9 Visual Marketing Ideas for your Travel Agency or Tour Company

How good are your ads, or your overall input & creativity level for your travel agency or tour companies? With the growth of competition and easy traveling options in the market, it is crucial for your company or travel agency to stand out and attract looks/the right level of clicks at any given moment. The best and easiest way to do so? With the right flashy ads & affordable deals. Here is what you can do and here are some of the best visual marketing ideas!

1. Optimize your website


A website designed to attract travel lovers & enthusiasts all over the world has to be unique, different & cool. You must optimize your site in the most luring way possible. This means adding bright & loud pictures, special prices or deals, and prominent letters all over the site. Proper keywords that can boost your page onto the first page of Google + a mobile-friendly and accessible app will gain a lot more exposure & love.

2. Take interest in social media

Social media is indeed the best platform to get the right level of exposure. With your Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok profile, you can easily interact and engage with customers who are interested in traveling with you. You can manage your content & your accounts however you like and the best that suits you. Go for a loud and flashy upcoming future program or travel pack and lure all of your new & old customers. With the right hashtag and proper time investment, you can do so much!

3. Flashy email newsletters


Creating a short email that is yet powerful & bold will remind your customers that you as a company have a lot to offer and that you are the best on the market. If you get them to subscribe to the email services you get a chance to communicate with them and stay in touch regarding new deals. Give out a clear message through the newsletter, and possibly highlight some amazing discount deals to get their attention.

4. Variety is key

Inspire your followers with colorful & new content! Everyone loves to see new travel deals, industry news, packing tips, as well as destination highlights on your webpage or Instagram. Catch their attention and make them wonder about your special deals. Share eye-catching photos from these destinations that your company has been to before. Consider sharing some gorgeous pictures off Pinterest such as practical holiday tips, etc. Scheduling posts is a great way to make sure you are consistent.

5. Set up booths


You can get the visual representation that you deserve and crave with the right booth. Find the perfect trade show by checking your local newspaper and events that are going on and that are being held in the area. With booths, flyers, and a loud noticeable commercial, you are going to get the right level of exposure. Your customers will also Google you or do a little social media check in case you manage to present yourself in the best light possible.

6. Do a giveaway

Giving out items and giving someone an opportunity to win anything for free is always a good idea. A lot of people love to play these types of deals and games, which is why you’re going to enjoy setting up a giveaway and seeing all perks of it. Most agencies will like this marketing strategy while the customers will be in it to win it, fully invested in sharing your content. Think of low-cost giveaways that your clientele are going to love, talk about & share positive words about. Brainstorm through some ideas with your team and have something big prepared every couple of months.

7. Send direct mail to your clients


How do you act & what do you do when your mailbox is covered in different kinds of flyers and newspapers? Every day your clients come home to a mailbox that is filled with promotional letters, bills, and subscription paper. This is where a travel agency should stand out and should send unique pieces for their client’s birthdays or around the holiday season. Go for a message that is clear yet which will get them excited about this upcoming period with a special price tag or a discount code.

8. Organize a travel night

By hosting a travel night or a special venue, every client can learn a lot about your company and enjoy your special deals for this part of the day or night. You can book a dinner at a fancy restaurant depending on the number of attendees and go for a friendly & elegant atmosphere.

Keeping in contact with your clients is crucial to developing your business. This strategy applies to your consumers, employees & other companies that are within the same business.

9. Consider going neon


Last, but not least, why not add a unique sign that will gain the looks and all the needed attention? Your travel agency or company can stand out – if you decorate it the right way. For a lot of people, neon signs and commercials that are placed in front of your store will look trendy & cool. Make sure that you’re up for something new, unique & fully customizable! You can check out and shop by collection or get a one-of-a-kind sign that you can place anywhere you want! Choose your ideal size, color & font – the customers will love it!

One of the best ways to stand out from the crowd is to be louder, or in this case, brighter – a neon sign on any given street stands out, make the sign bigger, louder, and make unique sense to your audience – sell beer? BEER lit up in bright neon sign, sell sneakers, SNEAKERS in a bright neon sign – these attract attention to your store, then once inside, you have to use your selling skills to help the customer make a purchase. Voodoo Neon have helped many businesses successfully build bright neon signs for their shop front, attracting on average 50% more customer entries per week than prior.

Ready to try out these tricks?

In the end, are you willing to give these top 9 tips & tricks ago? Every company & travel agency will bloom and see a significant change in their business & clientele relationship. Which one is the most practical piece of advice, and which one you can’t wait to try out? With time, patience & proper visual marketing effects, you will get the exposure you deserve.

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