8 hidden Gem Islands in Greece To Visit in 2024

Traveling is something everyone loves doing especially in the summertime. It is an activity as old as human society as it is quite natural to explore the world and experience other cultures, languages, and traditions. If Europe is your preferred destination right now or if you simply want to change things up now that you have toured other parts of the world for a bit, you are in for a treat. Traveling through the old continent is amazing because you can visit so many countries in a relatively short period of time, compared to other continents. What makes it even better is the fact that the most popular destinations are so different from one another.

One of the best and most sought-after places if of course Greece, arguably the most visited summer seaside destination both for Europeans and visitors from other continents. Greece has a history of thousands of years, and numerous world-changing events happened within its current borders. Moreover, the ancient Greeks gave us so much, making this birthplace of society a trip worth your time and money. However, considering how many places there are in Greece, it is often overwhelming for tourists who know nothing about it to pick and choose where they want to go.

If you are one of these inexperienced travelers, worry not as in this article we will tell you all you should know about the best islands to visit in Greece. What is more, there is going to be a word about the hidden gems not everyone knows about, ensuring a unique and secluded summertime experience for you and your loved ones. If you are looking to learn more about Greece and its potential, we highly advise you to check out

1. Island of Alonissos

We start things off with one of the less developed islands in the Sporades, called Alonissos. It is a place of absolute innocence and untouched paradise without many hotels and other man-made things, making this one of the best places for those looking to experience pure lush green landscapes and pristine beaches where nobody will disturb them. A relaxing holiday here is hardly like anywhere else, even within Greece.

2. Amorgos

The island of Amorgos in the Cyclades is surrounded by deep blue waters and it is quite steep. For something a bit wilder and mixed with traditional easy-going villages, have a visit here. It is a charming little island deeply rooted in the Greek tradition, evident from the small houses in remote places connected with old paths that have nothing to do with the 20th, let alone the 21st century. The symbol of this place is homemade firewater, a honeyed treat called rakomelo that is amazing to finish off the day.

3. Ithaca

The mythical island is the home of Odysseys, the legendary hero of both the Iliad and the Odyssey, and it is a historic place where many tourists feel at home due to its warmth, connection to nature, and the times long past. The small island is filled to the brim with untouched green landscapes and coves were sailors and yachters love to drop their anchors and take in the views. Those in desperate search of tranquility and peace will find it here, making Ithaca the dream destination for lovers.

4. Ikaria (Icaria)

Ikaria is located in the North Aegean islands and it is a fun place dotted with lively little villages. In between them, you will experience bare, high, rocky mountains often hard to navigate but beautiful nevertheless. Green slopes, beaches, and streams are present here as well and present some of the things you should definitely look for if you want to see the best this famous island has to offer.

5. Kalymnos

In case you like adrenalin-filled vacations where you can enjoy a range of fun activities, the best-hidden island in Greece for you is definitely Kalymnos. This is a dream destination for climbers and divers and anyone who loves exploring the place they are visiting. However, it is also serene and simple due to its authentic and natural look and feels, presenting you with the opportunity to relax and recreate.

6. Koufonisia

Another island in the Cyclades, Koufonisia is actually made up of two small islands, and together they make up a true paradise on earth. For some of the most exotic beaches and unspoiled beauty of nature, you will definitely want to book a trip here soon. What is more, for the foodies and culinary enthusiasts among you, there is hardly a better place on the list to eat the best Mediterranean dishes. If you have ever seen pictures of amazing pool-like beaches carved in the rocks, there is a good chance it was taken right here.

7. Kastellorizo

Mere 2 kilometers off the Turkish coast near Kas lies this small, picture-perfect island. From afar and especially the open sea, you cannot miss its colorful houses and their roofs. It has everything Greece has to offer packed in tiny islands worth visiting. From deep blue, clean water, and pastel colors everywhere to tasty traditional food and amazing taverns that serve it, Kastellorizo is a dream destination if you want a real Greek experience. What makes it even more special is that it is actually the smallest inhabited island in the country at only 2 miles across. What this also means is that those houses and taverns are all located in one small village that has no cars, except from an occasional taxi. What a getaway from the urban world!

8. Evia

The Evia island is one of the most popular destinations for the Greeks who love traveling within their own country for their summertime vacations. It is the second-largest Greek island and you cannot really miss it, since it is in the center of the country. Despite the fact it is among the largest, it is barely explored by tourists and not many of them go there. This presents you with the chance of visiting something you can never hear about from other people who have been there unless you know some Greek families. Mountains, forests, waterfalls, streams, and coves are all present here, and beaches come in all shapes and sizes including shingles, pebble, and sand.

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