosses your mind most frequently?
  • What information would you like to learn about and what questions would you like to have answered?
  • What are your favorite books, and what websites do you frequent the most?
  • What do you do in your spare time?
  • What would you do with additional free time if you had it?
  • What topics are you prepared to discuss in any circumstance?
  • What kind of activity inspires you to get out of bed and take action?

Just take a leaf and a pen and write! I hope you have done everything and keep looking at the list of answers. It was about your inner world.

Now let’s deal with the external. It is important to understand how you manifest and how other people see you. Oftentimes, the result of this exercise can shock you and even change your life. But it’s worth it!

Answer your questions:

  • What are the most common requests you receive?
  • What topics are you willing to advise on?
  • What seminars/training have you attended in the last month/year?
  • What are you best able to do?
  • And then ask your friends/acquaintances/relatives/parents:
  • What is the most interesting thing for them to listen to when you talk to them?
  • What are your strongest qualities? (In their opinion)
  • What do you know best about? (In their opinion)

When you get the answer to these questions, I think the issue with the topic for the channel tubes will already be resolved. Otherwise, you have a huge chance to choose “not your topic”, which will exhaust you very quickly and you will abandon everything. Without this love for the chosen topic – no, no, no!

The process of creating your channel will take a lot of time and effort. Surely you have a dream – so follow it. Think of YouTube as an “electronic version” of the big stage. Do what you like, show your talent and people will appreciate it.

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