10 Interesting and Bizarre Wedding or Bachelorette Party Traditions Worldwide

There are various marriage traditions in distinct regions across the globe for bachelors and couples. It is necessary to understand these traditions and follow them due to old beliefs of happiness after the marriage. Some rituals are quite surprising, and you may not have heard of them. Even if you belong to a country of rituals, you will not know anything until you experience them.

In the following write-up, we will discuss various interesting and bizarre marriage traditions across the globe, or you can say bachelorette traditions. When you need love and acquire happiness after marriage, you will follow such traditions, whether you believe in them. Your ancestors may believe that these traditions are worth enough to get a good life in the future. Let us begin.

1. The bride Wears the Crown to Avoid Evil Energies in Norway

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As per the old tradition or ritual in Norway, the bride needs to wear a crown on the day of the wedding. It can be silver or gold, but it should have small charms. The dangling charms help in resisting the presence of negative energy and evil spirit around the couple. The tinkling charm sound helps in keeping the negative energies away from the couple.

2. Lasso in Mexico

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In the marriage ceremony, the Mexican couple needs to wear a garland of flowers or beautiful beads. They wear the garland in such a way that it should be draped over their shoulders and it must form 8 shapes.

They exchange their wedding vows, also called Lazo. This tradition depicts the unity of the couple, and the 8 shape signifies infinity. It is a hope that their marriage life will last for a long time.

3. No Smiling on Marriage Day in Congo

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Many people get excited when their marriage rituals begin. At the time of the wedding, brides as well as grooms smile and feel shy. But this is not the rule for Congolese couples. The bride as well as the groom on the day of their marriage must not smile until everything is done. If you notice anyone smiling, then it means that the person is not at all serious about their wedding.

4. Shooting Arrow with Bow in China

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In China, there is a surprising wedding tradition. The Chinese groom shoots many arrows with the bow without heads many times. When he is done the shooting, he will collect all the arrows. During the ceremony, he breaks them all. The meaning of this ritual is to make love between the couple long-lasting.

5. Eloping in Scotland

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In previous centuries, England banned weddings for young couples aged 21 or more than that. But now, no one can stop young couples from tying the knot and getting married. There is a loophole in finding love.

There is no limitation in finding love and getting married in the small town of Scotland, Gretna Green. The tradition of eloping is pretty famous in Scotland, and any young couple can get into it.

6. Groom Shaving in Greece

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You might have heard of bridesmaids, but you do not know about the term Groomsman in Greece. You can call it the best man in the Greek for the groom. But the groom man becomes the barber on the marriage day for the groom.

He uses the razor and shaves the groom’s face. The groom must show his perfect sweet side on the marriage day. When the groom is shaved freshly, his mother-in-law greets and feeds almonds and honey to him.

7. Bell Breaking in Guatemala

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When the reception hosting is done, the groom’s parents are allowed to do anything they desire. They can even smash various things. It can be a bell too. When the groom and the bride arrive at the reception venue, there is a tradition in Guatemala that the mother of the groom breaks the ceramic white bell. The bell must be filled with grains, such as flour and rice. The meaning of this tradition is to wish prosperity to the couple.

8. White Tsunokakushi in Japan

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There is a traditional ceremony in Japan, i.e., Shinto. In this ceremony, the bride wears everything white from head to toe. The color of the kimono and makeup is also white. The hood she takes over her head is called Tsunokakushi. The meaning of white depicts the status of the maiden. It helps hide the jealous horns that the bride feels for her mother-in-law.

9. Polterabend in Germany

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The couple does the housekeeping work together, in which they clean dishes made up of porcelain on the floor. The German guests throw these dishes at the wedding, and it is essential to clean them to avoid evil spirits. The tradition is to let the couple do the job together so that they can easily face challenges together in their future life.

10. Kransekake in Norway

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There is a special wedding cake at weddings instead of serving common cakes in the marriage ceremony. The cake is known as Kranskake, which is made up of iced almond rings. The cake is in a cone shape with the wine bottle in the hollow center. The couple starts their journey after having this cake.

Final Thoughts

You may get surprised after knowing interesting and bizarre wedding traditions around the world. For many bachelors, it is pretty common to enjoy and have parties and enjoy their days before their marriage. You can also find here to enjoy the ladies’ night gold coast. It is necessary to follow the traditions as per old beliefs.

If the couple needs love as well as happiness in their future life, they must follow all the ancient traditions. Every region has a different tradition for making a long-lasting wedding. You must know some rituals that happen in your country. These traditions are for both the bride as well as the groom. You can make your after-marriage life fortunate and fill it with immense happiness and strong bonding.

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