Is Singapore safe for Americans?

Singapore is a small country with 5.7 million people. It has developed a lot after its independence. And Singapore is famous for tourism, its skyscrapers and its beauty. But how safe it is to visit Singapore for Americans or for people planning to visit it alone or with their family? Well in short Singapore is one of the safest places in Asia. It has many reasons why it is safer than even some Western or European countries. And we will be breaking down the things you should know. And if you are planning to relocate to Singapore then Earthrelocation can provide you with all other information about the cost of living, health facilities, weather etc, about Singapore.

The safest place in Asia

Singapore is one of the safest places to visit even if you are a girl travelling alone. You can enjoy your tour in Singapore without worrying about anything. But it doesn’t mean that there is no crime in Singapore, there is but most of that is just revolving around petty theft. And they have high punishments even for a common type of crime like pickpocketing. You can also check for other safest countries to travel in the world.

No guns

Guns are allowed in other countries even in the USA but in Singapore, they are against guns and don’t allow anyone to carry or transport weapons. This is a thing that gives normal people ease of mind that they can safely travel even at midnight without worrying about being shot to death.


Well this petty theft is common in almost all countries and Singapore is also no exception but it is not so often as its punishment is harsh. But still, if you are an American planning to visit Singapore or relocating to Singapore then keep in mind that don’t let your guard down even when you feel you are safe.


Natural Disasters

If you are American then you know that it has faced one of the biggest earthquakes and tsunamis of all time. But when it comes to Singapore then you are even safe from many natural disasters. As it is kind of immune to natural disasters. And only earthquake shock waves that are felt are from Indonesia. And its landmasses protect it from other disasters like tsunami, tornadoes etc. But you can expect a bit of flooding in the rainy season but that too isn’t much of a problem.


Scammers are scammers and they are almost everywhere whether you are in America or Singapore. And to keep yourself safe from them, use your common sense and think before doing anything. As in Asia, people will try their best to get as much profit as they can from you. So, keep your guard up.

Alone travelling women


There is nothing to worry about if you are a woman and are planning to visit Singapore alone. Many women from America and from all around the globe visit Singapore alone, every year. Singapore is safe to such an extent that there is no police officer on the streets at night but a woman still can walk to her house at night without anything to worry about.

Transportation is safe

The most important thing for visitors in a country is the transportation as you need to use it a lot because most probably you will have no source of your own transportation. You will have to rely on public transportation or taxis. Now the question is are they safe? Can you trust a stranger in a country where you have never been before? But it’s just not any ordinary country, it is Singapore. The transportation is not only safe and trustworthy but it is maintained very well as well which means you do not need to worry about your safety at all when you are using Singaporean transport.


Theft Risks Are Quite Low

Are you wondering about theft and robbery? Theft and robbery can happen anywhere no matter in which part of the world you are but according to statistics, the robbery and theft ratio of Singapore is quite low. Especially for the tourists, it is almost equal to zero. Here, all the credit goes to the government. The laws and policies implied by the government have to lead to the exceptional safety of Singapore.

So, you do not need to worry about your money or expensive possessions when you are in Singapore. You can easily live there and enjoy a happy life. When someone is planning to move and leave his/her country then the first thing that is done is comparisons between the both so that you can make sure that your decision is right. Trust us, Singapore will be safest for you and you will never regret your decision.

Are there any terrorism risks


Terrorism sounds terrific, right? Terrorist attacks can completely abolish destruct a country. No one will move to a country that is not safe and terrorism-free. Terrorism is not only a risk to human lives but it can destroy a country economically as well. No one will choose a country to move whose economic stability is at risk. If we talk about Singapore then you will be glad to know that Singapore is terrorism-free. For few years there have been no terrorist attacks in Singapore which make the country safe and sound for you. Consequently, the economic stability of Singapore is not at any risk.

No terrorism attacks, no thefts and robbery ratios, or foreigners-friendly transportation draws a clear picture in front of you that there can be no other country in the whole world that is safer than Singapore. We know that when you are moving to a country where you have never been before and you don’t know anything about it, makes you perplexed and worried. But trust us, Singapore is all about safety especially for foreigners. Also, Singapore is so lucky that it is immune to natural disasters. No risks of natural disasters at all. Who knows you start loving Singapore more than the USA? The police and laws are made in such a way that the country is free of most of the crimes. More important than making the laws is the implementation of the laws which can be clearly seen in Singapore.


These points are explaining on their own that there is nothing to worry about in Singapore. It is also said that one should visit at least once in his life. It is full of places that are worth visiting. It has one of the luxurious hotels in the world with its exotic swimming pools and mouth-watering food. Singapore’s visa is also easy to get if you are travelling from the USA.

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