10 Interesting Facts About Love You Don’t Know

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Love is the most beautiful thing in the world! Falling in love is amazing. Learn more from this website on what does love feel like. Colours seem more vibrant and every new challenge you are facing suddenly doesn’t seem so daunting. This is a great feeling as well as experience that makes you better and everything around you more wonderful and perfect.

You know that true love is overwhelming, inspiring and supportive. It contains and embraces you. And your life depends directly on this feeling and it even seems that the Earth would stop spinning if love didn’t exist. Well, do you actually know why this is happening? Here are 10 interesting facts about the love you probably don’t know.


1. Monogamy came from the animal kingdom. Striving for monogamous relationships, you must understand that this is largely due to nature and the animal kingdom. Some species of animals like swans, wolves, albatrosses, etc. find a soulmate for a lifetime and that’s what we’re also trying to do!

2. You need just 4 minutes to decide whether you love a person or not. Love works really fast and you should realize you’ve got only 4 minutes to make a good impression on someone. And in this case, it’s not about what you say, your body language, the speed of your voice and your tone are much more important.

3. You are more likely to choose someone with the identical DNA as yours. As you may have heard, opposites attract. However, it would be a mistake to think that you are most attracted to those who unlike you. Recent studies have shown that people are more likely to love someone who has similar DNA structures.

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4. Love can be a natural painkiller. The love hormone oxytocin (known also as the cuddle hormone) is released during a cuddle or embrace. The scientists have proved that a dose of this hormone reduces a headache significantly.

5. Love and sex affect the brain differently. Thinking of love encourages creativity and abstract thoughts. When you think about your love, you usually make long-term plans. However, thinking of sex stimulates attention to momentary details and immediate decision making.

6. Experiencing love, you really feel butterflies in the stomach. When you’re in love, you often experience butterflies flying and dancing within you. Well, they are real and there’s a reason for that: they’re caused by adrenaline.


7. Romantic love and parental love share the same chemical connection. This may sound really strange, but the love hormone oxytocin is produced during childbirth and when nursing a child and during the orgasm as well. Oxytocin is a powerful hormone that helps you build long-term relationships and increase your communication and empathy.

8. You are looking for those who look like or smell similar to one of your parents on an unconscious level. As crazy as it sounds, but it often happens that you are attracted to people due to the facial similarities between them and your parents or because they wore certain cologne and this scent is familiar and comfortable to you.

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9. Some individuals can’t experience love. It’s true that some people can’t feel love because of a rare condition called hypopituitarism that doesn’t let a person experience the rapture of love.


10. Love is actually a powerful drug that stimulates your brain. Love is a very addictive thing. Falling in love is much like taking a dose of cocaine or nicotine. Besides, love, cocaine and nicotine influence the brain similarly and trigger a similar sensation of euphoria. Although love is the safest drug of choice if you select between the three. Moreover, when you’re in love, your body produces several useful chemicals that stimulate 12 areas of your brain at the same time. Make sure to visit for building a healthy relationship of love with your partner.

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These are the 10 interesting facts about the love you don’t know. Do post your comments.

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