Ideas for Seniors To Keep Busy During Self-Quarantine 

During these trying and uncertain times, seniors are at the most risk when it comes to the COVID-19 virus; therefore, seniors must take the most precautions when it comes to COVID-19 prevention. One of the best ways that seniors can take precautions when it comes to keeping themselves healthy is to practice social distancing by self-quarantining.

Social distancing is the most effective way for seniors to keep themselves healthy, in fact, the entire country- and most of the world- is beginning to social distance and self-quarantine. Though this is an effective way to preserve health and wellness, it is annoying and can get lonely; especially for seniors. This post will explore some of the ways that seniors can stay busy during this global pandemic.

Stay Busy During Social Distancing

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Seniors don’t have as many options to keep busy as younger people to do while they practice social distancing; this is mostly because they don’t live on social media and rely on the internet for entertainment. Keeping that in mind, here are some ideas for seniors to keep busy during the nationwide self-quarantine.

Rearrange Your Home

Whether it is one room or the entire house, rearranging is a time-consuming and straightforward way to keep busy while practicing social distancing. Rearranging your home is a unique way to spend your time in your home because it is a time-consuming project that most people put off doing. This not only is a productive way to spend your time, but it’s also a great way to make your space comfortable and attractive for the ample amount of time you are going to be spending on it.

As you rearrange your space, consider redecorating with things that you already have. If you rearrange your living room, do you have an old piece of art or an old area rug in storage? Bring them out! Did you rearrange your bedroom? Switch your comforter out if you have others. This will make your space feel new and will keep you busy for hours.

Join or Start a Book Club

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Reading is something that many people wish they had more time to do. Many people don’t take the time to sit down and pick up a book at the end of the day or when they have some free time. However, the COVID-19 pandemic is giving people an ample amount of time at home to catch up on things they want to do. Reading is one of them. Likewise, some people enjoy reading more if they have someone to discuss what they have read with. If this sounds like you, consider joining or starting a book club while in quarantine.

Talk to family and friends, and if they would be interested in doing this with you. You and your fellow raiders can order books online or download them on devices. Starting a book club is easy with modern technology; you and your family or friends can set up a meeting time weekly or daily to discuss what you have just read. Not only will starting a book club keep you busy by giving you the incentive to read, but it will also give you something to look forward to and will keep you connected to family and friends during this global pandemic.

If you don’t want to start a book club yourself, or your family and friends are not avid readers, search online for Livestream book clubs; you may find one that allows you to talk with people all over the world.

Go Through Your Closet

This is another task the people typically put off. With this ample amount of time, you will have at home, go through your closet, and find clothes and shoes to donate or get rid of. Like rearranging the furniture in your room, going through your wardrobe will leave you feeling a sense of freshness and relief as your closet will be less cluttered.

Going through your closet doesn’t have to be limited to your bedroom closet, go through all of the closets in your home, including storage closets, basement closets, and even bathroom closets. You can sort through your items at your own pace and create three piles for sell, donate, or keep. If you have a lot of items you want to keep, but they don’t have a daily role in your life, you can look into getting container storage at Henfield Storage. Instead of packing everything up and cramming them into every available storage left. You can send them to your unit for safe-keeping. The additional storage can make a world of difference during your decluttering process, even if you aren’t getting rid of a lot of items.

Start a Blog

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This is a mentally stimulating way to keep busy while practicing social distancing. A blog is something that you can contribute to every day for as long as you would like. There are also endless amounts of topics that you can blog about while you are at home. To start blogging, find a blogging platform that is easy to use- perhaps WordPress- and think about something you like or are passionate about; from there, start writing!

Also, consider reading other writer’s blogs as you publish your work. This will keep you busy and will build online networking connections for you and your blog, hopefully leading to you gaining readership.

Start Crafting

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If you never got into crafting before, now is the time. Crafting, like blogging, can be practiced for hours on end and can provide you with rewarding finished products. There are thousands of options when it comes to crafting, such as:

● Making your own wreaths

● Terracotta Pot Painting

● Designing a memory board

● Making your own jewelry

● Knitting

● Painting

No matter if the senior is living at home alone, with in-home senior care like Comfort Keepers, or in a nursing facility, crafts are a great way to keep busy. Keep in mind. It’s best to order supplies online to continue practicing social distancing. Crafts are a great way to stimulate the mind while in self-quarantine, they may even be able to earn you some extra cash if you choose to sell them online.

Making the Best of the Global Pandemic

Though the COVID-19 pandemic proves to be uncertain, it’s important to, at the very least, make the most out of the situation. For anyone, especially seniors, to stay healthy, it’s essential to practice social distancing; and these ideas to keep busy can make social distancing just a little bit better. Use this time indoors to make your home even greater or to pick up a new hobby, no matter what you choose- make sure to stay healthy.

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