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For Singaporeans, a popular bus trip is a route between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur (KL). KL is a popular getaway destination for Singaporeans due to its proximity to Singapore coupled with the vast array of city activities available.

With companies such as A Translink, the journey is seamless and hassle-free for all, taking you into the heart of the city. This thus makes bus trips to KL a strong alternative to air travel, which would require you to land at an airport that is far from the city. Given the strong demand for this bus trip, it is of no surprise that several local bus operators offer this route, offering you a wide range of choices.

The time required for the trip

A bus trip from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur is 358 kilometers by road. The bus trip takes about 5 hours, depending on the time of the trip and the trip itinerary. The period required may vary according to the traffic and weather prevalent during the trip. It should be noted that there is variance in the trip time between Singapore and KL. It differs when you include itinerary planned stop points and restroom breaks.

As such, you can expect your travel time to extend up to 7 hours, yet the traveling period would certainly be much briefer if you opt for an express bus trip option. Normally, even with the express option, the bus trip should be fairly less expensive flying. This is especially so when you factor in the trip expenses to and fro the airports of both countries.

Additionally, the time needed to get between the cities and their airports can amount to an extra travel time of a couple of hours. This would certainly be a great loss for a day or weekend trip.

First Singapore to Kuala Lumpur bus leaves at 6:15 is, whereas the final bus of the day for this particular path departs at 22:45.

The average trip time required for this length is 5 hours roughly, but if you want to reach Kuala Lumpur in as minimal time as possible, book buses that have trips at less crowded or peak timings. You should find bus trips that average around 4 hours, 30 minutes, and 4 hours, 15 mins, respectively.

Tips for your Singapore-KL Trip

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For some of us, the trip between Singapore and KL while relatively short can still find the tediousness boring. The good news is there are easy suggestions and tricks that can make taking a trip on a bus a whole lot more satisfying. We created a list that will aid you to overcome monotony and reach the location pleased, relaxed, and well-rested.
Earbuds or Earplugs. This is especially valuable if you are on a long journey. Resting as you travel is essential.
Bring a coat or a light blanket. It can get cold when you are still for lengthy time periods. A light cover will aid keep the chill away.

Eye drops and/or contact solution if relevant. The air in your bus might be a little bit dry after a while, and eye drops will assist relieve the discomfort.

Of course, bring your Electronic devices. Make use of the free WIFI and appreciate the trip a lot more. Don’t neglect your charging wires too so you don’t lack battery when you need it the most!

Camera and Phone. Bus flights can be fairly breath-taking, so having a camera on hand is never ever a negative concept to catch a few snaps.

Hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes. Fantastic pride in the maintenance of the buses, but you can never be too protected when you’re traveling. If you’re bringing children along with you, food and treats can be messy.
Healthy snacks. It can be all too tempting to buy junk food at rest stops, so keep the lure at distance and bring healthy food along with you. Some ideas include granola bars, biscuits, fruit, nuts, healthy protein drinks, and vegetables.

Bring Back Childhood Games. There were many wonderful activities that are extremely entertaining like tic-tac-toe and the dot game. Give it a try and see how much time passes.

Alternatives to charted buses

Air travel as an alternative

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For the past few years, AirAsia has reigned over the majority of air traffic in Southeast Asia. This is no different with the Singapore to Kuala Lumpur and vice versa routes. The brand operates flights on this route on a daily basis, charging customers about RM120 for one way flights and RM200 for a round trip.

Car trips as an alternative

Charted buses are a highly eco-friendly method to go with. Lots of customers today are concerned about the products they buy and the influence their choices have on the environment. While taking a trip through the charter bus might not be what people consider when they consider environmentally friendly travel. It is one of the most effective ways to go if you intend to be green. Charter buses manage approximately 206.6 guest miles per gallon. When you take into consideration that contrasted to a car, which manages 27.2 guests miles per gallon (46 for hybrids) and the 44 traveler miles per gallon for industrial aircraft, you can see how much better it is to hire a charter bus.

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It is also a lot less physically and mentally demanding to hire a charter bus. There are many things that bring stress to your journey when you go another way besides making the option to hire a charter bus. When your team is all together in a chartered bus, nobody needs to stress over including mileage to their individual car, having enough gas in the tank, handling other drivers when traveling, or paying for tolls and vehicle parking. Everyone can kick back, relax, and get to their destination under less stress.

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